• Trek Duration
    10 Days + –
  • Accomodations
    Tea House Trek
  • Max Altitude
    5416 Meters
  • Trekkers Numbers
    1-18 but Flexible
  • Best Time of Year
    Spring and Autumn
  • Trek Difficulty
  • Price: 698 or + –

Annapurna Circuit trek 10 days is short and minimized classic ACT

Annapurna circuit trek for 10 days is a great adventure holiday that you can do in Nepal’s most beautiful Annapurna regions. The classical Annapurna circuit trek used to be 20 days or more longer but now due to accessibility of the road, it can be done even in 10 days. This is very good for the hikers who have a short period of time in Nepal but still want to do the Annapurna circuit trek in 10 days. Annapurna circuit trekking 10 days starts after the drive to Chame. This means you will miss the villages like Nyadi, Bahundanda, Syange, Jagat, Tal, Dharapani, Bagarchap, Danaq, and Timanag plus the diversified landscape of the lower altitude of the Annapurna circuit trek. These days trekkers can reach Chame in 1 day from Kathmandu and the next day they can start their trek. In this beautiful 10 days, Annapurna circuit trekking hikers can see Annapurna II, III, IV, Gangapurna, and Tilicho with the height of 7940 Meters, 7,555 Meters, 7,525 Meters, 7,4555 Meters, 7,134 Meters, and many other peaks.

Due to fewer days on the Annapurna circuit, hiking for 10 days is quite challenging due to the less timing. Hikers can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the mountain ranges, glacial lakes, glaciers, yak pastures, mountain terrains and many others. Thorong la pass is the ultimate destination of the 10 days Annapurna circuit. 8-9 hours of tough hikes through the base of throng peaks takes you to the Muktinath of Mustang. Frequent weather change that occurs on the trekking trails may happen on the trek so trekkers need to be careful and well prepared for this. Hotels around the trekking trails are very good and offer delicious food and comfortable beds on trekking so hikers no need not worry. Nepal Trek Hub offers Annaurna circuit trek for 10 days to the trekkers who seek adventure journeys in Nepal in a short span of time.

Why trekkers like the Annapurna circuit trek 10 days

  • Due to the short time frame those trekkers who have a short period of holiday in Nepal whose will be benefited with this itinerary
  • Hikers can see the stunning views of the Landscapes while driving to Besisahar and Chame.
  • This is one of the most beautiful hiking trails which offers the spectacular view of the Mt Annapurna II 7940 Meters, Mt Manaslu 8,153 meters, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Gangapurna, Tilicho peak, Mt Dhaulagiri 8,167 Meters and many other peaks around the hiking trails.
  • Hikers will cross Thorong la pass 5,416 Meters during their hike.
  • There is a great availability of the good food and accommodations on the trek.
  • It is the great chance to see the lifestyle, traditions, cultures of the Manag and Mustang peoples

More about the Annapurna circuit Trek 10 Days

Thorong la Pass is the ultimate destination of the Annapurna circuit trek

The goal of the trek is to cross the thorong la pass. The Thorong La Pass is elevated at 5,416 meters from sea level and lies in front of the Thorong Peak at 6,144 meters. This peak is relatively less popular among the climbers but still, some people climb it. Nepal army does the climbing practice at this peak. The Thorong La Pass is quite tough to do because of the less oxygen and steep accent towards the top of the Thorong La 5146 meters. Crossing Throng La allows trekkers to complete their Annapurna circuit trek. Annapurna circuit means to circle the annapurna range by trek to reach the Muktinath which is located in the Mustang district. Trekkers can reach Pokhara by walking or with vehicles.

  • Thorong la pass is quite tough but manageable.

    Thorong la Pass 5416 meters is a tough pass in Nepal. The pass connects two valleys (Manag and Mustang) so the winds blow faster here. Trekkers should have enough gear and take some precautions to avoid obstacles while on the pass. The pass can start from the thorong phedi 4600 meters of High Camp 4800 Meters. We advise you to sleep in Thorong Phedi because in Thorong High camp there is only one hotel usually remains crowded and the height of the hotel elevations makes you harder to sleep so it is better to sleep in Thorong Phedi and walk early to cross the Thorong la pass. Drinking enough water and some acclimatization help you to overcome the obstacles of the thorong la pass. We also recommend having enough gear for the thorong la pass.

