• Trek Duration
    8-9 Days + –
  • Accommodations
    Tea House Trek
  • Max Altitude
    4,920 Meters
  • Trekkers Numbers
    1-18 but Flexible
  • Best Time of Year
    Spring and Autumn
  • Trek Difficulty
  • 485 + – (7 days)

Langtang trek is best for beginners, the most stunning and less touristic trek for 7 – 9 days

Langtang Trek 7 days is the most rewarding and unique trek experience that you can achieve in your lifetime. Those trekkers who are seeking something easy but easy and awesome trek destination, without any arguments Langtang trekking is the best one from every single aspect. The amazing local people and their unique culture and traditions as well as a vivid range of landscapes. The trek goes through all the way up to kyanjin gompa by the Bank of Langtang river so it is also known as a Langtang valley trek. The Langtang valley is more beautiful after we reach Ghoda Tabela. The Langtang Valley is one of the topmost beautiful places in Nepal and the top route for the soft adventures trekkers, who seek stunning landscapes and authentic culture.

The magnificent Langtang trek 5 days or 6 days or 7 days starts with a drive from Kathmandu to Sybrubensi, which takes about 6-7 hours, it depends which vehicle you take. If you take a jeep it might be quite faster and far easy, if you take the local bus then it is over packed and quite stressful. Trekkers start their trek from Sybrubensi to Kyanjin gompa by passing several beautiful settlements such as Pahiro, Bamboo, Lama Hotel, Ghoda Tabela, Langtang and Mundo. The Langtang Trekking goes through the beautiful dense forest of Rhododendrons, oak, Pine and different types of Bamboo. You may also see different animals such as a monkey, Himalayan Thar, red panda and rarely snow leopard as well.

Resting in Kyanjin for a day trekkers hike Kyanjin RI or Tcherko Ri which allows them to see the magnificent views of Langtang Himalayan region Himalayas such as Dorje Lakpa (6,990m / 22,933 ft), Langtang Ri (6,370m / 20,898 ft), and Langtang Lirung (7,245m / 23,769 ft), Yala peak, Marimatto, Gangchenpo and many other peaks. The view of the lower valley is truly magnificent. Langtang trek cost is depended upon the duration of your trek and how many days you will spend in the mountain. Generally, for 5 Days Langtang trek cost it might cost you 485$ more or less if you are in volume this might be down a little bit. Many trekkers are keen to know the Langtang trek difficulty, this is quite an easier trek as compared to other treks such as the Annapurna circuit trek, Everest base camp trek

Langtang Trek a brief informations

Langtang trek route

Langtang trek route is an easy and stunning trek route of the Langtang region. This route has a lot of lush forests, the high Himalayas and the fast-following Langtang river and its bank which is the settlement of the wildlife of the Langtang National Park. There are 2 ways to go to Langtang

Langtang trek route via Khamjing and Sherpa Gaun

This route is much nicer but tougher. On this route you can arrive after doing the Tamag Heritage Trails or start your trek from Syabrubensi then climb the Khamjing village and go to Sherpa Gaun from there. The view is much open on this route and you can see surrounding peaks and hills from the route very clearly. You will trek completely different ways in the first days to reach the Lama Hotel You can also stay in Khamjing or just relax at Sherpa Gaun.

Normal trek route via Bamboo then Lama Hotel

The normal trek routes start from Syabrubensi to Pahiro then bamboo afterwards it reaches the Lama Hotel from here onwards there is only one route which leads you to the Kyanjin Gompa villages

trek finish either is Syabrubensi or keep going to Gosaikunda Lake

Most of the trekkers finish their trek to Syabrubensi but some may have time and do the the to holy Gosaiunda lake. To trek Gosaikunda Lake there is a way to go from Pahiro to Thulo Syabru and there is another trek trail to do Gosaikunda Lake trek. You can also pass the Lauribina la or you can return to Dhunche. It depends on your time

The final destination of the Langtang Trek

The ultimate destination of the Langtang trek is Kyanjin Gompa. Trekkers aim to reach the Kyanjin Gompa for the breathtaking views from the Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo ri. Usually, trekkers spend 2 nights in Kyanjin Gompa as they go on a day hike from Kyanjin Gompa. From Kyanjin Ri and Tsergo ri trekkers can see the magnificent view of the Langtang Lirung 7,234 M, Langtang RI 7,205 M, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 M, Loenpo Gang 6,907 M, Changbu 6,781 M, Gangchenpo 6,387 M, Langshisha Ri is 6,427 M, Morimoto 6,150 M, Yala peak 5,520 M. The valley and the yak pasture and cheese production factory in Kyanjin Gompa are other attractions of the Langtang trek

Inside the Langtang National Park

Langtang National Park was established in 1976 to conserve the unique flora and fauna of the region. The national park has a total area of 1710 sq and extends over parts of the Nuwakot, Rasuwa, and Sindhupalchok districts and in the north of the China border. The national park has a lot of flora and fauna. It is also a big settlement of the Himalayan red pandas which is very endangered and small mammals. Along with pandas musk deer Himalayan tahr, Himalayan black bears, snow leopards, wild dogs, Ghoral, serow and more than 250 species of birds also live here. Talking about the flora, rhododendrons, bamboo, oak, pines, juniper and many other types of plants are inside this national park.

