• Trek Duration
    19 Days + –
  • Accomodations
    Tea House Trek
  • Max Altitude
    5416 Meters
  • Group Size
  • Price: 1050 or + –

Tilicho Lake trek is journey to the world’s highest glacial lake Tilicho with altitude of 4949 meter. Tlicho lake is part of Annapurna circuit trek. Often trekkers do it when they are doing Annapurna circuit trek and most of the trekkers crosses throng la pass after they do the tilicho lake trek. The magnificent lake is one of the major attractions in Annapurna region. The 19 days trek let’s you explore the things that you never have explored the before. You go to the most amazing and popular trekking trail of Earth. This trail was opened nearly 40 years ago and has the best view of Annapurna Himalayan range.

As per our itinerary, we have made 19 days Tilicho lake trek itinerary. This unique trek begins from the Driving to the Besisahar headquarter of Lamjung district which takes about 6-7 hours from Kathmandu. There you take the local bus to go Ngadi. From here you start your trek by next day. You can see different landscape here, as it is on the bank of the Mrshyandri river. As you start your trek via Bahundanda you see the mountain Ngadi chuli this is your first view of the mountain in Nepal. You gradually crosses the different village-like Syange, Jagat, Chamje , tal, Dharapani, Timang. Timang is a beautiful village from where you can see the Manaslu range mountain. This includes Manaslu and Manaslu North and some other snow peaks. Chame is next village and headquarter of Manag. Natural hot spring is a major attraction of this place. Further going ahead from Dukhur pokhari you can see many mountains including Annapurna II. Upper Pisang welcomes you to stay and enjoy the view of Annapurna II, Annapurna III. Next day you take the upper trail so you can enjoy the magnificent range of Himalayas while you are going to Manag. Resting Manag for acclimatization we take the lower way to Khangsar to go to Tilicho lake trek.

The colourful landscape is visible from here when we reach to Khangsar. Shreekharka is next village that you do lunch. On the way to Shreekharka, there is Monastery as well. Leaving this village you take the trail which often climbs up and down. There is a very dangerous way before Tilicho Base camp, As this is very steep and rocky and full of small slippery stone aggregate. It is quite risky to walk during the days. Even in the morning the stone falls and might hit you. While you are here you must pay very pinpoint attention to the trails and upward to you. Blue sheep is major cause of the stone falls. Sometimes accidents happen here. Careful and enjoy the hiking to base camp. Next day by early in the morning you hike to Tilicho lake. With the following itinerary, you can go to Yak Kharka. Throng la is your next destination High camp or throng phedi is overnight before Throng la pass.

Travellers can trek the Tilicho lake trekking from March to June, and September to November. These are the best months in terms of weather and view. Bloggers are writing the tilicho lake trek blog from there you can also collect the information.tilicho lake trek cost is quite more than Annapurna circuit cause you are adding some more days here. The trek rich in diverse culture and flora and faunas offers great Himalayan scenery of Mt.Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Mt.Annapurna Ist (8,091m) Mt.Manaslu (8,163 m), Mt.Annapurna II (7,937 m.), Mt. Annapurna III (7,555m) and many other peaks.

Nepal trek hub offers Tilicho trek which incorporates all aspects of natural scenery, cultural aspects, and all other components. This is good for the trekkers who seeks quiet adventure. So many trekkers you can see in this route because this route is quite a busy trek zone of Nepal.

Tlicho trek highlights

  • Tilicho trek duration:This trek is like a additional trek in Annapurna circuit trek. Trekkers who go to Annapurna circuit attempts mostly and some trekkers take main wish to go there and Thorong La pass. So it is maximum 4 Days more to add on Annapurna circuit trek
  • If you are unknown is about duration, what to do regarding insufficient time frame as per this itinerary, don’t worry we can make the customize able itinerary for you as per your time and wish. We care your time frame and desire. please let us know about to as per your needs and with your time constraint. we always give you a best itinerary

