• Trek Duration
    7 Days + –
  • Accommodation
    Tea House Trek
  • Max Altitude
    4,500 Meters
  • Trekkers Numbers
    1-18 but Flexible
  • Best Time of Year
    Spring and Autumn
  • Trek Difficulty
  • Price: 485 + –

Khopra Trek is one off the beaten path trekking in Annapurna Region

Khopra trek also known as Khopra Ridge trek, Khopra Danda Trek or khayer lake trek is very popular off the beaten path trekking which is in the centre of Annapurna region. Khopra Ridge/Danda trek offers splendid views of the Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Nilgiri (7,061m), Bhara Shikhar (7,647m), Annapurna I (8091m), Machhapuchhre (6,997m), and many other peaks which are not written here. Moreover, this is a very nice trek trail for trekkers who have a very short period to trek around 10 days but want to prefer to trek in a quiet place, this one is the best option. Khayer lake 4500 meters (14763 feet) is the main destination that is considered sacred as per the Hindu religion. Located just by leap on the Annapurna range a Khayer lake trek is something challenging trek itself, especially in the last part. The ever-smiling face of local people their cultures and the thick rhododendron forest always keeps you very happy during this trek. March April is the main time for rhododendron flowers.

Known as one of the best, a short and easy trek of Nepal Khopra trek . It offers a great Himalayan view from poon hill, Mulde peak, and Khopra of a sunrise view and mountain scenery from where you can see Dhaulagiri (8167m), Tukuche Peak (6800m), Nilgiri (6600m), close view of Annapurna South face (7219m), Hiuchuli (6441m). And extra beautiful gifted by nature God sacred holy Khayar Lake situated at 4500m bottom of Annapurna South. The same view gets even closer to Khopra Danda (3660m) but very close. To get to the final destination people have to hike around 7 hours to Khayer lake and 3 Hours to Back on Khopra Danda. Trekkers can trek to Annapurna Khopra trek from the month from March to June, and September to November is an exceptionally excellent season because Annapurna Khopra trek weather is perfect. Nepal Trek Hub offer you the Khopra trek which totaled all aspects of natural scenery, cultural and religious aspects. This is good for the trekkers who seek who are beginners and prefer soft adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Khopra trek (Khopra Ridge Trek) is one of the short, easy, less touristic and easy trek in Annapurna Region
  • It has a view point like Mulde peak 3637 Meters offer the better view than the Poon Hill 3210 Meters. You can see Annapurna 8091 Meters and Dhaulagiri 8167 Meters and many other mountains
  • On Khopra trek, trekkers have to through the dense forest to the mountain peaks base at Khopra Danda.
  • Another stunning view from the Khopra Danda of the Mt Dhaulagiri 8167 Meters, Annapurna South 7,219 Meters, Annapurna 8091 Meters, Nilgiri and many other peaks
  • Adventure and fabulous hike to the Khayer Lake 4500 Meters which is holy lake for both Hindus and Buddhist.

Khopra trek facts

Trek Name
Khopra Ridge/Danda Trek
Duration:7 days trek, 2 days in Kathmandu
2 days in Pokhara but this can be up and down as per your time frame
Max. elevation:4500 Meter, Khayer lake
StartNaya Pul or Ulleri
EndsPokhara, Tatopani
Best TimeSpring and Autumn Season
Permits:TIMS and ACCAP Permits
AccommodationTea House

Khopra Trek cost

Khopra Trek [Khopra Ridge Trek] cost/price starts 290$, 440$, 490$ on Bronze, Silver and gold plan respectively. This cost are depends on the Khopra trek itinerary which is mentioned below here in outline. The Bronze cost is without food and accommodations but with the Guide, porter, transportation and permits that is the reason it seems cheap. You can choose as per your needs and we are ready to help as well as customize your plan which impacts the Khopra ridge trek prices. The cost has different elements which you can see in cost includes and excludes.