Local Peoples and cultures of the Langtang area

Tamang and Sherpa as well as some Tibetan people family live in the area of the Langtang region. Villages like Bharkhu, Dhunche, Syabrubensi, Thulo Syabrubensi, Khamjing, Sherpa Gaun, Langtang Village and Kyanjin Villages are the major settlements of the Tamang people. Local people of this area follow the Buddhist religion and they perform their cultural activities as per Buddhist ways. Yak petting and farming are the major activities of the local people’s income source and some of the people do the trading business too. People produce potatoes, Radish, buckwheat, barley and seasonal vegetables as per topography.

Delicious food and cosy accommodation

The Langtang region opened for trekkers a long time ago for the trekkers so the hotels here offer very delicious and authentic food to the trekkers. They serve you pretty much all types of Western as well as Nepali food along with some local items too. The vegetables and potatoes they grow locally. Due to their long time in the profession, they pay very much attention to hygiene so trekkers do not get stomach-related sickness problems. We mean there is very little chance of being sick from food but in some exceptional cases, trekkers get. The local tea houses also have a comfortable room for the trekkers. Some of the rooms even have an attached bathroom inside. Expect the Lama Hotel we can give you the attached bathrooms. The rooms consist the comfortable private beds for the trekkers.

Key Takeaways

  • This is one of the short, easy, less touristic and easily accessible from the Kathmandu
  • After the devastating Nepal earthquake, The langtang Valley needs tourist for their better life, because tourism is main income source of Langtang People
  • You can Learn about the Tamang culture and enjoy the landscapes of the Himalaya from a local leader and their fantastic assistants and porters. They’ll make your experience of Nepal truly mesmerizing.
  • You can see many peaks such as a Langtang lirung 7,234 M, Langtang ri 7,205 M, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 M, Loenpo Gang 6,907 M, Changbu 6,781 M, Gangchenpo 6,387 M and more

Langtang trek Facts

Duration:7 Trek days, 1 day drive back to Kathmandu
2 days Arrival and Departure total 10 days
Max. elevation:4920 Meters
Start:Drive starts From Gongabu Buspark and trek starts from Syabrubesi or Sundarijal
Ends:Drive ends at Kathmandu and trek ends at Syabrubensi
Langtang Trek Best Time:Spring and Autumn Season
Permits:TIMS and Langtang National Park Permits
Accommodation:Tea House
Things to see:Langtang Lirung, Langtang Ri, and many other peaks which are 6000 Meters to 7000 Meters, beautiful jungle walk through the langtang river bank
Transportation:Local Bus is widely used to go there but it is very stressful for the travelers, we recommend you to take the jeep instead of the bus, by that means you can stop any time, there is a limit number of your member, you can travel on your own style. if you have to travel by bus it takes about 7-8 hours with so many locals. the bus often stops for the locals to come in and go out. this process goes during the whole travel duration
Departure Dates:We can organize this trek any dates during the year. it does not matter whether you are alone or are in a group, But group travel is cheaper than single

Langtang trek cost

Langtang trek cost 280$, 485$ and 694$ for Bronze, Silver and Gold schemes packages per person respectively on a Minimum of 2 Trekkers trekking basis for 8 days. The trek cost also depends on the route and days of the trek. If you are single then the cost would be higher, but there is a way to reduce it by using the porter-guide too. The price depends on the service that you want to pay for. There are different elements which determine the cost of different schemes. If you want to have a more luxurious trekking holiday then it would be expensive but if you choose the budget trip then it would be less costly. Here we have different cost schemes and inclusion and exclusion.

Group Discounted Cost for 8 Days Trek

No of people
Silver Price P.P
1 – 1 US$ 750
2 – 3 US$ 485
4 – 6 US$ 470
7 – 9 US$ 450
10 – 12 US$ 440

Bronze Price 280$
Silver Price 485$
Gold Price 694$
Guide, Porter, Permits, Transportation and Government service charge

Food and Accomodations, Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, Permits, Transportations by local bus , Food and Accomodations and Government service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, Permits, Jeep Transportations, Food and Accomodations, Tea, Coffee, and Government service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above

Langtang trek cost for Nepali

Langtang trek cost for Nepali is around NPR 20,000 per person for 5 days including the Transport, food and accommodations for the trek. This is the average cost but this can be higher if you take the western food and drink the alcohol during the trek otherwise With this cost, your both-way transportation, food and accommodations for the trek can be covered. If you drink Alcohol then it costs you more. If you are trekking in groups then it is more cheaper and convenient for you because you can also hire a jeep to go to Syabrubesi and out from Syabrubesi.