  • Tilicho lake trek altitude/height:Various source says different altitude but According to Wikipedia Tilicho Lake is 4919 Meter. Most of the website mention Tilicho Lake is 4949 meter.
  • Trek Grade: This is quite Challenging trek
  • Best time of Annapurna Tilicho lake trek Obviously, There are two seasons for the best trek in Nepal. October and November month are the best season of Annapurna Tilicho lake trek after that March April is another best season. But this is always not possible for everyone. But sometimes even in offseason, you can see the good view. Only in December due to heavy snowfall, it is very hard.
  • Tilicho lake trek fixed departure: Nepal Trek Hub can offer you this trip any time of the year. We do have fixed departure group. We always put some fixed departure group. If not sometimes we can also send you individually at the same price. This is very good for you. you can enjoy yourself with your time and peace. There is no reason to rush due to other people, you will have customized itinerary.
  • Tilicho lake trek gear list/ Equipment: Normally you need plenty stuff for this trek. We suggest you to see the Packing list and still if you have question you can inquiry us to Know about the list. We provide the complete information as fast as we can
  • Rucksack/Duffel bag: Transporting your daily luggage while you are on a trek, you should bring a rucksack or duffel bag with you. This will be carried out by our team’s porter. Please bring the rain cover to protect rain or dust. Usually, porter don’t have protection cover for bag
  • Transportation: Kathmandu to Besisahar there is local bus/Microbus service. There are two types of transportation, one is Micro Bus another is Big Bus. There is local jeep to go Manag as well but this is not a good option. You will definitely miss the beautiful landscape below trek. After completing your trek From Muktinath you can take the jeep or Bus to Tatopani. Tatopani to Ghorepani you can do a trek or keep travelling on the bus or jeep to Pokhara.

Tilicho lake trek preparation

Tlicho is something challenging trek, you need to do some planning before you come to trek in Nepal. There are so many elements which can be crucial for the success of trek. Nepal Trek Hub suggest you take some information before you come here. All information has been written here. You may find the information easily. if not please give us a , we are happy to give you all information as much as fast we can, Normally we give information around 4-5 Hours in Average. If you chat with WhatsApp this is faster options.

Step-1: Determine how many days will you do trek?

At the the first stage of your Tilicho lake trek preparation, you need to calculate your time duration, how many days trek you can do as per your time frame? There are so many things to do After tilicho. You can continuously trek to Tatopani from Muktinath or fly from Muktinath to

Pokhara or drive to Tatopani. From Tatopnai you can go to Poon Hill Trek or pokhara by bus

Step-2: Know more about Tilicho Trek

It is always very good to get the pre-information as much as you can before your trek, Nepal Trek Hub presented some information which might be very important for you.

  • Trek Grade: This is quite challenging type of trek, you need to know more about your trek grade, get some information regarding
  • AMS: Altitude Mountain Sickness is always a concern who do the trek in the mountain. This can be very dangerous if people don’t care. There are two types of AMS. Ultimately they impact very badly on the human body. Get More Information About altitude mountain sickness and be careful yourself. This Trek has a lot of chances of Altitude mountain sickness. Read about the for more information and be prepare for your trip
  • Nepal Visa: Most of us have a question to get the Nepal visa. It is very simple to get Nepal visa. You can get it on your country or in Kathmandu airport. Getting visa in Kathmandu airport is easier to you. If you need more information regarding Nepal Visa Please go through Nepal Immigration official website Nepal Immigration or you can also go through our website
  • Gear list This trek requires a good gear list, You need to bring gear to do the trek with very easily. The gears play a very vital role for the success of your trek. Please try to get all gear from your country which makes you easier. insufficient gear you may also find in Kathmandu as well. If you are willing to hire a sleeping bag or other stuff, you can hire in Kathmandu, We will help you to hire the stuff without deposit in the shop. Get some information to prepare yourself

Tilicho lake trek map

There are so many types of Tilicho lake trek map which is attached with Annapurna circuit trek map mostly. Tilicho is part of the Annapurna circuit and also known as a further hike destination. These maps are published by the different publisher of Nepal. The map may be different, Some Tlicho lake trekking map has much information while others may have less. Which you can find on the time if you buy the map.

If you want to buy the map in Kathmandu there are Himalayan Map, Nepal map house map everywhere in Thamel, you can buy it from there. If you want to get the big scale with details map which cost is more than the normal map. You can choose as per your wish but make sure that the proper information you seek is in the map, Such as distance in KM, Time in Hours. We advise you to take the float-able map which can go anywhere in the bag or even in a pocket. We will give you a map as a complimentary service.

