• Trek Duration
    On Demands
  • Accomodations
    Tea House Trek
  • Trekkers Numbers
    1-18 but Flexible
  • Best Time of Year
    Spring and Autumn
  • Guide: 19$ – 20$
  • Porter: 18$ – 19$

Trekking guide Hire in Nepal is Nepal Trek Hub Pvt. Ltd. partial service to the trekkers who come to Nepal in Low budget or the trekkers who want to do trek by themself as a matter of packages. Hiring trekking guide Nepal makes your trip completely different and far easier than you thought. Trek in Nepal is a very unique experience, but guide porter hire in Nepal makes the even better experience. We organize trekking in Nepal different style. In our opinion different travelers with their perception as well as budget. There are many student travelers who come to Nepal for trekking. Thus, we arrange trekking guide, Porter Guide, Porter for them to assist them in a friendly cost in all over Nepal. Take the service of trekking guide Nepal and travel freely to Nepal
Trekkers are here to trek one of the unique nations of the world, Where there is the Highest land 8,848 Meter to Lowest Land 60 Meter elevation. Between this variation, there are many things to see and climate as well. Among 12 Climate of the world, we do have 11 Climate in Nepal. Sky touching peak to relaxing place such as Pokhara and Birthplace of Lord Buddha has increased the beauty of Nepal

Guide porter hire in Nepal

Guide porter hire in Nepal allows you for a convenient journey of the Nepal Himalayas. Exploring the Nepal himalaya is a unique and thrilling experience of a lifetime and this can be even more memorable with a local guide and porter for your trip. Trip to Nepal Himalayas is challenging so we are here to help you to make your trip more relaxing. Our Guide and porters are experienced and have been letting the trekkers to Nepal’s himalayas for a long time.

Why trekking guide Nepal for trek

There is much reason why you need guide porter for trekking in Nepal. Security and safety while on the trek is the main concern of trekkers, to ensure this hire trekking guide nepal is best. This is also a part of Responsible tourism because of you, somebody local is employed which is very proud to you as well.

  • Navigation and Itineraries

    Most trekking routes of Nepal are not fairly easy to follow. Even there is signed trail you may not able to reach. If you have a guide then it is not problem to you.

  • Know about the people and cultures of the trek areas

    hiring a guide in Nepal will help you to gain a more Knowledge about the people and cultures. Guide has good knowledge about the local and their cultures, their tradition, and lifestyle. He / She can elaborate the all the things that you want to Know

  • They are means of communication.

    Guide is also medium or bridge between local people and you. If you want to inter-reaction with locals guide can be your linker. Sometimes if misunderstanding happens this is really helpful

  • To ensure Safety and Security

    You may get sick during the trek which might be because of Altitude mountain sickness or any other problems, in that case, your guide will be helpful to you. Sometimes you need to do quick decision when you become sick at that time you need a guide as well. The guide will help keep an eye on you and your belongings. Regarding outdoor safety, your guide will know the routes, conditions, and health concerns.

Trekking Guide

All trekking guide who works under registered company should obtain the trekking guide licence after completion of successful 1 and half month training from NATHAM. To take the guide training the candidate must have two years working experience as a porter or assistant guide. The guide is very well known about the trekking routes, cultures, history and some flora and fauna but they are not expert. In the trekking trail, you may see thousands of things all can not be recognized by the Guide. First- Aid knowledge is also essential for a guide which they get on their training.

Hire Porter Guide Nepal

Hire Porter Guide Nepal to carry your stuff plus guides you for the trail and speaks little bit English. They are also known as a porter in most of the cases but due to experience, some are good as a guide. Whatever they carry the stuff and take you on your destination safely. If in-case something happens they find the solutions.

Porter Hire in Nepal

Porter generally speaks very few English. Some of them can speak English but not that enough. They are very kind and helpful who carry your things from one destination to another destination. They will carry up to 25 to 30 kg along the routes but usually more like 24 Kg as maximum weight and also sometimes help with route finding and may suggest good hotels.

Why Nepal Trek Hub for Trekking guide porter hire in Nepal

Our team is a multicultural team, our guides have an excellent knowledge of the history, Flora and Fauna, culture, religion and traditions of the country. Our Guide is trained and got a Trekking Guide license provided by the Government. During the training, period instructs in a variety of subjects including first aid, altitude sickness and other important issues and must have a certain level of English fluency determined in an interview. Our Guide team can speak fluent English or your native language and know the destination trekking trails

Our guide
  • Me and my team are experienced and highly skilled in various aspects of Tourism and trekking in Nepal. We are Government License holder with proper training and examined.
  • Me and my teammates have good knowledge of local culture, Hinduism, Buddhism. They will also share with you less well-known facts about our country, Nepal.
  • we have a proven track record of honesty and personal integrity.
  • Me and my team speak good English as well as other languages such as Spanish, French, Japanese and others.
  • Our team will give a special briefing each evening about your program of the next day’s activities. We will tell you likely distance to be travelled, the attraction of the day and all other relevant details. It can be a great time to ask questions and discuss your day too.
  • Me and my team use to carry basic items of first aid which is commonly needed for the trekking. Some of these items are Bandages, Analgesics (painkillers) and Antiseptic etc.
  • Me and my team manage all practical aspects of your trek, including ensuring your comfort and privacy for your night’s accommodation at the end of your day. You will find the high standard of our Guides is consistent and is always considerate to all your needs.