For the trekkers, the appropriate time to go there is in the Spring season but most of the trekkers go there in the autumn season which makes accommodations harder in places like Lama Hotel and Bamboo. To avoid these things you can do your trek from Khamjing and stay at Sherpa Gaun, The Next day you can go to the Langtang easily which makes it trekkers to arrange accommodation.

Why Langtang trek? [Highlights]

  • The scenic drive to Syabrubesi. Syabrubesi is the major trade place for the locals for the Langtang Valley, Tamang Heritage trail around. Located on the bank of the Trisuli River it is a small tamang settlement.
  • Wonderful trek experience while trekking through the bank of the Langtang River, You will pass the several small villages and local tea shops while trekking to the Langtang Kyanjin Gompa.
  • Encounter with the wildlife of the Langtang National Park. Trekkers trek inside the National park and it is one of the biggest national parks where you may see the Red Panda, Snow Leopards, different types of the deer, Himalayan Thar, monkeys and many other wildfires.
  • Fabolous hiking experience while hiking from the colourful rhododendron forests. If you come here on the Spring season you see various types of the colourful rhododendron trees on the way to Langtang Valley trek.
  • Best chance to taste the local food and products like the Champa porridge, buckwheat bread, yak cheese and meat if possible.
  • The incredible hospitality of the local Tamang people who live on the trekking trails of the Langtang.
  • Tamang people and their cultures, trekkers can see the many monasteries, Chorten, mani walls prayer flags on the hiking journey.
  • Visit the Langtang village and Kyanjin Gompa village
  • Hike to Kyanjin Ri and Tserko Ri to see the stunning view of Langtang Lirung 7,234 M, Langtang RI 7,205 M, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 M, Loenpo Gang 6,907 M, Changbu 6,781 M, Gangchenpo 6,387 M, Morimoto 6,150 M, Yala peak 5,520 M and many other peaks. If the weather is good then you can also see the few parts of Mt Sisapamba.

Langtang Trek map and altitude chart

There are many maps in the market as well as online maps too. This map not only shows you the trails but also gives you an idea of the trails, altitude gains, loss, topography forests mountains peaks and many other things. This map is very helpful for trekkers and most of them have an offline map like maps. me and, more. Here in our maps, we have generally included the place name heights and viewpoints. In the chart, you can see the altitude of village. This will give you an idea of the trek.

Note: The Langtang trek is normally 6-7 days, but it can be extended upon request. In our maps, this trek is 6 days. The most important thing is it is not that as easy a trek as people think because every trekker needs to trek for 6-7 hours in the mountain terrains and trails are also filled with a lot of stairs. Often people complain about the stairs so before you go you must know the trails but in terms of the beauty, you can see the breathtaking scenery of the Langtang Mountain range if you climb Tsergo ri 4985 Meters. If you want to see the more on google maps then please visit Here Langtang Trek map on google

Langtang Trek best time

Langtang trek best time is the Autumn and Spring seasons. Trekking Langtang is always possible but it will be nicer to have a great experience if the weather is good. This allows trekkers to enjoy their holiday very much. Here we have discussed 4 seasons which you can choose for your Langtang trek holidays.

  • 1. Spring seasons

    The spring seasons in Nepal start in the Months of March and ends in May. These 3 months are best to do the trek in Langtang. Days during this season are pretty long and warm in the Himalayas whereas in the lower valley the temperature is hot. Trekkers can experience sunny and beautiful days which allow great mountain vistas. The colourful rhododendron flowers in the forest enhance the beauty of nature and trekkers like this very much. Due to the warm weather, you may feel relatively less cold.

  • 2. Autumn seasons

    The post-monsoon season is the best season for trekking in Nepal. It is the busiest season to experience the Nepal Trip. October and November are the best months to do Langtang Trek. Trekkers may have the best experience because the visibility is very great and days are very clean and sunny. Himalayan scenery is perfectly visible and the temperature is ok. It is pre-winter time so you may also feel a bit cold in the Himalayas. Weather is uncertain always so it might snowfall sometime but the chance is very less.

  • 3. Monsoon seasons

    The monsoon season is one of the unfavourable times to do the Langtang trek. The clouds cover the Himalayas mostly and rain a lot. The trails may get landslides and floods. There is also a possibility of the leeches on the trekking paths. We do not recommend trekkers monsoon for trekking in Langtang.

  • 4. Winter season

    Winter is also known as the least favourable time to do the Langtang trek. Usually, in winter there are high chances of cloudy weather and snowfalls. Cold weather makes trekking harder so trekkers can not enjoy their time. Also, you may not see the mountains so we do not recommend the winter season.