  • Ice Lake Hike

    On your Annapurna circuit trek for 10 days, you can go to Ice Lake which is elevated at the altitude of 4600 meters. This hike allows you to adjust your body against the Mountain sickness. The 9-10 hours hike allows you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Annapurna ranges Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Gangapurna, Tilicho and many other mountains from very nice angles. You can see the beautiful Manag valleys while hiking to the Ice Lake. The hike is tough due to the accent climbing but it is definitely worthy and rewarding. Up there 2 lakes are located on the bottom of the peaks. Trekkers must have their food and water because there is nothing over there. You may see the yaks grazing on the mountains while hiking to the ice Lake.

Astonishing mountain ranges and vivid landscapes.

The Annapurna circuit trek is the best way to explore the astonishing mountain ranges of the Mt Annapurna ranges, Mt Manaslu Ranges as well and Mt Dhaulagiri ranges together in just 1 trek. The Claciacal annapurna circuit trek (Round Annapurna Trek) is now can be done in 10 days due to the road construction so you can explore the Annapurna range in just 10 days. But this trek can be challenging due to the fast accent of the height which may cause you altitude mountain sickness. You can see Mt Annapurna II 7,940 Meters, Mt Manaslu 8153 Meters, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Gangapurna, Mt Tilicho Peak, Mt Dhaulagiri 8,167 Meters, Dhaulagiri II, Tukuche peak, Nilgiri and many other peaks on the different days of your trek so this is the wholesome of the mountain looking opportunity. The landscapes in this trek route are very vivid from the sub-tropical to the tundra zone. It is a unique and very picturesque landscape which you can see on the Annapurna circuit trek for 10 days.

Drive for the Annapurna circuit trek 10 days

The trek is 10 days because of the drive to Chame, The drive to chame is quite long and tough too. Early in the mornig trekkers should start their journey to Chame from kathmandu and after reaching the Bessi Sahar you need to change the vehicle which goes to Chame. The drive to Chame is quite tough because the road is off road and you will reach the altitude of 2500 meters too. It is very advisable that drink a lot of water while on the trek and rbefore reaching to chame too. You will reach to Chame in the evening around 8-9 PM.

Annapurna circuit trek 10 days facts

Duration:8 Trek days, 1 day drive back to Kathmandu
1 Day to go trek
Max. elevation:5416 M/17, 769 Feets Thorong la
Elevation gain/loss10,100 m (33,136 ft)
Length of Trekking trail distanceApprox 131 kilometres (81 miles)
StartNgadi, Chame, Dharapani
EndsPokhara, Tatopani or Jomsom
Best Time:Spring and Autumn Season
Permits:TIMS and ACCAP Permits
AccommodationTea House

Annapurna circuit trek 10 days cost

Annapurna Circuit Trek Cost 435$, 698$ and 780$ for Bronze, Silver and Gold schemes per person respectively if you are a minimum of 2 Hikers or more. If you are a budget traveller, then you use the public bus and share a jeep to go to Chame which costs you less but is more stressful. If you want less stress and more relaxation then you use the private hiring vehicle to Chame from Kathmandu. The public vehicles in Nepal are usually crowded and not convenient for tourists however if you can adjust then you may save the cost. Based on the transportation here is the cost for the Annapurna circuit hike of 10 days with a minimum 2 people basis. The cost may be a little higher if you are single to trek.

Group Discounted Cost/Prices

No of people
Silver Price P.P
1 – 1 US$ 880
2 – 3 US$ 698
4 – 6 US$ 685
7 – 9 US$ 670
10 – 12 US$ 660

Bronze Price 392$
Min 2 Person
Silver Price 698$
Min 2 Person
Gold Price 780$
Min 2 Person
Guide, Porter, Local bus to Besisahar, Sharing jeep to chame, ACCAP Permits, TIMS permits, Government tax and company service charge

Food and Accomodations, Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, ACCAAP Permits, TIMS Permits, Local bus to Besisahar, Sharing jeep to chame, Food and Accomodations and Government tax, Company service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, ACCAP Permits, Local bus to Besisahar, Sharing jeep to chame, Food and Accomodations, Tea, Coffee, and Government tax, Company service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above

Note: The Cost is Based on the public bus to besisahar and sharing jeep to chame, if you need the private veichle to Besisahar and private jeep to Chame then the cost will be different.

