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Thorong la pass trek is one of the highest trekking trails passes in the world. Located in the border of Nepal two most mountainous districts Manang and mustang, which attracted thousands of tourists each year. Tourists around the world recognize this as an Annapurna circuit trek but another popular name for this trek is Thorong la pass trek. Thorong la pass trek starts from the Ngadi or from Jagat which lies in Lamjung district and lasts for 10 to 15 days depending on your time which gives you an excellent mountains range view in Manang District.

The Thorong la pass trek is the dream of all hikers and this is known as one of the best hiking routes in the world. Trekkers can see the fascinating peaks like Manaslu 8153, Mt Annapurna II 7940, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Gangapurna, Tilicho peak, thorong la peak, Dhaulagiri 8,167 meters, Nilgiri, Annapurna south, Fishtails and many others countless peaks. They will also see places like Manang and Mustang as well as the people and traditions of the area. Muktinath, Tatopani are places where they can relax after the trek. Ghorepani poon hill is another attraction of the trek where you can observe the 360 degree panoramic views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ranges.

The countless mountain and open landscape and geographical structures of Manag are one of the things that you should not miss in your lifetime. Trekking to Thorong la pass is the ultimate mission of the travellers who go to do Annapurna circuit trek. They do Thorong la pass and enter into Mustang district, from there some of the trekkers take the flight to Pokhara and some do the continuous trek to Tatopani then to Ghorepani.

Thorong la pass trek height

Thorong la pass trek maximum height is 17,709 feet on the top of the Thorong La pass. This is one of the highest passes of Nepal. Most of the trekkers can make to the Thorong la pass because of the adjustment on the altitude from Manag. And height before Manag too. If you directly go to that height you may suffer from Altitude mountain sickness but resting and sleeping lower than that height most of the people can do Thorong la pass. Yes, it is quite harder to get there and you have to push yourself quite harder here to do this. Once you start the walking from Thorong High camp the altitude gradually grows up, as altitude grows you also lose your energy so at the last near Thorong la pass you will be like energy fewer people.

Thorong la pass trekking highlights

Thorong la pass trek highlights include the several things which are listed below.

  • Scenic drive to Besisahar
  • Diversified green hills and amazing landscape and rice field terraces until Jagat.
  • Deep and green Marsyangdi river valleys which allows you to enjoy the high hills and green bushes walk until Dharapani
  • Stunning view of Mt Manaslu 8153 meter and Ngadi Chuli 7800 Meter.
  • Enjoyment of the hot spring of Chame.
  • Clear and Near view of Mt Annapurna II 7940 Meter, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Gangapurna, Khangsar Kang, and Tilicho Lake
  • Beautiful Hike to Ice Lake 4600 Meter.
  • Adventure walk to the Tilicho Lake the one and only highest lake in the world which is elevated at the height of 4980 Meter.
  • Clear view of Chulu east and west as well as see the desert land of Manag where you can see yak and blue sheep grazing together.
  • Numerous mountain peaks before climbing the Thorong la pass.
  • Get to know about the local people cultures of Manag and their unique lifestyles and traditions.
  • See the holy Hindu Muktinath temples of Muktinath.
  • Colorful and desert land of Mustang.
  • Beautiful hike to Tatopani
  • Challenging long climb to Ghorepani
  • Magnificent view of Mt. Dhaulagiri 8167 Meter, Nilgiri 7600 Meter, Annapurna 8091 Meter, Annapurna south 7219 Merer, Tukuche peak, Dhampus peak, Gurja peak, Thapa peak and many other countless peaks. The highlighted one is the Holy Mountain Fishtail 6953 Meter.

Thorong la pass trek weather

Most of the travellers want to know how Thorong la pass trek weather is? Well, there is different weather in different months. Here we have described how the weather looks like month-wise to do Thorong la pass trek .