How to go Langtang Trek

Well, there are many people who are wondering about How difficult is Langtang Trek, before they start the trek or prior to coming in Nepal for their Langtang trek. It is a very good idea to know how difficult is Langtang Trek in general.

1. Travel by local bus

To trek to Langtang valley trekkers must travel to Syabrubensi or Dhunche. The road has been building and upgrading so there is pretty much dust on the way. Due to the construction process sometimes we might get traffic jam also. Early in the morning, the local bus leaves from Machhapokahari Kathmandu. It is better to start early in the morning because if sometimes, the bus get’s some problem during the travel, you will have many options to take another one. You should adjust the locality in the bus because they often stop for the local passenger. They stop often and over people is very normal. Even in the passage, they put the passenger as much as they can

2. Travel by private transport jeep

If you wish to go by private jeep then it is cool and better options for the travellers although it is quite expensive. Travelling by jeep is totally flexible to you, you can stop often and travel. Your trek Guide and porter also travel with you. It might take a little bit less time than the local bus. You can stop at any time if you like to take some photos during the travel.

How difficult is Langtang Trek?

The Langtang Trek is a moderate-grade trek in terms of difficulty. It’s not as strenuous as some of the longer and more challenging treks like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Circuit or Manaslu Circuit trek but it still requires a medium level of fitness and preparation. Here are some things which you should know before you commence the Langtang Trek

  • Moderate Grade Trek:

    This is moderate grade trek of Nepal, which means it is not that much difficult not that easy also. the trek requires some climbing as well as per day walking of 10-12 KM on the rough terrain. There are different trek routes in Langtang but here we are talking about Langtang Trek itself. This trek requires fully 5 days walks. you can extend your trek by adding a Sight-trip or continuing trek to Gosainkunda then to Helambu as well.

  • Altitude:

    The Langtang trek does not reach as high as some other treks in Nepal, but you still achieve some considerable altitude. The highest point of the trek is around 4,984 meters (16,350 feet) at Tserko Ri. Trekkers must spend their overnights at the Kyanjin Gompa 3870 Meter which is normal as compared with other treks. Altitude can affect people differently, so it’s important to acclimatize properly and be prepared for the effects of altitude sickness.

  • The terrain of the trek:

    The terrain varies from forested paths in the lower sections to rocky and rugged trails in the High points such as a Tsergo ri. There are frequent steep ascents and descents on the trails. Lower areas of forest have some rugged trails and so as the Hiking points. Comfortable trekking boots and hiking poles can be good for your safety and stability on trekking.

  • No Technical Climb:

    Langtang trek does not require any technical climb, the trail is very good but rugged and with frequent steep ups and downs until Kyanjin Gompa. if you want to explore it a bit more on mountainside then you need to climb some technical as well such as glaciers walking and so on. Otherwise, the trek does not have a technical climb

  • No previous walking or trekking experience is required:

    Normally if you want to do some challenging trek like, Everest 3 Passes trek or Manaslu Trek it would be good if you have a previous walking experience in a mountain, however doing this trek does not require any previous walking experience. You can be experienced by walking on this route. 5-6 Hours for 12-15 KM walking is the normal walking with 500-900 Meter accent under 4000 Meter Kyanjin, The Hiking to Kyanjin Ri is about 4700 Meter.

Food and Accommodation at Langtang Trek

food and accommodation at the Langtang trek basic. There are plenty of tea houses along the trekking trails, we can say every 2-3 hours there are villages and has tea houses. Tea houses along the Langtang trek offer food, accommodations, wifi, a hot shower and different bar and cold drinks.

Most of the guest houses have a common room/attached room with a normal bed with a mattress. Some guest houses even have an attached room as well. The hotel puts clean bed sheets, pillows and blankets as well but the blankets are not sufficient that is why we recommend you to have extra sleeping bags for more warmth. Some hotels even have a shared toilet as well and it depends on the place where you stay.

Talking about the foods the tea house has its own menu name but the menu is similar and prepared by the village tourism development committee. There are no price variations in the same village. The tea houses offer the traditional Nepali Daal Bhat set, with available seasonal vegetables. They also offer different types of food like pizza, spaghetti, toast, soup, noodles, pasta, and macaroni. However, the price of these items may vary accordingly.

How long is the Langtang Trek?

Many of the trekkers wonder how long it will take to do the Langtang Trek. The trek time depends on the place you visit. Generally, it takes about a week more or less if you do the Langtang Trek. The Langtang trek is also known as a Langtang Valley Trek. Trekkers can also do the Tamang Heritage Trail and Gosaikunda trek while doing the Langtang Trek. This increases the trek time and becomes 2 weeks or more.