Annapurna Circuit trek 10 Days highlights

  • Scenic drive to Besi Sahar and thrilling drive to Chame, you can see the unique landscapes, waterfalls, and different villages around the roads.
  • Mt. Manaslu, Mt.Manaslu North, and Himalchuli from Timag and Chame are very fascinating. Nice hike through the pine forest to the Chame.
  • Hot springs bath in Chame and clear view of the Lamjung Himal.
  • Walking through the biggest apple farm of Nepal, where you can enjoy the apple products, bakery, and coffee with an outstanding view of Annapurna II 7940 Meters.
  • Outstanding view of the Mountain ranges through the Dhukurpokhari, Lower Pisang, and Upper Pisang.
  • Trekking to the Manag though the gyaru allows you to have an outstanding view of the Annapurna ii 7940 Meters, and from Gyaru, you can see Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Gangapurna, and Tilicho peak
  • The adventure hike to the Ice Lake offers a better view than anywhere else of Annapurna II, III, IV, Gangapurna, and Tilicho with the height of 7940 Meters, 7,555 Meters, 7,525 Meters, 7,4555 Meters, 7,134 Meters, and many other peaks. It is the best way to Acclimatize for the Thorong La pass.
  • Crossing the throng la pass with the super cool view of the Yak Kawang, Throng peaks, and many other mountains around the trekking to Muktinath. This is one of the tough days in the entire trek

    Annapurna circuit trek 10 days best time/seasons

    Annapurna circuit trek 10 days can be very memorable if you do it on best time/seasons. It is a very important consideration that you should do before you start your trek, time in Nepal is really matters on your adventure here in Annapurna circuit trek. Look Below what the temperature, the scenery looks like.

    • Autumn season

      This is the very best time to Trek here in Annapurna circuit. The weather at this time is generally the best weather of a year. Most of the days are sunny. It is the main season you will see many tourists along the route. This is also a festival time in Nepal, Down in a valley you would see people they celebrate a festival. In Nepal, this month is also known as neither cool nor hot month

    • Spring season

      This month is considered as a second-best season to trek in Nepal. This is before summertime so it is very hot and humid in the down valley and southern part of Nepal. But it does not impact you because you would go to Mountain. This is also known as a flowering season, elevation from 2000 Meter to 3000 Meter you can see, different types of rhododendron flowers and magnolia, not only this you would also see many plants get the different flower. Generally this time the sky is clear, but sometimes in the evening cloudy. This is also second-best time to visit Annapurna circuit

    • Monsoon season

      This is month is also known as a rainy season in Nepal. It rains a lot, the sky is cloudy, very less chance to see the mountain. Leeches, flood and landslides are common in this month. This is not a good time to do Annapurna circuit trek.

    • Winter seasons

      These months, generally it’s cold months of the year. Most of the tourist doesn’t do any adventure activities. Doing trek on this month is very difficult because of the cold environment snowfall rainfall and sometimes hell-storm as well. The sky is cloudy So you cannot see the beautiful view. For the comprehensive information go to Annapurna circuit trek best time

    Annapurna circuit trek map

    There are many types of Annapurna circuit trek map which you find in market. These maps are published by a different publisher, It also differs as per publisher. If you buy the map in Kathmandu, there are many publishers maps you can find, literally Nepal Map House, Himalayan Map house are two very popular maps in Nepal. If you want to get the big scale map it is little costly than normal. you can choose as per your wish but make sure that proper information on the map, Such as distance in KM, Time in Hours. We advise you to take the float-able map which can go anywhere in the bag or even in the pocket. You can get Annapurna circuit trek map free from us after you book the trip with us. We provide you when you arrive here in Nepal on your trip preparation day.