  • Your belongings things will be safely being carried by our Porter which make you comfortable.
  • They are very careful to keep your belongings in good condition, protecting them from rain and other hazards.
  • Our porter will not walk too fast or ahead of you. They will be almost together with you. Whenever is necessary you can call them.

Recent Client Review

Amazing Trek to Annapurna Base Camp
Reviewed Trek: Annapurna base camp trek
Yudhi Ismayadi At

5 – Excellent

it was an amazing trek, fully helped by a great team Nepal Trek Hub..
Ram and his team (Som our helpful local guide, Gurung a friendly porter) have helped us making this trip possible.. Looking forward to seeing this team again next year (VisitNepal2020) to go to Everest Base Camp..

The Unexpected
Reviewed Trek: Poon Hill Trek
HiP19 At

5 – Excellent

My Mother and I went trekking in Nepal in March. We trekked alone without a guide but met Shreeram and one of his clients on our second day of trekking while we were all resting at the top of a hill! Shreeram is one of a kind – even though he wasn’t our guide, he took us under his wing, he treated us with warmth and care and welcomed us to trek with him and his client throughout the rest of our trek from Ghorepani to Ghandruk. Without him we actually would have been stuck on a few occasions, he helped us massively and we feel blessed to have met him. His English is fantastic and his general knowledge is incredible so you can have some extremely interesting conversations and he knows all the best places to go trekking.
He has a wicked sense of humour so there was a lot of laughter as well! When we return to Nepal we would not want to use anyone else as our guide and we look forward to Shreeram taking us on many more trekking adventures around Nepal. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for a kind, helpful and reliable guide, he looked after us so well. Thank you so much Shreeram! Holly and Sarah from England

Reviewed Trek: Langtang Gosainkunda Trek
Raihan Abir At

5 – Excellent

I went to Langtang-Gosaikund-Lauribina pass trek 6 months back. I was able to save one day because TIMS and permit for Langtang National Park was arranged before my arrival in KTM.
They provide very professional Guides and the transactions was very transparent. I have to admit specially the name of my guide Bimal. He’s not just a guide who shows path but he took a very good care of mine. And we had very good conversations through the days as well.

ขอบคุณสำหรับ Hiking trip
Reviewed Trek: Shivapuri Hiking
Supattira At

5 – Excellent

พอดีต้องมาทำงานที่กาฏมันฑุ เลยอยากจะหาที่ปีนเขาใกล้ๆ … Search Internet อยู่หลายเจ้าแต่ Shreeram ตอบไวมาก และพออ่านรีวิวก็รู้สึกว่าน่าจะโอเค เป็นการตัดสินใจที่เสี่ยงนิดนึงเพราะเป็นผู้หญิงมาคนเดียว
Shreeram นำเสนอทริปมาให้แต่พอวันจริงบอกว่าถ้าอยากเห็นเทือกเขาหิมาลัยเค้าจะพาขับรถอ้อมไปปีนอีกลูกนึงก่อน แต่ต้องจ่ายคนขับเพิ่ม $20 ตอนแรกก็คิดว่าจะคุเมมั้ยว้า แต่ก็มาแล้ว เลยตกลง ทางไปไม่ง่ายเลย คนขับขับเก่งมาก เอาไปเถอะยี่สิบน่ะ
พอปีนลูกนั้นเสร็จ เห็นเทือกเขาจางๆ หลังม่านหมอก เพราะฟ้าไม่ค่อยเปิด ก็กลับมาที่ Shivapuri National Park ปีนขึ้นลงอยู่ 12K ทางเมื่อยนิดนึงเพราะขึ้นก็ขึ้นอย่างเดียว ลงก็ลงยาว แต่ชอบ มองลงมาเห็นเมืองด้วย Shreeram อุตส่าห์ซื้อกล้วยมาเผื่อ กลัวอาหารกลางวันที่เราเตรียมไปจะไม่พอ Shreeram สอบถามก่อนขึ้นว่าเอาอะไรมากินบ้าง เราก็ Power Gel กล้วย ถั่ว ตามประสานักวิ่ง 555 สุดท้ายก็ต้องอาศัยกล้วยของไกด์นี่แหละ
อ่อ ที่สำคัญที่สุด Shreeram ถ่ายทั้งรูปและวิดีโอให้ด้วย ชอบมาก!
หวังว่าคราวหน้าจะได้กลับมาปีนเขาแบบยาวๆ สัก 3-4 วันเป็นอย่างน้อย