Earthquake and Langtang Trek

Geographically, this area is north of Kathmandu valley and the nearest road to go there is Sybrubensi which is 123 K.M from Kathmandu.  Due to the different types of hikes in this region being available the trekkers are growing day by day. Langtang is still under rebuilding phases after it was collapsed from the massive earthquake of 2015. Trekking in the Langtang region is very good because you are contributing to the local society through tourism which they really need. People of this region are highly dependent on tourism. The main income source of tourism has given many people employment directly and indirectly. All of you are very important for this region’s people to rebuild their community. This is the business end of sustainable travel, where your travel choices can respectfully support local people by preserving their dignity, their culture.

Langtang Trek 5 days

langtang Trek 5 days is very fast and straight trek to the Langtang valley to see the Langtang Mountains and it’s beauty. Although langtang valley needs some more days. This is for the trekkers who wants to explore the Langtang Himalayas within a short period of time. Langtang Trek 5 days is targeted for the anyone who have a short period of time but still want to do the trek.We have given you the Langtang Trek 5 Days itinerary here below. Please Keep in Mind that, this is quite rush plan and you may not enjoy that much as the 7 days plan because there is not the rest day at Kyanjin Gompa

Langtang Trek 5 days cost

Langtang trek 5 days cost would be 392$ on the silver plan. The plan includes the local bus transportation, Guide, porter and most of the things which you can find below on the cost scheme. Have in mind that the cost is based on the public bus, if you take the private jeep the cost get’s higher. If you wish to do this please let us know by email or whatsapp.

Bronze Price 240 $
Silver Price 392 $
Gold Price 494 $
Guide, Porter, Permits, Transportations and Government service charge

Food and Accomodations, Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, Permits, Transportations by local bus , Food and Accomodations and Government service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, Permits, Transportations, Food and Accomodations, Tea, Coffee, and Government service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above

Langtang trek 5 Days Itinerary

Langtang trek 5 Days Itinerary means you have just 5 days to walk but in-fact this is 7 days trip. 2 Days driving from Kathmandu to Syabrubensi then to Kathmandu also included on this trip, but this is 5 days langtang trek.

  • Day 01: Drive to Syabrubensi 7-8 Hours

    This is your first day of trip which begins drive to Syabrubensi. You can actually use either Bus or Jeep. The Private jeep is more relaxing and comfortable as compare to local bus. The drive offers you magnificent view of Countryside
  • Day 02: Trek to Lama hotel 2380 Meter

    The trek starts crossing the Bhotekosi river to turn the langtang valley. The trail climbs gently through the bank of Langtang River, crossing the forest and mesmerizing landscape, you will reach the Lama Hotel where you spent a Night here.
  • Day 03: Trekking to Langtang Village from Lama Hotel

    The beautiful hike starts from walking to the bank of Langtang River until the valley get’s the wider to Ghoda Tabela. You will see the langtang Lirung for the first time from here. Heaving lunch here, you further walk 2 hours to get the Langtang village, Overnight at Langtang Village
  • Day 04: Trek to Kyanjin Gompa 3900 Meter then hike to Kyanjin Ri 4800 Meter

    Early in the morning, we trek to Kyanjin Gompa village, on the time of trek we can see many peaks that stands a long with the valley. It takes about 3 Hours to Kyanjin Gompa. Arriving Here in Kyanjin we take the pack lunch then starts our hike to Kyaanjin Ri. If the weather is good then we can see the Marimatto, Langtang lirung, Langtang ri, Gangchenpo and many other surrounding peaks.
  • Day 05: Trek Back to Lamahotel

    Now, we need to decent down the way that we came to here, with the stunning view we will follow the river bank path to the Lama Hotel. Overnight at Lamahotel
  • Day 06: Hike down to Syabrubensi

    Crossing the dense forest we continuously trek down until the Syabrubensi
  • Day 07: Drive to Kathmandu and finish the Trip

Langtang trek Itinerary

Below we have given you a Langtang Trek 7 days itinerary but this can be 5,6 or 8 days too. This is total 10 days trek plan, you will just trek for 7 days. 2 days to drive to Syabrubensi and drive to Kathmandu from Syabrubensi. This is a standard trek plan and it can be shorter a bit if you have a lack of time.

  • Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu and trekking preparation

    We Welcome you in Kathmandu International Airport then transfer to your hotel, then we discus and preparation of your trek. Equipment management work need to be done this day
  • Day 02: Drive to Syabrubensi 1500 Meter, 6-7 Hours

    You will drive to Machhapokhari bus park. Here you get the local bus to go to Syabrubensi. This bus often stops for the passengers. you will be able to see nice scenery mountains like Mt. Annapurna II, Manasalu, Ganesh Himal and other minor peaks along the route as well as green scenery of hillocks. Driving is quite difficult for now because road construction is going on. All the vehicles stop at Trisuli Bazaar for lunch. This is almost halfway to Syabrubensi. There will be a checked post before you reach Syabru where you get Langtang national park Permit.