    Annapurna Circuit Trek 10 days difficulty

    How difficult is the Annapurna circuit trek 10 days? Well, the short itinerary and the altitude make the ACT Trek quite difficult. Throng la 5416 Meters is the ultimate altitude that trekkers must cross to arrive at the Muktinath. The way to throng la pass is also difficult because of the High elevations and continuous slow gradual trails. Most of the trekkers spent their night before Thorong la is High Camp 4800 Meters or Throng Phedi 4600 meters which is very high to sleep and most of the trekkers do not get enough sleep here. This is also a reason that makes the Throng la pass/Annapurna circuit trek quite difficult. 10 Days Annapurna circuit trek starts from Chame 2600 meters which is pretty high to start the hike that is why trekkers need to be more careful about their health but not worry.

    Trekkers are required to trek every day for about 6-8 hours on the mountains terrain trekking trails. Some trails are quite easy but some are quite tough. If you are able to trek 6-8 hours in a day then you can do this Annapurna circuit trek. As there is a rest day on Manag that also help their bodies to adapt to that climate. The itinerary is designed to keep the trekkers very good in their ability. Rushing can create a problem that is why we say slow and steady which makes your Annapurna circuit trek goal achievable.

    Permits for Annapurna circuit trek 10 days

    Trekkers are required to take the permits for the Annapurna circuit trek for any durations. Once you get the permits it works till you return back and there is a check post everywhere around the trekking trails and your permits will be registered there. They keep the records there which makes them easier for them to find out the number of tourists and where they are heading. This will be also very useful if someone goes missing on the trek. There are two types of permits for the Annapurna region trekking. The first one is Annapurna conservation area project permits (ACCAP) and another one is TIMS permits. Since you do the Annapurna conservations the National park permits are necessary and you will get them in Kathmandu with the agency. Known as an ACCAP Permit which cost about 30$. On the other hand, you are also required to get the TIMS Card which cost about 10$ and you get to Kathmandu by the registered agent or by yourself if you are doing the trek individually.

    Food and Accommodation on Annapurna circuit trek 10 days

    Food and accommodations on the Annapurna circuit trek 10 days are quite good. There are plenty of tea houses/ hotels along the trekking routes with WIFI and hot showers. Most of the Hotels/Tea Houses have a shared bathroom but few of them also have a room with a bath inside. If you talk about the room then they are pretty much insulated with the ply board for warmth and have a bed with the foam mattress mostly. They also put the single warm blankets but due to the frequent use by different guests, you may feel uneasy using them that is the reason we tell you to bring your own sleeping bag so that you can wrap it over the sleeping bags. That makes you very warm in the extremely cold weather of the Annapurna circuit.

    Talking about the meal on the trek, they have a set menu for each village and hotel. The menu rate is the same in each village but only the name is different. There are no price variations in food. The menu is prepared by the village tourism management committee and every hotel must follow it. Hotels offer you most types of food like western food (Spaghetti, macaroni, pizza, burger, sandwich, spring roll, and many others) Indian types of food, and Nepali food sets (Dal Bhat) for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, they offer local bread, omelettes, hash brown potatoes, omelettes, boiled potatoes and pancakes. Tea ( many types) and coffees are also served for the tourists. Some hotels also offer the desert as well.

    Annapurna Circuit Trek 10 Days outline Itinerary [Shortest plan with cheap cost]

    DayFromToAltitudeTime Duration
    1Your DestinationKathmandu1350 M, 4430 FT.Your time
    2Kathmanduchame2700MWhole Day
    3ChamePisang3300M5 Hour
    4PisangManag3500 M, 11482. FT.7 Hours
    5ManagManag3500 M, 11482. FT.Hike
    6ManangLetdar4250 M, 13944 FT5 Hours
    7LetdarHigh Camp4600 M, 15092 FT.4 Hours
    8High CampMuktinath3800 M, 12467 FT.8 Hours
    9MuktinathPokhara800 MWhole day
    10PokharaKathmandu1350 Meter8 Hours

    Annapurna circuit trek 10 Days itinerary [Fly Out from Jomsom]

    Annapurna circuit trek 10 days itinerary is set up here on the page. but this itinerary can be modified with your time and interest. We are happy to modify the plan as your request. 