Group Discounted Cost/Prices

No of people
Price P.P
1 – 1 US$ 835
2 – 3 US$ 490
4 – 6 US$ 470
7 – 9 US$ 450
10 – 12 US$ 440
Bronze Price 290$
Min 2 Person
Silver Price 490$
Min 2 Person
Gold Price 650$
Min 2 Person
Guide, Porter, ACCAP Permits, TIMS Permit and Government service charge

Food and Accomodations, Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, ACCAAP Permits, TIMS Permit, Transportations by Jeep , Food and Accomodations(1 items) and Government service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Tea, Dessert Items, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, ACCAP Permits, TIMS Permit, Jeep Transportations, Food (soup and main items and breakfast on your choice) and Accomodations, Tea and Coffee (Morning 1 time only) and Government service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Dessert Items, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above

Khopra trek highlights

  • Scenic drive or flight to the Pokhara with the incredible view of the Annapurna and Manaslu Himalayan Range.
  • Enjoy the beautiful evening in the peaceful and marvelous city Pokhara, you can also do boating in Phewa Lake.
  • Another stunning drive to Nayapul, from this drive you will see the very perfect mountain scenery of Annapurna and Fishtail in a very near distance.
  • Pleasant trekking through the local village that lies on the way to the Ghorepani. You will pass the village-like Nayapul, Sudame, Hile, Tikhedhunga, Ulleri, Banthanti where you can see the pun and Magar people settlements.
  • Magnificent Himalayan scenery from the top of the Poon Hill 3210 meters, Mountain Like Mt.Annapurna 8,091 meter, Mt. Dhaulagiri 8,167 Meter), Annapurna South, Nilgiri, Dhampus peak, Tukuche peak, Himchuli, Gurja Himal can be seen very clearly.
  • Wild and peaceful trek experience from the Deurali to onwards.
  • Stunning view from Mulde peak, you can see the same view as you see from the Poon hill.
  • Nice experience being at the top of the Khopra danda on the elevations of 3660 meters. You can see the perfect view of Dhaulagiri Range and Nilgiri Mountains from here and Annapurna south 7,219 Meters is just behind the Khopra Danda.
  • Challenging hike to the Khayer lake 4500 Mete. This is a Hindu sacred lake just behind the Annapurna south with the mesmerizing view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Range.
  • Hot Spring in the Bank of the Kali Gandaki River.

More about the Khopra (Ridge) Trek

Khopra Trek Trails and Route

Khopra (Ridge/Danda) Trek Trails has multiple route options. 3 routes are very popular among trekkers although some people do opposite ways too which is quite tough due to the tough vertical accents. Here we have described the 3 routes.

  • Khopra trek via Tadapani

    This is the most common trekking trail that most trekkers follow. It starts from the Ghandruk from where you start the walk to Tadapani and then to Dobato. Likewise, Bayeli and Khopra Danda. These are very pleasant and nice trails because you do not walk the route when you go back from the trek. Mulde Peak and Khopra Danda both are on the way on this route. It is normally 7 days trek (walking) days only.

  • Khopra Trek via Ghorepani

    Trek via Ghorepani is also popular among the trekkers. The first trekkers go to Ghorepani from Birethanti, from there they go to Deurali and taking the forest way they go to Dobato then it joins the other way which comes from Tadapani in Dobato. You will still see the Mulde peak while doing this route. This also takes 7-8 days to complete the trek.

  • Khopra Trek via swanta

    This is quite a tough route for the trekkers. In this route first, the trekkers come to Ghorepani and then descend down to Swanta. From here they take the straight way to Khopra Danda. This is quite tough because of the accent and after trekkers complete the khopra danda they go to Dobato, Tadapani or even Annapurna base camp too. There are many options for them afterwards.

Khopra (Ridge) Trek ultimate destinations?

The ultimate goal of the Khopra (ridge) trek is to reach an altitude of 4500 Meters. Khayer Lake is just on the bottom of the Annapurna south 7219 Meters. This lake is also the source of the Khayer Lake, which flows down to the Kali Gandaki River. The Holy Hindu/Buddhist lake is also an attraction for the local pilgrimage, especially in August/September when thousands of local devotees come here. The 10-12 hours journey from Khopra Danda is quite tough but it is very worthwhile because you can see the majestic views of Mt Dhaulagiri, Tukuche Peak, Dhampus Peak, Gurja Peak and many more. Most of the trekkers who go to Khopra Trek just reach the Khopra Danda (Ridge) and return back because it is a quite long hike to reach Khayer Lake.