    If you take the Private Jeep then the private Jeep will pick up you from the hotel. You will have the flexibility to depart, you can start around 9-10 am. The jeep will take you through the Kathmandu – Jhor – Chahare – Trisuli then to the Syabrubensi. Due to the off-road, it is nicer to have the Jeep journey which is much safer and convenient too. You can stop and take the pictures if you wish. You will reach Syabrubensi by 3 to 4 o clock easily and you will have some time to explore the Syabrubensi

  • Day 03: Trek to Lama Hotel 2380 Meter, Estimated time is 6-7 Hours, Walking trail is mostly ascent uphill

    This is your first day of the trek, This is quite difficult for all trekkers because your leg needs to be adjusted for a long time walking. You will trek contentiously through the bank of Langtang River along with subtropical forest which is covered by oak and maple, massive spruce, fir, blue pine and rhododendron forest. If we are lucky enough we can see some wildlife as well such as monkeys, and yellow-throat-ed martens. We will have lunch at Bamboo. After lunch, the trail becomes more steep after crossing the suspension bridge. From here the trail climbs stairs through the bushes crosses the big landslides takes accent with stairs and reaches Rimche. You may stay here or go further 30 minutes to Lama Hotel


    if you wish to go High routes which is much harder but more rewarding and less touristic. The trail goes through the Khamjing, Sherpa Gaun and reaches to Rimche. This route is much nicer and open in terms of scenery and you can see the mountain ranges from Khamjing very clearly. The trail to Khamjing from Syabrubensi is much tougher and it climbs through the pine forest talking the zig-zag pattern till the Khamjing. You can see the local houses and their agricultural pattern here. Leaving the Khamjing you will climb the pine forest to reach the view-points from where you can see the stunning view of the surrounding villages and mountain ranges. Then walking sometimes through the road you will reach Hilltop from here you will descend to Sherpa Gaun and will have lunch there. From Sherpa Gaun the trails are much easier but climb high mountains and become scarier because you will see the river very down from the trails. It takes about an hour to arrive at Rimche and you may stay here or go to Lama Hotels too.

  • Day 04: Rimche/Lama Hotel to Langtang village 3500 Meters, 7-8 hours

    Early in the morning, we start the trek, The trail climbs gradually climbs through the thick forest. During the trek, we pass the forests of hemlocks, oaks, maples and white and pink rhododendrons high above the Langtang Khola. With the view of Langtang Lirung (7244m). The trail crosses the river and multiple hills before the giant landslides of Langtang. After crossing the Langtang landslides we will be at the campsite.

  • Day 05: Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa 3870 Meter, Estimated time is 3-4 Hours, Walking trail is mostly ascent, Estimated distance 6-7 KM

    Today is our Easiest day. We need to walk through the Yak pasture field and buckwheat terrace, you can see the other side of the valley’s forest destroyed by the storm of Avalanche. You can see some peaks while you walk towards Kyanjin Gompa.
    Kyanjin Gompa is the village where you see the hotels mostly, There is a bakery shop and where they make also different types of coffee, You can see the Ganjala Peak and many other peaks from here. There is flat land in the north of Kyanjin Gompa. We stay here for two nights.

  • Day 06: Rest Day at Kyanjin Gompa and we hike to Kyanjin Ri 4800 Meter, 4-5 Hours time needed.

    It is rest and explores day. We will bring you to the Kyanjin ri to see the beautiful Langtang Himalayan range, it is 3 hours hike to the top of Kyanjin Ri, From here you can see the Langtang Lirung, Marimatto, Ganjala peak and many more. You will be able to see the whole valley from here, We can see also glaciers of Langtang Lirung from here

  • Day 07: Trek back to Lama Hotel 2300 Meter, 6-7 Hours time needed.

    From today we begin to go down valley, We follow the same way to go Down, Crossing the langtang villlage, Ghoda Tabela we reach to Lama Hotel. Stay Overnight Here

  • Day 08: Syabrubensi is our ultimate destination today , 6-7 Hours time needed. Mostly Decent

    The trek is quite difficult today cause we have to go down, The decent is harder because of the irregular stone and small moraines after Lamahotel. We need to walk through forest and we can reach syabrubensi by 2-3 o clock. we stay overnight here

  • Day 09: Drive back to kathmandu and the trek is over

  • Day 10: We will drop you in Airport or if you have day you can also stay and sightseeing, or do another activities.