    • Day 01: Drive to Chame 2600 Meters from Kathmandu 1350 Meters and stay overnight at Chame – Whole Day

      Nepal Trek Hub will take you from the hotel to the transportation available place and together with the team, you will drive to Besi Sahar. The way to Besisahar is a black toped road but the road construction is ongoing on the last sections before the city of Besisahar. Trekkers can see the different types of landscapes during the drive such as the green forest, terraces and might Trisuli and Marshyandri River. Rafters do the rafting on the Trisuli River. Once you each to Besisahar you do the lunch and start another driving to Chame which is totally off-road but some sections have a cemented road. It takes 5-6 hours to reach the Chame. On the way to Chame, you may see spectacular landscapes, waterfalls, and forests. Stay overnight at the hotel of the Chame.

    • Day 02: Trek to Lower pisang 3200 Meters – 5-6 Hours

      The first day of the trek begins with the great view of Mt Lamjung 6,983 metres which is just above the Chame. The Chame village is on the bank of the Marshyandri river and the trek trails just go through the bank of the river. Pine forest along the trek trails offers a great fragrance with the sky-touching Himalayas. There are villages like the Bhartang and Dhukur Pokhari on the way to Pisang. The biggest apple farm of the Manag is here in Bhartang which offers coffee and a bakery too. Trekkers can see the Annapurna II 7940 Meters from different angles. Dhukur Pokhari is a lunch place from where you can see the Phunga Danda and Annapurna II. There is a small lake in Dhukur Pokhari from where it takes another 1 hour to reach Pisang.

    • Day 03: Lower Pisang To Manag 3550 M, 6-7 Hours  

      The most scenic day of the trek. First of all, you cross the mighty Marsyandi River. Then there is a trekking trail to Gyaru on the north. We keep walking until there is a river that appears which comes from the Pisang peak. On the way, you can see a small but very beautiful lake and many Mani Walls. Now you need to climb very steeply zing zag trails which might take 1.30 hours to Gyaru. Gyaru offers a spectacular view of Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, Tilicho Peak. Locals are waiting for the trekkers to sell their bread and tea. Ngawal is the next village from here which takes further 1.30 hours. Ngwal is a place where you do lunch and from here you trek down to the valley just in front of the humde through the opposite side of the apple farm. Crossing Braga takes you to the Manag village.

    • Day 04: Hike to Ice lake 4600 Meters 8-9 Hours.

      It is another stunning day that takes you to the Ice lake 4600 Meters. Trekkers can choose either to go Ice lake or anywhere around the Manag. If you wish to go to Ice Lake then it is 6 hours hike to ice lake. During the hike, you can see the stunning Himalayan ranges of Annapurna. Annapurna II, III, IV, Gangapurna, Khangsar Kang and tilicho peaks are the mountains. This hike allows you to adjust to the altitude and offers you spectacular scenery and landscapes. There are 2 lakes in the Ice lake and some Chorten around the lakes. Trekkers may enjoy this a lot.

    • Day 05: Manag to Yak Kharka 4050 M, 5-6 Hours  

      As you check the permit here the Trek goes through the cultivated land of Tanki Manang.  A beautiful view of Tilicho Peak can be seen from here. you make the climb steadily through Tenki Manang to Gunsang, leaving the Marsyandi Valley. The trail climbs an ascent of nearly 500 meters to the Yak Kharka. It is located at 4050 Meter.

    • Day 06: Yak Kharka to Thorong  high Camp 4850 M, 6-7 Hours

      Today you start your hiking from yak Kharka. A yak pasture the trail gently climbs onwards to Thorong Phedi 4450 Meter. There is some area where you need to very be careful because of stone fall. You can have lunch here or can have a couple of cups of tea and coffee to strengthen your stamina. Now the trail is very steep and full of the moraine, continually hiking 1.30 Hour you can reach Throng High Camp.