Mulde Peak 3660 Meters, is a perfect viewpoint better than Poon Hill 3210 Meters

Mulde peak trek/hike is another spectacular hill station to see the mountain range perfectly. Most of the trekkers say you can have a better view from Mulde peak 3,660 Meters than Poon Hill 3210 Meters. It is the best alternative to Poon Hill from where you can see the best panoramic view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Range. Mulde Peak lies on the trail of Khopra Trek. It is a 30-minute hike from Dobato 3350 Meters which is a 3.5 hours trail from Tadapani. Those hikers who do not have a chance to see the view from Poon Hill can hike to Mulde Peak which offers a more superb view than from Poon Hill. Hikers can start their hike to Mulde Peak from Dobato before breakfast around sunrise time. Sunrise over the Himalayas is absolutely stunning. Trekkers can see Mt.Annapurna 8,091 meters, Mt. Dhaulagiri 8,167 Meters, Annapurna South, Nilgiri, Dhampus peak, Tukuche Peak, Himchuli, Gurja Himal, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV and many other countless peaks. You will also see the surrounding valley from Mulde Peaks.

Khopra Ridge Trek and Khopra Ridge Community Trek

The Khopra Danda trek (also known as the Khopra Ridge trek) because when trekkers reach Khopra Danda they must go through the Khopra Ridge to go to Khayer Lake. Khopra Danda is on top of the small mountains where you will stay overnight. If you look at the Khopra from every side you can just see the ridge of the mountains that is why locals named it Khopra Danda and Khopra Ridge Trek. Khopra Ridge Trek is managed by the local community and they run the hotel in the Khopra Danda by joint investment from the community so the benefit directly goes to the community. Not only in the Khopra Danda but also in the Shristibang there is a community-managed lodge as well. The Khopra Danda trek trails are managed by the local communities. They have been working on the improvements of the trekking courses till now.

Khopra (ridge) trek is still less crowded and very worthy

Very few trekkers know about this trek and its beauty. That is the reason it is still less crowded even in the main seasons. There are fewer tea houses that can accommodate the tourist. In Khopra Danda there is one and only guest house, which is operated by the community but has a capacity for more than 100 people. The rest of the trail also has 2-3 guest houses so it is always good to book the accommodations in advance otherwise you may sleep in the dining hall sometimes.

The trek is worth a lot because you can see mountains all the time when doing this trek Also the trail always goes through the forests so you can enjoy nature a lot. Only in the camp, are there guest houses located. Mountains like Mt Dhaulagiri 8,167 meters, Mt Annapurna 8,091 Meters, Annapurna South 7,219 meters and many other peaks are always visible from all the places with different angles and ways. Mulde Peak and Khopra Danda are both very good points to observe the Himalayas.

Khopra trek best time

Autumn and spring season are the two best seasons to do the Khopra Trek/Khopra Ridge Trek. Here is why this is the best season to do it.

  • Autumn season

    Autumn season: Autumn season is best for the Khopra Trek because it is very suitable for adventure trekking in the Himalayas. During the autumn seasons, the days are very sunny with moderate temperatures. In Nepal autumn is also known as neither cold nor hot months. It is a very rare chance of rainfalls plus the visibility is very good. The whole day the sun shines so trekkers can enjoy the mountain vistas and other scenery. Even in the high Himalayas, the temperatures do not fall down very much that is the reason the Autumn season is very good to do the Khopra Trek.

  • Spring season

    The Spring season is also known as flowers season in the Annapurna Region because the rhododendron forest get’s the rhododendron blossom. The Spring season is the second best season to do the Khopra trek because the days are warm and sunny in the Himalayas. There is very less chance of rainfalls and snowfalls in the mountains and the visibility is also great so it is a very suitable time to do the Khopra trek. Usually, the weather remains perfect with less chance of clouds, snowfalls and rain. at the end of the spring season, the weather can be bad sometimes. Due to the warm temperatures, climbers climb the high mountains this time.

  • Monsoon season

    The monsoon season lasts for 3 months starting from June to August. During the monsoon season, it is quite hard to trek and the trek experience is also not good. Usually, the weather becomes cloudy and rainy so you can not enjoy the trek. There is also the possibility of landslides and floods during these seasons. We do not recommend trekking to tourists this season because the experience is not that great.