Reviewed Trek: Tilicho Lake Trek
Fredric Bien At

5 – Excellent

Entre avril et mai 2019, J’ai eu le plaisir de faire 2 trek avec Shreeram le jeune patron de Nepal Truk Hub Pvt. Je l’avais contacté par mail (ainsi que deux autres guides par mail) quelques semaines avant mon départ pour le Népal afin d’expliquer et valider mon projet :
1 trek court de 8 jours à – 5000m
1 trek long de 18 à 20 jours à +5000m
Quelques impératifs : Juste un guide et moi, pas de porteur et un bon niveau d’anglais.
J’ai rencontré Shreeram au lendemain de mon arrivée à Katmandou et le courant est tout de suite passé entre nous tant sur le plan humain, pratique que financier.
Au total nous avons crapahuté et vécu pendant 26 jours ensemble (Vallée du Langtang & Annapurna)
Nous avons passé de fabuleux moments de découverte, de partage, d’effort (surtout pour moi…) de connivence et de rire.
Shreeram à une connaissance parfaite de la montagne, de son histoire, sa faune, sa flore et ses risques. Au cours de nos journée et en fonction de ma forme physique, j’ai toujours pu compter sur son sens de l’adaptation, son soutient parfois (notamment pour porter mon lourd boitier photo) et sa patience.
Shreeram sait écouter, observer et organiser dans le seul but de vous satisfaire.
Il dispose d’une sérieuse culture, d’une envie de faire partager ses montagnes, son pays et il reste très curieux des Européens et de notre culture.
Je ne peux donc que vivement vous recommander Shreeram !! Merci encore Boss 😉 pour ces excellents moments et inoubliables souvenirs !!

Annapurna circuit
Reviewed Trek: Annapurna circuit trek
Krishshotoper Kampe At

5 – Excellent

Vi gikk Annapurna Circuit våren 2015, og vi ble guidet av Shreeram. Det var en kjempefin opplevelse, og han var en utmerket guide; hyggelig, sosial og hadde god kunnskap om området. Kommunikasjonen ved bestilling og underveis var ikke noe problem.
Turen varte i to uker og vi gikk med egen sekk. Enkelte partier var veldig tunge, og det ble til tider mye stigning på kort tid. Høydesyken slo inn da vi nådde toppen på ~5500moh, så kan anbefale å bruke noen flere dager på å akklimatisere seg. Vi hadde nydelig vær hele turen, og vi gikk på generelt gode stier. En relativt enkel tur som de fleste kan gjennomføre om man tar seg tid.

Viaggio in Nepal oltre i 5000 metri
Reviewed Trek: Narphu trek
Fabio Fellegini At

5 – Excellent

Prima esperienza di trekking in Nepal con un gruppo di amici, bellissimo, il tutto ha superato le mie aspettative. Bravissima la guida e amico Shreeram Thapaliya, preparato, cordiale e sempre disponibile. Non dimentico anche i ragazzi che ci hanno portato i bagagli lungo i ripidi sentieri, fenomenali. Sono rientrato dal viaggio veramente entusiasta, con l’idea di tornare un giorno non lontano ad ammirare i bellissimi paesaggi nepalesi.

Reviewed Trek: Manaslu trek
Stefan B At

5 – Excellent

Bardzo polecam firmę oraz przewodników górskich. Są profesjonalni i pomocni. Trekking z tą firmą jest przyjemny i niemęczący- taki trekking odbyłem dookoła Manaslu. Polecam tę firmę wszystkim zainteresowanym z Polski.

Langtang valley
Reviewed Trek: Langtang valley trek
Sophbish At

5 – Excellent

Shreeram is a local in Kathmandu and we were so lucky to come across his whatsapp number online. We spent a long time looking up different treks that were all ridiculously overpriced and organised by bigger tour companies outside of Nepal (mainly from USA and all $800-$1500USD/Person).. Once we had Shreerams details, we were able to communicate with him directly over 2 weeks whilst we were still travelling India. He answered all the questions we had about the different treks, our budget and timeframe. No money was exchanged before meeting with him, everything was priced reasonably and he helped us get our gear sorted and phones set up before we left – you can rent trekking gear and it’s cheaper if you are with a local. Very organised and great service.
Now for our guide and porter. Sabin was our guide and spoke very good English (regardless of what he thinks haha). He’s very considerate of other people and knowledgable about his country and the treks all around. He’s from a town close by to the Langtang valley trek and gave us a lot of information about the area, before and after the devastating earthquake in 2015. He treks with ease and will take care of you if you are unwell or injured – recieved massages on rest breaks for my injured leg and he offered to take my bag on numerous occasions.
Des was our porter. He carried everything we couldn’t fit in our day bags, which was more than we’d wanted him to carry. He honestly still could’ve trekked in half the amount of time if he wanted to, he is so fast. Des doesn’t speak much English but he is smiling every step of the way and even broke into dance when he’d manage to get ahead of us and have a rest.
The langtang valley trek itself was amazing. It was hard because I injured myself but the overall experience made it worth it. There is such a mix of trekkers on this trail, it’s really motivating. From families to a group of birdwatchers in their 60’s and 70’s, it really is a trek for everyone as long as you can go at your own pace. With Shreeram’s tour, we went as fast or slow as we wished and enjoyed it so much more than if we were in a big group.
Obviously recommend

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