Tilicho lake trek itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu

    Receive you from Kathmandu airport and transfer to hotel then briefing and preparation of trek
  • Day 02: Drive to to Ngadi

    Early in the morning Around 6:30, Nepal Trek Hub’s guide will be on your hotel to take you bus park. You take the Local Bus to Besisahar which takes 6-7 hours. Then you take again local bus to Ngadi
  • Day 03: Nagdi to Chamje

    Nagdi Elevation:800 MeterChamje Elevation: 1400 Meter
    Elevation Gain: 600 meters ApproxDistance Travel:15-18 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Accent/DeccentTime6-7 Hours
    The lowland has very impressive landscape as it is filled with rice terrace and green forest. Along the trail you see the mighty Marshyandri river. You will passes through Bahundanda, Ghermu, Syange. in Syange you do lunch then further walking around 2 hours brings you to Chamje
    Overnight at Chamje Hotel
  • Day 04: Chamje to Dharapani

    Chamje Elevation: 1400 MeterDharapani Elevation:1900 Meter
    Elevation Gain: 500 meters ApproxDistance Travel:12-15 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail is accentTime 6-7 Hours
    The Marshyandri river George becomes more steep and rapid, you would cross the bridge then walk to the other side of the river, climbing more and going less down you will reach Tal. This place you will do lunch. Further walking around 1 Hour from here, you will reach Dharapani
    Overnight at a guest house in Dharapani
  • Day 05: Dharapani to Chame village

    Dharapani Elevation:1900 MeterChame village Elevation: 2630 Meter
    Elevation loss: 700 Meters ApproxDistance Travel:15 -18 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Accent/decent bothTime 6-7 Hours
    Manaslu trek trails joins here to annapurna circuit trek. Check post is here to check your permits. The walk is pretty easy today. Timang is on the way to Chame from where you would see the splendid view of Manaslu Range mountain and Manaslu itself. Trail becomes easier from here, as you crosses Thanchowk, Koto respectively to reach the Chame
    Koto is starting point of Narphu Valley trek, this is control region trek and known as a hidden valley which later joins on Ngwal. Natural hot spring is here, you can take the bath.
  • Day 06: Chame to Pisang village

    Chame Elevation: 2630 MeterPisang village :3300 Meter
    Elevation loss: 670 meters ApproxDistance Travel:15 KM – 16 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Accent/straightTime 6-7 Hours
    Lamjung himal is perfectly visible from here. Pisnag is our destination today. Enjoyable walk from Chame to Dhukur pokhari. Pine, oak forest is everywhere on the trail. One of the biggest apple farm of Nepal you will see here. You can see Annapurna II perfectly, as you do lunch in Dkhukur Pokhari, you will enjoy the view of Magnificent view. stay overnight at Pisang
  • Day 07: Lower Pisang to Manang

    Lower Pisang:3300 MeterManag Elevation: 3540 Meter
    Elevation Gain: 240 meters ApproxDistance Travel:18 KM – 22 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail is accent/ decentTime 7-8 Hours
    The magnificent view of Himalays you can see from here. there is two way to go Manag. Our recommendation to trekkers to take the way to Gyaru. We keep walking until there is river appears. On the way you can see a small but very beautiful lake. Now you need to climb very steep which might take 1.30 hours. Here is a small viewpoint from here people can see Annapurna III, Annapurna II, Annapurna IV, Gangapurna, Tilicho peak and many more. Local are waiting the trekkers to sell there bread and tea. The trail is now easier as it goes all the way forest to Ngwal. You do lunch here then descend down to valley you will reach Braga and Manag afterwards.
  • Day 08: Acclimatization day at Manang

    This is your acclimatization day. You have many options to hike here to keep your body acclimatize. your guide will explain you to go either Ice lake or Gangapurna lake hike.
  • Day 09: Trek to Khangsar

    Manag Elevation: 3540 MeterKhangsar elevation:3740 Meter
    Elevation Gain: 200 meters ApproxDistance Travel:8 KM – 10 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail is slowlyTime 4-5 Hours
    Trekking to Khangsar is relatively easy. leaving Manag near Tanki Manag there is two trail, we follow the lower trail to go Khangsar. The trail is quite easy, As most of the time, We crosses the pine forest to reach Khangsar.
  • Day 10: Trek to Tilicho Base Camp

    Khangsar elevation: 3740 MeterTlilicho Base Camp: 4150 Meter
    Elevation Gain: 400 meters ApproxDistance Travel:14 KM – 15 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail accent and decentTime 6-7 Hours
    Exciting parts yet to come and today is the day. The landscape is very colorful. Yak pastures, yak are everywhere on trail. Blue ship can be also seen on the trail. The first part are quite assent when we crosses the Shree Kharka the trail goes down. The risky way is here. The stone might falls from the hill as the landscape is very steep.The Tilicho Base camp is on the collide of two river.
  • Day 11: Trek to Tilicho Base camp and stay on Tilicho base camp

