Nepal trek is amazing experience for lifetime. With eight of the top ten highest mountains in the world and many other tall peaks, Nepal is a top trek destination that is willing to have the best hiking experience. Filled with high green hills and amazing landscape Nepal is perfect for trekking for a minimum week or more.

Trekking in Nepal is the most popular activity of Nepal tourism, Although various tourism activities can be done. Nepal Landscape is so arranged from hill to very high peak mountains so that the variety of trek can be done here. Nepal Trekking is fit for anyone because they can choose from easy to challenging ones as per their age and time duration.

Trekking to Nepal is one activity where you can choose a different area of Nepal to go. Most popular trek are Everest trek, Annapurna trek, Langtang trek, Manaslu trek, Dhaulagiri trek, Kanchenjunga trek and many others mountains periphery. The settlement of friendly local people, small tea houses along the beautiful mountain trekking routes, river, waterfalls, dense forest, and white show-capped mountains are the things that you encounter while you do trek in Nepal

Why hiking or trekking in Nepal

Hiking or trekking itself a challenging and quite physically demanding journey but has many benefits. It can make you more strong physically and mentally than before. Reducing the work stress and refilling the energy to mine as well as to be creative also trek can help people so you must do hiking or trek. for hiking and trek, Nepal is undoubtedly the Number one destination. With the availability of tea houses along the route, you can do most of the trek without tents and camping.

Do Nepal Trek with Nepal Trek Hub

If you consider, Nepal as your trek holiday zone Nepal trek hub is here to help you. We are team of Expert who have been organizing trek Nepal holiday since many years. As we established our company just 2018 but we are on this field for long time. You can check our team profile. We are team of expert to organize all trek in Nepal. Our popular trekking packages are Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Manaslu trek and many other trek of Nepal. You can read our review on Tripadvisior and Truspilot

Nepal Trek Holiday
RegionTrek Routes
Everest RegionEverest base camp trek, Gokyo Valley trek, 3 Passes trek, Everest Panorama trek, Chola pass trek, Renjola pass tre
Annapurna Region TrekAnnapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek, Narphu Valley trek, Ghorpani Poon Hill Trek, Khopra Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Mohare Danda Trek, Mustang Trek, Royal Trek, Panchase Trek
Langtang Region TrekLangtang valley trek, Tamang Heritage trail trek, Langtang Gosainkunda trek, Helambu trek, Ganjala pass trek, Tilman pass trek
Manaslu TrekManaslu circuit trek, Manslu Tsum valley trek, Rupina la pass trek, Tsum valley trek
DhaulagiriDhaulagiri trek
KanchenjungKanchenjung trek

Here are some Nepal Trek packages

Everest base camp trek
10% OFF

Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Duration14 Days
  • Destination Everest Region
  • Trip GradeStrenuous
Everest base camp trek
12% OFF

Annapurna base camp trek

  • Duration13 Days
  • Location Annapurna
  • Trip GradeModerate
langtang valley trek
12% OFF

Langtang Valley Trek

  • Duration10 days
  • Destination Langtang
  • Trip GradeModerate
Annapurna circuit trek
12% OFF

Annapurna circuit trek

  • Duration18 Days
  • Destination Annapurna
  • Trip GradeStrenuous
Mardi Himal Trek
15% OFF

Mardi Himal Trek

  • Duration12 days
  • Destination Annapurna
  • Trip GradeStrenuous
Ghorepani Poonhill trek
10% OFF

Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek

  • Duration09 days
  • Destination Annapurna
  • Trip GradeEasy
Langtang Gosaikunda trek
12% OFF

Langtang Gosainkunda Trek

  • Duration14 Days
  • Location Langtang
  • Trip GradeModerate
Gosaikunda trek
15% OFF

Gosainkunda Trek

  • Duration8 days
  • Destination Langtang
  • Trip GradeStrenuous
Tamang heritage trail trek
10% OFF

Tamang heritage trail trek

  • Duration11 days
  • Destination Langtang
  • Trip GradeEasy

Trekking in Nepal: seasonal fact of year

December, January and Februrary

Known as a winter season in Nepal this is the coldest season of the year. Trekking during this month is quite difficult due to the cold and snowfall. You can not predict the weather in mountain but half of the time the weather remains good.
You can do trek during this month but you should be prepared for very cold as well as windy and snowy weather. The high altitude trek is better not to do during January and February. You can do the following treks that we have mentioned below.

ActivitiesTrek routes
You may able to doGhorepani Poon Hill Trek, Langtang valley trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Helambu Trek, Pikey peak trek and other light trek
better not to doEverest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Manaslu Trek, Everest three passes trek, many other challenging trek

March, April and May

The second best season of trekking to Nepal. The weather becomes perfect, so you can enjoy the nature in best level. the temperatures get’s higher in mountain region as well as low land. This is also time of colorful Rhododendron blossom. (Rhododendrons is the national flower of Nepal) and there are more than 30 species of rhododendron in Nepal) flowers in trek routes, the skies are blue and clear, all views of Himalayan peaks can be seen clearly. You can Enjoy adventure trek holiday of Nepal perfectly.