  • Winter seasons

    This is a cold time and not appropriate for the trek in the high himalayas. There is a chance of snowfalls and cloudy weather so the trekkers may suffer. The temperatures drops very low and high passes trek are very dangerous due to the snowfalls. If you want to do the trek in the Himalayas then the risk is yours at this time.

Khopra trek map

Are you wondering about Khopra trek map. We have a dynamic visual google Khopra trek map You may find map everywhere in the market. You may see Khopra trek map or Khayer lake trek map. Don’t get confuse this both are the same one with a different name. Make sure that this map also includes Ghorepani Poon Hill trek and Dhampus as well. Most of the Map has this but to be confirmed.

If you want to buy the map in Kathmandu there is a Himalayan Map publisher, the Nepal map house publisher. You can buy it from there choosing either big scale with details map which cost is more than the normal map. You can choose as per your wish but make sure that the proper information you seek is in the map, Such as distance in KM, Time in Hours. We advise you to take the float-able map which can go anywhere in the bag or even in the pocket. We will give you a map as a complimentary service.

Khopra Trek 7 Days Itinerary

Khopra Danda trek/khayer lake trek can be done in different ways and the days also vary as per the trail you choose. There are 3-4 ways you can do this but the most popular one is to trek from Ghandruk and end at Pokhara. This one is very short and offers the perfect taste of the trek that trekkers are looking for.

1Arrival in Kathmandu1350 MeterYour time
2Drive to Pokhara800 Meter8-9 HRS
3Drive to Ghandruk, trek to Tadapani(Trekking Starts)2760 Meters5 – 6 HRS
4Trek to Dobato3420 Meters6 – 7 HRS
5Trek to Khopra Danda from Dobato3360 Meters8-9 HRS
6Khayer Lake Trek then back to Khopra Danda4500 M10-11 HRS
7Swanta Village Trek2200 Meters4-5 HRS
8Ghorepani Trek2860 Meters6-7 HRS
9Ghorepani to Ulleri then drive to Pokhara800 Meters6-7 HRS
11Kathmandu drive1350 m7-8 hr

Khopra Ridge/danda trek from Ghorepani

1Arrival in Kathmandu1350 MeterYour time
2Drive to Pokhara800 Meter8-9 Hours
3Drive to Nayapool, trek to Ulleri3420 m5 – 6 hr
4Ulleri to Ghorepani2975 M4 – 5 hr
5Ghorepani to Dobato3350 M6-7 hr
6Dobato to Khopra danda3660 M8-9 hr
7Trek to Khayer Lake4500 M10-11 hr
8Khopra to Swanta2200 m6-7 hr
9Swanta to Tatopani1190 m6-7 hr
10Drive to Pokhara800 m6-7 hr
11Kathmandu drive1350 m7-8 hr

Khopra Ridge/danda trek itinerary in details

  • Day 01: Welcome and transfer to the hotel

    Pick up you from airport, then you will be taken in to your hotel. After while we talk about trek and do trek preparation.
  • Day 02: Drive to Pokhara 7-8 hours

    You will be taken from your hotel to Tourist Bus Park then together, you and your guide drive to Pokhara together, you will be able to see the countryside view while you are driving to Pokhara. Evening you can walk around the city with your guide or can ride a boat as well.
  • Day 03: Pokhara to Ulleri, 2070 Meter, 6-7 Hours

    We take the private vehicle from Pokhara to reach the trekking starting point, During the drive, you may see beautiful Annapurna range, Fishtail and Annapurna II. You can also see how locals do their traditional farming while driving, it takes 1.30 hours to 2 hours to reach Nayapool. From here you start the trek. The permit checking office will check your permit in Birethanti, You will trek through the bank of the small river until you reach Tikhedunga then climb 2 hours to reach ulleri, Overnight stay here.
  • Day 04: Ulleri to Ghorepani 2875 Meter, 6-7 Hours

    Beautiful day start from climbing of ulleri stairs to Banthanti. From Banthanti the trail goes through inside the forest, the stairs are very less until we climb to Nangethanti. Nangethati is a lunch place where we do lunch, a place located inside the forest is relaxing. After lunch we need to walk 1 hour further to reach Ghorepani
    when you arrive to ghorepani, If the weather is good then you can see Mt.Dhulagiri, Mt.nilgiri, Annapurna South and many mountains.
  • Day 05: Ghorepani to Dobato 3350 Meter, 7-8 Hours