    Tlilicho Base Camp: 4150 MeterTilicho Lake 4949 Meter
    Elevation gain: 800 meters ApproxDistance Travel:10 KM-12 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail is accentTime 5-6 Hours
    The exciting day begins by wake up early in the morning to go to Tilicho Lake. trekkers need to climb slowly but steadily until near Tilicho lake. The view on the way to go Tilicho Lake is just mesmerizing. Manaslu, Himlung and Many mountains you can see from here. finally, when you are on the bank of Lake you will see the highest lake in the world. Backing to the Base camp you rest today here because it is riskier to go to further because of stone falls
  • Day 12: Trek to Yak Kharka

    Tlilicho Base Camp: 4150 MeterYak Kharka: 4,000 Meter
    Elevation loss: 150 meters ApproxDistance Travel:18 KM-20 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail is accent/decentTime 6-7 Hours
    Yak Kharka is our overnight destination, as we leave the Base camp the dangerous area we can crosses early in the morning. Shree Kharka is a place where the two trails separate, we go to the upper trail to Yak kharka with several up and down. during the trek we can see many field for Yak and Ships
  • Day 13:Yak Kharka to Thorong high Camp

    Yak Kharka: 4000 MeterThorong high Camp :4850 Meter
    Elevation gain: 800 MeterDistance Travel:12 KM – 15 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail is accentTime 6-7 Hours
    Walking from Yak kharka you will see, yak pasture the trail gently climb onwards to Thorong Phedi 4450 Meter. There is some area where you need to very be careful because of stone fall. You can lunch here or can have a couple of cup tea and coffee to strengthen your stamina. Now the trail is very steep and full of the moraine, continually hiking 1.30 Hour you can reach Throng High Camp.
  • Day 14: Thorong High camp to Muktinath (Thorong la pass day)

    Thorong High Camp: 4850 MeterMuktinath :3800 Meter
    Elevation gain/loss: 550 meters/ 1600 MeterDistance Travel:22 KM – 25 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail is accent and decentTime 8-9Hours
    It is a challenging day of the trek is today. Generally trekkers start their trek early around 4:00 clock to 5:00 o clock. The early you start the better for you. As you already on very high land it is quite harder for you to gear up. As you use it, it would be quite easier for you. On the way to Thorong is not so steep. the trail climbs slowly but gradually up. On the way to Thorong la pass, you can also take the tea and coffee in the shop. It is generally 3 Hours climb to Thorong La pass. As you arrived at Thorong la pass, it is windy and cold here. You can see the mountain on the mustang side. The trail is now to go down. All the way down to Muktinath. Overnight at Muktinath
  • Day 15: Muktinath to Tatopani

    As you finish the walk , today you will take the local bus to Tatopani 1190 Meter. The bus stop often for local people to come in and go down. You can see the village like Jomsom, Syang, Marpha, Kalopani, Kobang, Ghasa, Dana and finally to Tatopani. It is quite adventure driving because of local bus. You can also do Jeep Driving to here.
  • Day 16: Tatopani to Ghorepani

    Tatopani Elevation: 1190 MeterGhorepani Elevation: 2875 Meter
    Elevation gain: 1300 MeterDistance Travel:18 KM – 21 KM approx trek
    Trail Accent/decent Most of the trail is accentTime 7-8 Hours
    Moving from the Tatopani, then climbing to durbin daanda is another unique experience you feel today, as you walk down the valley it is quite hot and humid. The view of the green village is awesome, you would see rice field and different types of fruit in the village, this is pretty nice to walk you would crosses Sikha, Ghara, Chitre and then finally to Ghorepani.
  • Day 17:Hike to Poon Hill then trek to Tadapani

    Sunrise we see today from Poon hill, We hike to poon hill early in the morning and reach there by before Sunrise. You would see the best view of Himalaya. Dhaulagiri Range and Annapurna range mountain and many other peaks you will see. From Poon Hill, you trek down to Nayapool. It takes 5-6 hours from here, then you would take the vehicle to go Pokhara.
  • Day 18:Drive to Kathmandu