    • Day 07: Thorong High camp to Muktinath (Thorong la pass day), 3800 M, 9-10 Hours

      The most challenging day of the trek is today. Generally, trekkers start their trek early around 4:00 clock to 5:00 o clock. The early you start the better for you. As you are already on very high land it is quite harder for you to gear up. As you use it, it would be quite easier for you. The way to Thorong is not so steep. the trail climbs slowly but gradually up. On the way to Thorong La pass, you can also take the tea and coffee in the shop. It is generally 3 Hours climb to Thorong La pass. As you arrived at Thorong la pass, it is windy and cold here. You can see the mountain on the mustang side. The trail is now to go down. All the way down to Muktinath. Overnight at Muktinath

    • Day 08: Muktinath to Jomsom 2,743 m (8,999 ft), 7 hrs

      The last day of the trek begins with breakfast and the magnificent views of the Mighty Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri Views. You will trek through the village of the Lubra. This trail offers super nice views of the village on the other side of the Muktinath such as a Jhong and Kagbeni on the other sides of the valleys. Lubra is a small village where they still follow the Bon Religion(worship the Natures). Heaving dinner on the Lubra we continue to trek down to Jomsom and stay overnight here for the next day’s flight to Pokhara

    • Day 09: Fly to Pokhara

      Trekker flies to Pohara whereas Nepali staff take the bus to Pokhara today. The bus takes a long time and it is a bit crowded too, the flight is more reliable and time-saving plus you will have an enogh time to enjoy at Pokhara.

    • Day 10: Drive or Fly to Kathmandu and the trek is over

    Annapurna circuit trek cost includes

    • Kathmandu international airport transfer by private vehicles.
    • Local Public Microbus to Besisahar from Kathmandu takes about 7-8 hours
    • Sharing Jeep Transportation from Besisahar to Chame
    • Meals on full board: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day during the trekking days, if possible we try to give the attached Bathrooms
    • Guest house basis trekking accommodation while on trekking days
    • Transportations for Nepali staff from Jomsom to Pokhara
    • Tourist Bus transfer from Pokhara to Kathmandu for guest and guide.
    • Fully escorted trek with fluent English speaking license holder local guide and each 2 guest 1 Porter basis
    • Annapurna conservation Area Project Permits
    • Seasonal Fruits if possible
    • First Aid Box
    • TIMS Permit
    • All land transportation as per written on above itinerary
    • Food and accommodation and salary of Nepali trekking staffs

    Cost excludes

    • Nepal entry visa fee cost US$ 40.
    • Lunch and Dinner during the staying in Kathmandu and Pokhara city.
    • Any kinds of battery charges, laundry service, phone calls and hot shower during the trekking.
    • Personal trekking equipment and Clothing.
    • Personal nature expenses, any drinks and bar bills.
    • Your travel insurance (it is mandatory in case of emergency).
    • Any donation and monuments entrance fees.
    • Tips for the crew (Note : TIPS is not compulsory but highly expected)
    • Any other things which are not mentioned above

    Transportation for Annapurna circuit trek 10 days

    It is short trek durations so trekkers have to skip the days by using the Jeep transportations as well as the flights from the Jomsom. Here we have discussed the what types of transportations you can use for this Annapurna circuit hike 10 days. Annapurna circuit trek 10 days cost depends on the transportaion you choose. Here on the cost we have not included transportaions. As we request we give you the cost details of the transportaions that occors on the 10 days Annapurna circuit trek

    • 1. Transportation from Kathmandu to Besisahar

      Trekkers can choose different mode of transportation to go Besisahar. It is 6-7 hours’ drive from Kathmandu through the black paved road but these days they are widening the road so it might take little longer as well. You can use the public vehicle which is more crowded and often they stop for the people to come in and goes out. This might be annoying to you so to get rid of it, you can use the private vehicle depends on the group size. There is jeep for the people if you are 3 to 6 and if you are 3 to less you can use the car to go Besisahar. If your group is more than 6 then you can take the Jumbo hiace van.

    • 2. Transportation from Besisahar to Chame

      This is off road drive. Trekkers need to use the local jeep available there in Besisahar. You can hire the jeep or go with the sharing/collection/public basis. If you hire the Jeep and go, you can tell driver to stop for the while to take photos on the ways as well as you can go comfortably. If you go with the public, it will be over passenger and won’t stop till the driver wants. The trail is not that good so we highly recommend to the trekkers to hire the Jeep to go Chame from Besisahar.