    Early in the morning, we go to see the sunrise over the mountain from Poon Hill 3210 Meter. when you back to Ghorepani, you will do breakfast. Heaving breakfast you start your trek. Today trek is fantastic cause you to walk through the ridge of the hill until deurali, you can taste the local cheese of this place
    Now the trail separates, as there are two trails one is to go Tadapani and another one is to go Dobato with forest. following the second trail, you continue the trek up to Dobato. Amazing landscape is on the way here.
  • Day 06: Khopra Danda 3660 Meter, 7-8 Hours

    It is an exciting day today. Early in the morning, you wake up and go to see the view from Mulde View point, This is the best viewpoint even better than Poon hill. After heaving a breakfast you trek through the beautiful forest today, you pass several pastures and arrive the Shrsitibang where you do lunch. Heaving lunch you carry on the trek to Khopra Danda, which takes 2.30 hours from here.
  • Day 07: Khayer lake 4500 Meter, 10-11 Hours

    Early in the morning, you begin trekking from around six in the morning towards the Khayer Lake from where we attain excellent views of the Fang and surrounding mountains. Trek through the ridge, you would see both sides of the mountain. Khayer Lake is Considered to be a sacred lake by the Hindus, and it is believed that bathing in the lake will help attain Nirvana. As Hinduism and Buddhism are interrelated, you can even see a number of Hindu and Buddhist shrines on the lakeside.
  • Day 08: Trek to swanta 2200 Meter, 5-6 Hours

    Today hike is very amazing with thick forest to decent down to Swanta. The forest is full of rhododendron, oak, pine and other alpine trees. This walk is very pleasurable. Overnight at Swanta.
  • Day 09: Tatopani from Swanta 1190 Meter, 7-8 Hours

    You Trek down to Tatopani and rest there, There is natural hot-spring, where you can take a bath. Enjoy the evening here.
  • Day 10: Tatopani to Pokhara

    You can take bus or Jeep to go Pokhara from here. Until beni it is a bumpy road. Beni to Pokhara the road is good.
  • Day 11: Pokhara to Kathmandu by tourist bus

  • Day 12: Your departure day

Trek cost includes

  • Airport Pick up and drop service
  • Meals on full board: (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) single items each day during the trekking days
  • tea house basis trekking accommodation while on trekking days
  • Fully escorted trek with fluent English speaking license holder local guide and each 2 guest 1 Porter basis
  • ACCAP Permits
  • First Aid Box
  • seasonal fruits
  • Oxygen Pulse Meters for measuring the oxygen level
  • TIMS Permit
  • Domestic airport pick up and drop off itinerary
  • Food and accommodation and salary of Nepali trekking staffs

Cost excludes

  • Any meal in Kathmandu
  • Any kinds of battery charges, wifi charge, laundry service, phone calls and hot shower during the trekking.
  • Personal trekking equipment and Clothing.
  • Personal nature expenses, any drinks and bar bills.(tea, coffe, water, beer, alcohol, wine)
  • Your travel insurance (it is mandatory in case of emergency).
  • Any donation and monuments entrance fees.
  • Tips for the crew (Note : TIPS is not compulsory but highly expected)
  • Any other things which are not mentioned above

Read our client’s feedback on our service

Excellent Khopra trek

January 16, 2023

Maravillosa experiencia!! Hemos pasado unos días maravillosos

Shreeram está siempre pendiente del más pequeño detalle!! MUY PROFESIONAL !!! Si algún día vuelvo a Nepal , volveré a contratar sus servicios!!


Sergio Davila

Response from Nepal Trek Hub

Hello Sergio

Thank you so much for your wonderful review regarding the Khopra Trek. We are very happy to serve you and look forward to see you again In Nepal


Excellent experince of Khopra Trek

December 24, 2022

I’ve just finished the Khopra trek with Shreeram who runs the agency. I had a very nice time, with incredible views on the Annapurnas and Daulaghiris, and walks through traditional villages. Shreeram did his best to fulfill my wishes. He knows the trails very well, he’s smart, funny and very interesting. I was traveling on my own as a woman and I felt very comfortable all the time with him and the porter. I recommend him without any hesitation.