ActivitiesTrek routes
Easy trek you can do Poon hill trek, Langtang valley trek, Helambu trek, Annapurna base camp trek and many other easy easily
Adventure trek you can doAll challenging trek such as a Everest base camp trek, Everest High pass trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Kang la pass trek, Lar ke la pass and many other challenging trek
Mountain you can climbThis is main climbing season, you can also climb mt. Everest and all other peaks on this time.

June, July and August

This 3 months is known as a Monsoon season of Nepal. It starts from June 10 but it can be fast and slow sometimes. Trek in Nepal when monsoon is quite difficult because of weather. The weather changes very fast and you may not able to see the mountain perfectly. Apart from this there are another obstacles such as a Leeches, Flooding and muddy trail which might be the cause that impacts the trek so much.

ActivitiesTrek routes
Cultural tour Kathmandu pokhara tour, Bhaktapur patan tour and chitwan lumbini tour you can do easily but weather impacts sometime.
Trek you can doUpper Mustang trek, Upper dolpo and lower dolpo trek you can do.
Not recommended to doAll of the High passes trek, Easy trek you can do but the view may not be good or appear.

September, October and November

Known as a Best 3 Months for trekking in Nepal. All the things such as weather, temperature and landscape all are amazing. This is due to post monsoon season, you can see the crops on field as well as perfect weather. In Nepal this time is also known as a festival time when there is two big festival comes one after another respectively. You can enjoy your trekking experience in Nepal so much on this time. The mountains looks always crystal clear most of the time.

ActivitiesTrek routes
Mountain flights ,Paragliding and Rafting This all activities can be done in this period very perfectly
Trekking in NepalYou can do all trek in this three months, the best time starts from 20 September to on wards but some time due to global warming it can be different.
Tour and other activitiesAll tour and other activities can be done very easily.

Frequently asked question Regarding Nepal Trek

Below we have mentioned some question, that are asked by frequent hikers/traveler before they come to Trek in Nepal. you can get basic information from here, however if it still does not satisfy your question please ask question to us

When is the best season to do trek in Nepal?

October and November is best season to do Nepal trek. In this time the weather is very good, clear sky for whole day so you can see mountain very clearly with yellow rice field in countryside. The second best season is March and April because this is before summer and weather is very good too, on this time The rhododendron flower blooms in the trekking trail which increases the beauty of trekking.

How long do I have to walk per day, and how difficult to do the trek?

Firstly it depends on a trek you choose, Normally Trekkers are required to walk 6-7 hours during the trek days. Climbing and going descents is very normal while trekking

What kind of accommodation do we get in Trekking in Nepal?

Most of the trekking trails there are tea houses, in some places they are quite facilitated others are not, Sometimes you get attached bathroom too but it is not that luxurious however you can adjust it.

Is there WI-FI service During Nepal Trek?

In most of the trekking routes, hotels have installed WI-FI . The WI-FI speed is not that good but you can send a message at-least.

How safe is Nepal to Trek?

Nepal is completely safe to trek, The friendly locals and Nepalese people always treat you as a guest, The trekking trails are well marked and you can also get the map but sometimes if you go alone miss the way, you might be on trap. Many accidents occurred in the past due to missing the trail and their is forest mostly in the trekking trail

What permits do I Need to trek in Nepal?

TIMS and Conservation area permits are the more common permits you need for the trek in Nepal but there are some regions where you need to take the special from Nepal Government. The Trek routes are Manaslu, Mustang, Dolpo, Tsum Valley, Narphu, Simikot and many others route require special trek permit.

Is there drinking water during the trek i can buy?

Yes, but we recommend you too use the AQUA TABS or other medicine to purify the water or you can even use the filter. This helps environment to reduce the plastic as well and cost you less.

Is there Electricity to charge my Mobile and Camera?

Most of the place they have a electricity, however it is good to carry your own power bank as well as the solar charger if you have.

What happened if i become sick during the trek?

If you become sick, depends on your sickness we will take care of you, if your sickness get’s worst then we search the alternatives to sent you back.

What Insurance i can do to trek in Nepal?

There are a lot of insurance that you can do but make sure that your insurance covers even helicopter rescue if it is necessary and should cover until 6000 Meter altitude. the world Nomads Insurance is very popular one

What is the Risk of altitude mountain sickness in Nepal Trek?

Altitude Mountain Sickness occurs very rarely after you climb 2500 M/ 8200 Ft, After you accent more there is more chance of AMS, We have made the itinerary seeing the Risk of AMS so don’t worry.

Is there Hot Shower during the trek?

Yes, Tea house provide hot shower, some time solar some time Gas Shower as well, they charge you per shower, per head.

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