    • 3. Transportation from jomsom to Pokhara or even from Muktinath

      This is after the Thorong la pass. Hikers can take the flight from Jomsom to Pokhara or take the Jeep to go down to Beni. From beni you can take another vehicle to reach the Bokhara. Road to Beni is off-road and the road is very bad due to the widening and the geolocations. We recommend our guest to take the flight from Jomsom to Pokhara. If you want to take the jeep it is same cost as the flight and also very tiring and time consuming drive.

    • 4. Flight or drive from Pokhara to Kathmandu

      When you arrive to pokhara you have also another 2 options. Either you can take the tourist bus to go Kathmandu which takes the full day or fly to Kathmandu which just takes 30 minutes. If you take the flights it is more convenient as well as less time consuming so you have more time to explore the city of Pokhara and Kathmandu.

    Read our client’s feedback on our service

    Excellent Annapurna circuit and Lantang Trek

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    January 7, 2023

    Between April and May 2019, I had the pleasure of doing 2 treks with Shreeram the young boss of Nepal Truk Hub Pvt.

    I contacted him by email (as well as two other guides by email) a few weeks before my departure for Nepal to explain and validate my project:

    1 short trek of 8 days at – 5000m

    1 long trek of 18 to 20 days at +5000m

    A few requirements: Just a guide and me, no porter and a good level of English.

    I met Shreeram the day after my arrival in Kathmandu and the current immediately passed between us on the human, practical and financial levels.

    In total we trekked and lived together for 26 days (Langtang Valley & Annapurna)

    We spent fabulous moments of discovery, sharing, effort (especially for me…) of complicity and laughter.

    Shreeram has a perfect knowledge of the mountain, its history, its fauna, its flora and its risks. During our days and depending on my physical condition, I have always been able to count on his sense of adaptation, his support sometimes (especially to carry my heavy photo box) and his patience.

    Shreeram knows how to listen, observe and organize with the sole aim of satisfying you.

    He has a serious culture, a desire to share his mountains, his country and he remains very curious about Europeans and our culture.

    So I can highly recommend Shreeram!!

    Thank you again Boss;) for these excellent moments and unforgettable memories!!


    Frederic BIEN

    Response from Nepal Trek Hub

    Namaste frederic BIEN

    We highly appreciate your review and are happy that you are satisfied with our service. It was a very nice time with you and had great moments. We would be very happy to see you again in Nepal

    Best Regards

    Shreeram and team

    Annapurna circuit trek 2019

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    December 24, 2022

    Just returned from the Annapurna Circuit trek with a group of friends, and the experience has been nothing short of amazing! It would not have been possible without our awesome tour guide, Shreeram, and our two strong porters (who happen to look like Korean twins btw), Dev and Surendra.

    Personally, I like to engage a local guide when trekking especially in unfamiliar places (this was our group’s first time in Nepal as well as doing such a long trek!), because I’d like to think that the local guides know the ins and outs of the trail better; making sure safety is the utmost priority while not compromising on the view and experience.

    Fortunately for us, Shreeram did exactly what we expected of him and far more.

    Throughout the 12 days Shreeram always made us feel safe, was observant, caring, and sensitive to our needs. He would advise us on the Do’s and Don’ts throughout the trek, and I am grateful that none of us ran into any major issues (whether general wellbeing/safety/comfort) under his care and guidance. He is also extremely knowledgeable about the Himalayas and the surrounding region, as he patiently answered all our questions and always kept us entertained with little nuggets of information. And added bonus to this all was Shreeram’s unique sense of humour which created a lighthearted vibe within our group, always making us chuckle away.

    Not forgetting our porters Dev and Surendra who also did an amazing job, each of them carrying >20kgs over their shoulders every day (with a strap across their forehead to support the load :O ) , never once complaining, and always early to arrive at our destination to secure the best rooms possible for us.

    All-in-all, we are extremely grateful to have had Shreeram, Dev and Surendra as part of our trip. While all the above may seem like “small” things, trust us when we say – it makes all the difference and is definitely what separates just “normal” from “GREAT”.