    The morning we’ll drive back through the scenic countryside and during the route will stop for breakfast and lunch. It takes 7 hours back to Kathmandu. On arrival at Kathmandu, the guide will transfer to the hotel and rest of the day relax or explore the surrounding areas and overnight at hotel.
  • Day 19:Departure from Kathmandu

Tilicho lake trek cost includes

  • Airport Pick up and drop service
  • 3 night’s twin sharing on tourist standard hotel accommodation in Kathmandu
  • Meals on full board: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day during the trekking days
  • tea house basis trekking accommodation while on trekking days
  • Fully escorted trek with fluent English speaking license holder local guide and each 2 guest 1 Porter basis
  • ACCAP Permits
  • Narphu special control region permit
  • First Aid Box
  • TIMS Permit
  • Domestic airport pick up and drop off itinerary
  • Food and accommodation and salary of Nepali trekking staffs

Cost excludes

  • Any meal in Kathmandu
  • Any kinds of battery charges, wifi charge, laundry service, phone calls and hot shower during the trekking.
  • Personal trekking equipment and Clothing.
  • Personal nature expenses, any drinks and bar bills.(tea, coffe, water, beer, alcohol, wine)
  • Your travel insurance (it is mandatory in case of emergency).
  • Any donation and monuments entrance fees.
  • Tips for the crew (Note : TIPS is not compulsory but highly expected)
  • Any other things which are not mentioned above

Tilicho Lake trek FAQ

often trekkers get’s many question before they start trek. In preparation phase they might want to know many question. It is very hard to get all question answer here but we have mentioned some question answer, follow our Tilicho lake trek FAQ. if it does not satisfy you please

Which is the best time to Tilicho Lake trek?

Without any doubts, September to November are the first best season to trek. The second best season is March – April to trek in Nepal. Because this both season the weather is very nice and clear. You can see the magnificent view of Mountain.

how many days is Tilicho Lake trek?

Here, we have made 19 days plan from arrival to departure, in trekking 15 Days, travel 2 days and 2 Days to arrive and departure. if you want to do Tilicho lake trek within any time period please let us know, we customize your travel

What kind of accommodation in Tilicho Lake trek?

There are good tea houses a long the trekking trail. Some of the tea houses has also room with Bathroom. but it is not always with every guest houses. They provide a good room and comfortable bed in standard of Nepal trek. For hot shower, they provide a bucket hot shower to the guest by charging some money or some place they do have a bathroom with solar.

Is there wifi on Tilicho lake trek?

Yes, There is WIFI service in most of the guest houses. Speed of the WIFI is not that good but it is ok to connect with your family and friends

Is there enough hotels Tilicho Lake trek?

When there is main season it is always crowd on trekking route. sometimes the guest house might be full so you need to be very careful. if you can reach earlier would be always good to you. if you are with us we manage everything to you.

What is the drinking water on Tilicho lake trek?

Yes, There is a availability of Mineral water, every tea houses. It is always not good to drink the mineral water, first it is quite costly to traveler, secondly it is damaging the Eco-system, the water company using a lot of plastic bottles. In a mountain mineral water bottle are a real threat to the environment. We can use the water purifier or water purification tablet and become a responsible traveler

What is the maximum elevation of Tilicho lake trek?

Tilicho Lake is 4,949 meter but you are also going to do thorong la pass which is 5,416 meter. In average you spent your most of the trek period above 3000 Meter.

what permit is for Tilicho Lake trek?

Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit and Trekkers Information management system permit (TIMS) Card is required for the trek

Can I do trek with child

If the child can walk for 6-7 hours, then you can trek with child too. otherwise you need to extend your trek days

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Tilicho lake trek facts
  • Difficulty:Strenuous
  • Duration:19 Days
  • Accommodation: Tea House
  • RegionAnnapurna
  • MealsB,L,D, A
  • Altitude5416 Meter
  • Group-Size1-18 Person
  • Transportation:Land transfer
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Why you like this?
  • A beautiful drive to Besisahar

  • Deep Marshyandri river valley and beauty of it’s

  • The Buddhist cultures of Manag people

  • Annapurna Himalayan Range, Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Gangapurna, tilicho peak and many other peaks

  • World’s highest lake which is located at the height of 4,949 Meter from sea level

  • The amazing landscape of Manag and Tilicho Valley

  • Challenging Thorong la pass 5,416 Meter

  • Muktinath Temple and Kaligandaki river valley

  • View of Jomsom, Marpha, Kagbeni, Kalopani, Tatopani, lete and many more

  • Amazing view from Poon hill