Céline Cornu

Response from Nepal Trek Hub

Hello Celine

Thank you so much for your great appreciation regarding our service and we are looking forward to see you again in Nepal soon for another great adventure

Shreeram Thapaliya

Nepal Trek Hub

Khopra Trek Fixed Departure

Trek Name
Start Date
End Date
1Khopra Trek 7 Days [Confirmed] Seat AvilableApril 19, 2023April 26, 2023
2Khopra TrekApril 25, 2023May 02, 2023

Khopra trek preparation

Khopra trek is moderate trek, If you want to do this, it is always good to get some primary information prior to your trek. If you don’t know anything about trekking please ask us , we would be glad to answer your question, with fast response.

Step-1: Determine how many days will you do trek?

At the first step of your trek preparation, you need to calculate your time duration totally, how many days trek will you able to do and stay in the city. This will make you easier for proper and suited planning

Step-2: Know more about Khopra Trek

It is always very good to get the pre-information as much as you can before your trek, Nepal Trek Hub presented some information which might be very important for you.

  • Trek Grade: This is moderate type of trek, you need to know more about your trek grade, get some information regarding
  • AMS: Altitude Mountain Sickness is always a concern who does the trek in the mountain. This can be very dangerous if people don’t care. There are two types of AMS. Ultimately they impact very badly on the human body. Get More Information About altitude mountain sickness and be careful yourself. This Trek has a lot of chances of Altitude mountain sickness. Read about the for more information and be prepare for your trip
  • Nepal Visa: Most of us have a question to get the Nepal visa. It is very simple to get Nepal visa. You can get it on your country or in Kathmandu airport. Getting visa in Kathmandu airport is easier to you. If you need more information regarding Nepal Visa Please go through Nepal Immigration official website Nepal Immigration or you can also go through our website
  • Gear list This trek requires a good gear list, You need to bring gear to do the trek with very easily. The gears play a very vital role in the success of your trek. Please try to get all gear from your country which makes it easier. insufficient gear you may also find in Kathmandu as well. If you are willing to hire a sleeping bag or other stuff, you can hire in Kathmandu, We will help you to hire the stuff without a deposit in the shop. Get some information to prepare yourself

Khopra trek FAQ

Most of the trekkers get’s many question on their mind before they start trek. In preparation phase they might want to know many question. It is very hard to get all question answer here but we have mentioned some question answer, follow our Khopra trek FAQ. if it does not satisfy you please

Which is the best time to Khopra trek?

Certainly We have two best season. The first best season of trek here is September to November. The second best season is March – April to trek in Nepal. Because this both season the weather is very nice and clear. You can see the magnificent view of Mountain.

Khopra trek how many days?

Here, we have made 12 days plan from arrival to departure, Among them 2 Nights in Kathmandu, 2 Nights in Pokhara, 7 Nights/8 Days in Trek, you can shortened this trek by 2-3 Nights by Talking the Flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara

What kind of accommodation in Khopra trek?

There are basic tea houses in the trekking trail. They provide a good room and comfortable bed in standard of Nepal trek. For hot shower, they provide a bucket hot shower to the guest by charging some money or some place they do have a bathroom with solar.

Is there wifi on Khopra trek?

Yes, There is WIFI service in most of the guest houses. Speed of the WIFI is not that good but it is ok to connect with your family and friends

Is there enough hotels Khopra trek?

When there is main season the room might get packed and you need to adjust. sometimes the guest house might be full so you need to be very careful. if you can reach earlier would be always good to you. if you are with us we manage everything to you.

What is the drinking water condition on trek?

Yes, There is a availability of Mineral water, every tea houses. It is always not good to drink the mineral water, first it is quite costly to traveler, secondly it is damaging the Eco-system, the water company using a lot of plastic bottles. In a mountain mineral water bottle are a real threat to the environment. We can use the water purifier or water purification tablet and become a responsible traveler

What is the maximum elevation of Khopra/khayer trek?

The maximum elevation you will take is just 4500 meter at Khayer Lake.

what permit is for Khayer Lake trek?

Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit and Trekkers Information management system permit (TIMS) Card is required for the trek

Can I do trek with child

If the child can walk for 6-7 hours, then you can trek with child too. otherwise you need to extend your trek days

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