Langtang trek cost includes

  • Kathmandu international airport transfer by private vehicles.
  • Meals on full board: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day during the trekking days
  • Guest house basis trekking accommodation while on trekking days
  • Local Bus transfer from Kathmandu to Syabrubensi then back to Kathmandu for guest and guide.
  • Fully escorted trek with fluent English speaking license holder local guide and each 2 guest 1 Porter basis
  • Langtang National park permits
  • Water purification filter if you need
  • Duffle Bag for carrying the trekking gears
  • Seasonal Fruits if possible
  • First Aid Box
  • TIMS Permit
  • All land transportation as per written on above itinerary
  • Food and accommodation and salary of Nepali trekking staffs
  • Insurance for the guide and porter

Cost excludes

  • Nepal entry visa fee cost US$ 40.
  • Lunch and Dinner during the staying in Kathmandu and Pokhara city.
  • Any kinds of battery charges, laundry service, phone calls and hot shower during the trekking.
  • Personal trekking equipment and Clothing.
  • Personal nature expenses, any drinks and bar bills.
  • Your travel insurance (it is mandatory in case of emergency).
  • Any donation and monuments entrance fees.
  • Tips for the crew (Note : TIPS is not compulsory but highly expected)
  • Any other things which are not mentioned above

Langtang trek fixed departures

S.NTrek NameStart DateEnd DateBook Now
1Langtang TrekApril 15, 2024April 22, 2024
2Langtang TrekMay 21, 2024May 28, 2024
3Langtang TrekMay 23, 2024May 30, 2024
4Langtang TrekOctober 10, 2024October 17, 2024
5Langtang TrekOctober 20, 2024October 27, 2024
6Langtang TrekNovember 01, 2024November 07, 2024
7Langtang TrekNovember 20, 2024November 27, 2024

Our Reviews

Langtang Trek

December 22, 2022

Shreeram is a local in Kathmandu and we were so lucky to come across his whatsapp number online. We spent a long time looking up different treks that were all ridiculously overpriced and organised by bigger tour companies outside of Nepal (mainly from USA and all $800-$1500USD/Person).. Once we had Shreerams details, we were able to communicate with him directly over 2 weeks whilst we were still travelling India. He answered all the questions we had about the different treks, our budget and timeframe. No money was exchanged before meeting with him, everything was priced reasonably and he helped us get our gear sorted and phones set up before we left – you can rent trekking gear and it’s cheaper if you are with a local. Very organised and great service.

Now for our guide and porter. Sabin was our guide and spoke very good English (regardless of what he thinks haha). He’s very considerate of other people and knowledgable about his country and the treks all around. He’s from a town close by to the Langtang valley trek and gave us a lot of information about the area, before and after the devastating earthquake in 2015. He treks with ease and will take care of you if you are unwell or injured – recieved massages on rest breaks for my injured leg and he offered to take my bag on numerous occasions.

Des was our porter. He carried everything we couldn’t fit in our day bags, which was more than we’d wanted him to carry. He honestly still could’ve trekked in half the amount of time if he wanted to, he is so fast. Des doesn’t speak much English but he is smiling every step of the way and even broke into dance when he’d manage to get ahead of us and have a rest.

The langtang valley trek itself was amazing. It was hard because I injured myself but the overall experience made it worth it. There is such a mix of trekkers on this trail, it’s really motivating. From families to a group of birdwatchers in their 60’s and 70’s, it really is a trek for everyone as long as you can go at your own pace. With Shreeram’s tour, we went as fast or slow as we wished and enjoyed it so much more than if we were in a big group.

Sophie B

Response from Nepal Trek Hub

Hello Sophie

Thank you so much for your appreciation of Our Service. It is our honour to serve you and we look forward to seeing you again in Nepal

Shreeram Thapaliya

Nepal Trek Hub

Langtang Valley Trek 2023

July 6, 2023

The first thought that comes to your mind when you opt for a local trekking company in Nepal is “Are they authentic?” Nepal Trek Hub’s Sriram is a gem. From the moment we landed in Kathmandu, he was there to help us. Well, that’s what promised too.

He understood our needs and accommodated us with ease. From

the duffel bag to the portable water filter which is quite pricey were all taken care of by him. Even the internet!

Everyday we had a plate of fruits which tasted exactly the same( this is not possible because we were moving from one place to another). I kept wondering how does Sriram find fresh fruits everyday? And they taste the same too? Only later I found out, he was carrying kilos of fruits in his backpack!!!! Oh! How grateful we were for the fruits! On some days the food didn’t suit out palette or stomach and the fruits were the only source of nutrition and energy.

He made sure each of ( we were a party of 3) had someone ( either him or our porters) were with us all the time.

I have to mention our porters Bijay and Ram. Wonderful people, awesome patience.

They made sure were reached the summit despite certain issues. The experience was a ‘ hug’ worthy!

We had to return back via chopper due to certain reasons, he was ready to help

and arranged for the chopper. Though we had booked our own hotel rooms, due to our early descent, we had to find new accommodations and that itself was a task. Once again Sriram was there to the rescue.