JanuaryThis is the coldest and worst time to trek thorong la pass. The weather on this month is not that nice, since it is the coldest month of the year, the temperature is very cold and the temperature goes -30 to onwards in the morning time on thorong la pass top.
FebruarySecond worst time for the weather,Cloudy, snow falls and cold temperatures down is very normal in this month but from the end of february the trekking season starts.
Marchthis is a good month for trekking, the first week of march is not that pretty but later on the temperatures grow and you can see the marvelous view of himalayas. Sky becomes clean blue.
AprilAnother best month for trek in Nepal, Slowly the temperatures in the mountains grow more than March and the sky remains mostly blue.
MayThe last month of spring season with the fantastic weather, there is less chance of rain and the sky is very clear, you can mountain very clearly as well as the trail is also open most of the trekking trail.
JuneNow the monsoon season starts in Nepal, The rainfall is common in this month, with the frequent rainfall, you can not see the mountain very clearly and the weather remains also cloudy this month.Mustang Trek can be done this month.
Julythe main monsoon month of Nepal, the trekking experience is not good because of the rainfall, flood and leeches.
AugustThe last month for the monsoon season, but rainfall is aso expected during this month. You can not get a good experience from the trek.
SeptemberUsually half of the september months there will be rain fall, due to rainfall leeches problem happens in the trek. Due to overclouds you can not see the good view of the mountain but by the end of September the trekking experience might be good, if the weather becomes good.
OctoberThe best month for trekking to Nepal not only the thorong la pass because the weather becomes exceptional in this month. It is very sunny weather with the 0 expectation of rainfall. You can see the best view of mountains and landscape. This is the busiest month of Nepal for trekking tourism.
Novemberthe second best months in autumn season but the last of November is pre season of winter. Yet you will get the best trekking experience in Nepal himalayas because the sky is clear on this month usually.
Decemberbeginning of the december is quite good to do trekking but it depends on also luck some year whole december get’s clear sky while other year not. Also if the weather becomes bad then there might also be snowfalls in the mountains.

Thorong la pass trek temperature

Thorong la pass trek temperature depends on the months that you do trek here for example December end to January to Mid February this are the coldest months for the trekking to Thorong la pass. The temperatures early in the morning around the Thorong la top can be -25 degree Celsius to on-wards. If there are winds then this might be even more. Here is forecasted temperature chart for the 4 seasons.

Winter season (December, January and February)The maximum day temperatures if there is a sunny day then, it would be around +10 to +18 and in the early morning around 4 o’clock the maximum coldest temperatures would be around -25 degree Celsius to on-wards.
Spring season( March, April and May)This is the second busy season of trekking in Nepal and even in Thorong la or Annapurna circuit as well. The weather remains good this month but the minimum temperatures in the early morning might be -10 degree Celsius to -25 degree Celsius and during the day the temperatures can be +10 degree Celsius and on-wards.
Monsoon season( June, July and August)Not the good months for the trekking, most of the time it rains so due to the rain the day temperature might be the +5 degree Celsius and on-wards, then in the early morning it might be -10 degree Celsius to on-wards.
Autumn season( September, October, November)This is the best season to trek in Annapurna. Not only Annapurna but all the mountains of Nepal, due to pure visibility and pleasant weather this month are best to gain the trekking experience. Thorong la pass in this month is really good to do due to the stunning view and perfect temperatures. The daytime temperature might be the +10 Degree Celsius on-wards when there is sunshine and early in the morning it might be – 10 degree Celsius then more.

Thorong la pass trek difficulty

Many trekkers and hikers willing to do the thorong la pass want to know the Thorong la pass trek difficulty, well we have given our perspective on how difficult it is to do the thorong la pass here.

  • Everyday you need to hike around 6-7 hours on a tough trekking route, up and downs are very normal.
  • The maximum elevation you sleep is around 4800 Meter on high camp.
  • The Pass is quite longer, you need to trek 5 hours from the Throng High camp to reach the throng la top.
  • Altitude mountain sickness can happen to anyone during this trek but the chances are only 2% people will not be able to make the thorong la pass.
  • After Manag you might not get the good sleep due to the Altitude mountain sickness.
  • The Maximum elevation you need to be is 5416 Meter (thorong la top)
  • There are enough days to acclimatize, so you don’t need to worry about acclimatizing.
  • Based on that, you need to prepare to walk 6-7 hours in a day in a high altitude area of Nepal.

Thorong la pass trek itinerary

Thorong la pass trek itinerary has been given here below please check this, if this is not suitable for you we can make the customize trekking plan.

  • Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu

  • Day 02: Drive to Besisahar and local drive to Ngadi 800 Meter.

  • Day 03: Trek to Jagat 1400 Meter.

  • Day 04: Trek to Dharapani 1900 Meter.

  • Day 05: Trek to Chame 2500 meter.

  • Day 06: Trek to lower pisang 3200 Meter

  • Day 07: Trek to Manang 3500 Meter.

  • Day 08: Acclimatization day at Manag, ice lake hike

  • Day 09: Trek to Yak Kharka 4050 Meter

  • Day 10: Trek to Thorong High Camp 4800 Meter.

  • Day 11: Trek to thorong la top 5416 Meter then to Muktinath 3800 Meter.

  • Day 12: Drive to Tatopani 1200 Meter

  • Day 13: Trek to Ghorepani 2875 Meter.

  • Day 14: Trek to poon hill 3210 meter then to Pokhara

  • Day 15: Drive to Kathmandu

  • Day 16: Departure

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