Everest mountain flight is an amazing experience to see all mountains very closely. You can see Everest, Rowling and Langtang range and mountains of this range. Mount Everest Mountain Flight for the travellers who do have a very short period of time, and not able to go to the mountain due to physical reason. The exciting 1-hour scenic mountain flight offers a great view of Nepal’s mountains, green forest, different landscape and many other things which you can see from the flights. You can see the tallest mountains of Earth such as Mt. Everest, Mt.Makalu, Mt.Choyou, Mt.Nuptse, Mt Lhotse, Mt. baruntse, Mt, Gaurishanker, Mt.Dorje Lakpa, Mt Sisapangba and many other uncountable peaks. You would see more peaks than you go trekking while you do Everest Mountain Flight.

Nepal Trek hub Pvt.Ltd. offers you an Everest mountain flight with a very reasonable price. We are open to serve you 24/7 and give you the best deal through the email. Get the information with us.

Mountain flight Highlights

Everest mountain flight highlights are here, which are mentioned here below. Get the mountain flights highlights here

  • Beautiful and green landscape of Nuwakot, Sindhupalchowk, Solukhumbu, and Sankhuwashava district and more.
  • Fly over the highest mountain in the world with its appealing environment for 1 hour
  • Feel the feeling of flying over valleys and plateaus
  • The best view of tallest Himalayas Everest 8,848 m, 29020 ft, Shisa Pangma 8,013 m,26289 ft, Makalu 8,481 m, 27,825 ft, Lhotse 8,516 m, 27939 ft, Cho Oyu 8201m, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 m, Gauri Shankar 7,134m, Menlungtse 7,023m, Numbur 6956 m, Karyolung 6511m, Gyachungkang 7952m, Pumori 7,161m, Nuptse 7855m.

Why Everest Mountain flight in Nepal

Everest Mountain flight in Nepal is one of the best scenic mountain flights of the earth that goes to see the tallest Himalayan range of the earth within an hour period. The Aircraft is pretty small but they do u-turn so everybody has the same chance to see the mountains from their flight seat. The air hostess gives you the information what peak you are seeing at that time while you doing the mountain flight and you will have a hand brochure to recognize yourself that which mountains you are seeing. You can see the mountains very perfectly from the flight. The mountain you see from the flight is amazingly astonishing. You will see the Everest and other co mountains but the main aim of the mountain flight is to see the Everest and other 8000 M, 26250 FT peak around it. You can see 6 peaks which are above 8000 M, 26250 Ft by this mountain flight and it is very worth to do it in once in a lifetime.

What are the best airlines for the mountain flight?

The best Everest mountain flight airlines are Buddha air and Yeti airlines. They are very renowned for their best mountain flight in Nepal. There are other airlines too but this two are the best options for the travellers who are seeking the thrilling experience of Mt Everest Mountains flight. This airline has the latest features which will be very good for you to show the highest Himalayan range and has also a better aviation history. The flight fare range is very similar in both airlines. Both airlines take the passenger from the Kathmandu airport to the mountains early in the morning, because the early flights are always good to see the best vistas. With the comfortable seats, they take you two sides by doing U-turn so need to worry about the seat and sides of the planes.

What are the Everest flights schedule from Kathmandu?

The Everest mountain flights start early in the morning every day. If you are wondering about the flight schedule and time then you need to know this information which we have given here. The majestic mountain flights start from Kathmandu every day and end at Kathmandu. Although there is another mountain flight from Pokhara to see the Annapurna region mountain as well.

6.30 AM – 1st Flight / EVERYDAY
7.30 AM – 2nd Flight / EVERYDAY
8.30 AM – 3rd Flight / EVERYDAY

How much is the Mountain flight cost

What are the best Everest mountain flight cost differs for the nationality wise. The cost is given below by the airlines company.
For Nepalese: 11,500 NC Per Person (Nepali Currency)
For Indian: 7,188 IC Per Person ( Amount in Indian Currency)
For Foreigner: USD $210 Per Person
For the best rates of the flight email us, so you can get the good deal rather than the mentioned rate above seeing the availability of the flight and number of people size that wants to do the mountain flight to Everest. We are open 24/7 on your service.
The Everest mountain flight Nepal does not include the airport transfer but on your request, we will manage the airport transfer.

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