He was with us every step of the way and even after we had all come back home. We had missed a cap in the taxi on our way to the airport. Sriram made an effort to find it and courier is back to us. It was just a cap! Now that is the level of care and dedication this guy has towards his guests.

With Sriram and Nepal Trek Hub, I would climb the Himalayas any day without doubt or fear.


Response from Nepal Trek Hub

Hello Nandhini

thank you so much for your great appreciations of the service


Stunning Langtang Trek Hiking

May 10, 2023

Langtang trek is worth a trip. Changing landscape every day, nice guest houses, local food and an amazing view at one of the top peaks at 5000m.

The guide was very good. Good English and was able to talk about nature, the history, local life, tips to eat and we had a good team spirit.

The porter was amazing, too.

Actually, it went to a once-in-a-livetime-event.

Can definitely recommend it!

Joerg Blumisser

Response from Nepal Trek Hub

Hello Joerg Blumisser

Thank you so much for your review regarding our Langtang trek. We are very much honored to have you for the explorations of the Langtang region of Nepal. I hope you enjoyed the uniqueness of the Langtang natures and vivid cultures of the local Tamang People. We are looking forward to see you again in Nepal for the next adventures.

Best Regards


Excellent Annapurna circuit and Lantang Trek

January 7, 2023

Between April and May 2019, I had the pleasure of doing 2 treks with Shreeram the young boss of Nepal Truk Hub Pvt.

I contacted him by email (as well as two other guides by email) a few weeks before my departure for Nepal to explain and validate my project:

1 short trek of 8 days at – 5000m

1 long trek of 18 to 20 days at +5000m

A few requirements: Just a guide and me, no porter and a good level of English.

I met Shreeram the day after my arrival in Kathmandu and the current immediately passed between us on the human, practical and financial levels.

In total we trekked and lived together for 26 days (Langtang Valley & Annapurna)

We spent fabulous moments of discovery, sharing, effort (especially for me…) of complicity and laughter.

Shreeram has a perfect knowledge of the mountain, its history, its fauna, its flora and its risks. During our days and depending on my physical condition, I have always been able to count on his sense of adaptation, his support sometimes (especially to carry my heavy photo box) and his patience.

Shreeram knows how to listen, observe and organize with the sole aim of satisfying you.

He has a serious culture, a desire to share his mountains, his country and he remains very curious about Europeans and our culture.

So I can highly recommend Shreeram!!

Thank you again Boss;) for these excellent moments and unforgettable memories!!


Frederic BIEN

Response from Nepal Trek Hub

Namaste frederic BIEN

We highly appreciate your review and are happy that you are satisfied with our service. It was a very nice time with you and had great moments. We would be very happy to see you again in Nepal

Best Regards

Shreeram and team

Langtang trek FAQ

Most of the trekkers get’s many question on their mind before they start trek. In preparation phase they might want to know many question. It is very hard to get all question answer here but we have mentioned some question answer, follow our Langtang trek FAQ.

When is the best season to do Langtang trek?

October and November are considered the best month to trek here but March and April are also the best months, March and April is flower blooming season, in this time different types of Rhododendron and magnolia bloom. it is pretty to see a whole forest when it is full of forest. You can do a trek the whole year but June and July is rainy season and December, and January is the winter season.

How long do I have to walk per day and how difficult is Langtang Trek?

Generally, During this trek 6-7 hours, the maximum walk is required but the walk is not on plain land, you need to climb stairs and steps. Altitude impacts difficulty, if you are going at a higher altitude it is difficult and vice versa

How long is the Langtang Trek?

Generally, it needs to 9 days to complete the Langtang trek plus you need to add the travel time to come here to Nepal and go back to your country. You can also finish it in 7-8 days but hikers may not have time to enjoy it if you have less time. we suggest you have at least 9 days so you have 1 relaxing day at Kaynjin on which day, you can explore the Tsergo ri 4985 Meters or Kyanjin Ri 4687 Meters 

What is langtang Known for?

Langtang is mainly known as the name of the peak Langtang Lirung 7219 Meters and the village below the peak which was hardly hit by the massive earthquake in 2015.  apart from this, there are many other peaks which you can see from the top of the Tsergo ri and the Tamang people cultures. The national park itself is known as the Langtang national park. the park is populations of red panda, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard, wild dog, Ghoral, serow and more than 250 species of birds. 

How difficult is this trek?

Generally, During this trek 6-7 hours, the maximum walk is required but the walk is not on plain land, you need to climb stairs and steps.

Our Achievements
  • Travelers Choice Awards of 2023
Mountain You See
1Langtang lirung 7,234 M
2Langtang ri 7,205 M
3Dorje Lakpa 6,966 M
4Loenpo Gang 6,907 M
5Changbu 6,781 M
6Gangchenpo 6,387 M
7Morimoto 6,150 M
8Yala peak 5,520 M
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