Nepal Trek Hub (NTH) is a registered recreational company under Nepal Government. We have been winning the trust of the customer because we are a team local guide and a team of expert who is a different part of Nepal and have a vast knowledge of the travel industry. Our guides network based in Kathmandu to offer the best possible service in low cost and Best service to our clients. With an aim of contributing Nepal tourism more, we put our all efforts into making our service better and better each day. Your satisfaction is our top priority and accepts your bookings under the following terms and conditions. This terms and conditions also works during your trip in Nepal

Confirm reservation – Pre-Bookings !!

Pre-bookings are always good for you in terms of management, if you do booking in the last minute we have some difficulties in managing your trip so we recommend you to do the booking.
Generally, we ask about 20% of the total value of the package per person is required upon booking for trip deposit. This can be up and down with our understanding as well. With deposits, Provide us a photocopy of your passport and passport size photograph. The deposited amount is nonrefundable. The remaining part of the payment you can pay on your arrival in Nepal

Our transfer details

SWIFT / Wire Transfer to Nepal
Pay to : Nepal Trek Hub Private Limited
Account Number : 02101100250115
Type of Account : Account type: Foreign currency (USD)
Paying Bank: Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited
Branch location: Gongabu, Kathmandu Nepal
Applicable bank transfer service charges should be paid separately by the clients.

Risk and Liabilities

Tour trek are conducted under the exacting guidelines and strict rules of the travel industry board in Nepal. We are not liable for any modification or cancellation of the trip under unavoidable circumstances like a modify in rules and regulations of the country, government restrictions, cancellation of flight, delay, natural disasters, political instability, sickness or accident, the breakdown of the vehicle, etc. Any extra cost incurred due to such circumstances, clients are borne themselves. Therefore, we highly recommend buying travel insurance.

Incomplete trek/tour or finishing the trek/tour earlier than planned

  • Nepal Trek Hub is not liable for any refunds in case of any incomplete trek, tour, expedition or complete tour/trek/peak climbing prior than planned or whatever the reason from customer’s side. For example beeing sick during the trek, fall from trails, brake legs or arms or anything

  • If you complete your tour/trek/peak climbing earlier than planned, then we are not able to give any refunds that you claim. We make this clear before the trip of the clients through our webpage. We are very much committed to complete your trip as per plan.

  • if you want to finish the trek/tour/climbing earlier than schedule time then we can not refund any amounts

  • if you want/have to cancel your trip (in the middle) because of sickness or any reason Nepal Trek Hub is not liable to refund any amounts of the trip

  • If guest have booked the 2 or more trips and tired or became sick then decide to cancel the rest of the trip then we are not liable to refund any amounts

  • If the natural cause arises and have to divert the trip then we will discuss and sort out the further plan

Expansion of the trip

  • If you want to expand the trip, then the cost will be added and the guide will decide how much it will be.

  • Extra cost that arises from the trip need to be bare by the guest.

Unexpected circumstance During the trek/trip

If you are a slow hiker, which means slow than the normal, all our itineraries are built as per the speed of normal hikers. So it may not be able to reach the targeted destinations and may change the plan. There might be another consequence. Rainfall, Sick or Beeing slow may cause a change in the itinerary during the trek and can impact the entire itinerary. Sometimes the normal itinerary can be also tough for some trekkers. Our guide will help you to fix this while doing the trek by finding alternatives to this.

  • You may not be able to get a room or share a room in most of the trek routes which you need to consider because most of the guest houses remain booked already in the seasons. This are the things that guest need to consider themself.

  • This also may impact the itinerary so eventually the time may be longer or shorter which you should also consider and a guide will help you to arrange this ultimately.

Postpone the trip or Cancelations

Customer should send a written notice to us 15 days prior to the trip departure date. In case of postponing the tour, minimum USD 150 will be a charge to cover minimum expenses as a current trip cancellation charge and the remaining part of the amount will be transferred for the postponed trip.

Unforeseen Circumstances

In case, If your trip gets canceled due to any unforeseen circumstances like war, natural disasters, or unfavourable climatic conditions, we will arrange another trip for you. So no worry.

During the tour

In case you commit any unlawful act during your travel, trek, tour and you are compelled to leave Nepal, Nepal Trek Hub is not liable for any kind of refunds.

Supplement Charge

On holiday tour or trek packages, rooms or tents are provided in twin sharing basis. Thus, a single room supplement charge will be imposed on client who does not have another tour participant to share room /tent with.

Change in Price

We reserve our rights to change the price under various circumstances. Though our action will be reasonable like in case of some circumstances such as a radical change in foreign currency fluctuation, government actions, inflation, etc. We are not liable to answer anyone for our action.

Flight delay and Cancellation

Flight delays and cancellation are quite often during the bad weather condition in the remote areas particularly in Dolpo, Jomsom, Everest region, Annapurna region, Simikot and Jumla airport, etc. Thus, it is advisable to carry some extra money to buy food and accommodations in case of delays. Our agency is not responsible for any of the additional expenses.

Your personal belongings

If you are taking any types of electronic devices such as cameras, drone or laptops, carry yourself. The agency NTH will not liable for any damage or loss of your luggage or property. They are at your own risk.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend buying a comprehensive travel insurance package before you travel to Nepal Himalayas. The insurance must cover all the medical expense, trip cancellation, personal accident, emergency evacuation, and loss of gears and natural calamity, damage or theft of baggage and personal effects, etc.

Travel alerts

The terms and conditions as described above are applicable only if you book your trip with us directly. If you book your trip with us through any international travel agents or a third party, you shall be liable to their terms and conditions.