    Response from Nepal Trek Hub

    Hello and greetings from Nepal Trek Hub

    Thank you very much for your valuable feedback regarding our service. We are very glad to be with you for two weeks and could provide our service. We had a really good time with you people and we never forget your team as well. The time we spent together was too short for us and we did not know that it passed so quickly… but the memories we have is always with us. See you again in Nepal.

    Shreeram Thapaliya Managing director of Nepal Trek Hub

    Wonderful guide for the Annapurna Circuit!

    Rated 5.0 out of 5
    December 24, 2022

    I used Nepal Trek hub to help guide me and 2 others through a 17-day trek through the Annapurna circuit; from Ngadi to the Thurong La pass, with detours to Ice Lake, Tilicho Lake, Tatopani, and Poon Hill. And I’m so glad we used a guide. Shreeram (or “Ram” as we called him) and his team of experienced porters were indispensable. There was major flooding in 2021 – the year before our trip – and Ram and his team helped us find the remaining undamaged trails and helped us pick the best hotels to stay at for the best prices during the whole trip. He also helped to navigate the rock fall areas and gave us invaluable knowledge of the local environment and culture (and he’s a pretty good Nepali teacher to boot!). There is something about having that local connection that just can’t be replaced. We had the trip of a lifetime and will definitely be using Nepal Trek Hub again next time we come back to Nepal!!

    -Brant, USA, Minnesota

    Brant AXt

    Response from Nepal Trek Hub

    Hello Brant

    Thank you so much for appreciating our service regarding the Annapurna circuit trek. We are delighted to serve you and see you again in Nepal for another adventure

    Best wishes

    Shreeram, Nepal Trek Hub

    Thorong La pass on Annapurna circuit trek

    Many of the trekkers hikers say Thorong la pass trek for the Annapurna circuit trek. The reason is the Annapurna circuit trek crosses the one of the High Pass of the Himalayas that is Thorong la pass 5416 Meters. Thorong la pass is named because the trail passes the base of the Thorong peak 6100 Meters. The Thorong peak is just on the right side of the Thorong La pass. Trekkers need more stamina to pass the Thorong la because it is elevated at the 5,416 Meters. Trekkers can either start from Thorong Phedi 4600 meters or Thorong High Camp 4800 Meters. It takes 4-5 hours to reach the top of the Thorong La pass. The trail to Thorong la pass is not that difficult. It goes accent slowly and gently by crossing the multiple zig-zag and this is the most difficult part of the Annapurna circuit hike.

    Frequently asked question Regarding Annapurna circuit trek

    Here we have noticed some question from the trekkers before they go to Trek, We have put some answer here, if this does not satisfy your answer please do question us

    Which is the Annapurna circuit trek best time?

    October, November and March, April is the best time to trek here on Annapurna circuit, However May, September and December till 15 You can do, if you are lucky enough, you can see the good view of Annapurna Himalayan Range. For more deatails go through the Annapurna circuit trek best time

    How long walk per day and how difficult is walk on Annapurna circuit trek

    You are required to walk 6-7 Hours per day, It is easy walk however there is not so much stairs that makes annoy to you while you walk. But the trails has so much ups and down.

    What kind of accommodation is available in Annapurna circuit trek

    There are normal tea houses, the Himalayan houses has used wood alot for insulation, which is warm, the bed are quite comfortable because they have a foam mattress. For Bathroom you will have a shared bathroom and toilet also shared.

    Is there WIFI on Annapurna circuit trek

    Now most of the Tea houses they have a WIFI, The wifi works not that fast but you can stay on touch with your friend and family.

    Is there Hot Shower Available on Annapurna circuit trek?

    Yes, The house organize you hot shower, most of the place they have a gas Shower, which they charge you per person, per time each time you take the shower.

    Are there rescue service if there is something happened?

    Yes, We do emergency rescue as per your wish and needs, if it is not that bad then we do not rescue.

    Are there sufficient hotels on Annapurna circuit trek?

    Yes, There are many hotels and tea houses, but in high camp there is one and only guest houses.

    Is there water we can buy on Annapurna circuit trek?

    Yes, Certainly there is mineral water you can purchase from anywhere, along the trail but we request you to use the your own water purification system, It helps to reduce the number of plastic bottle in environment. Statistics tell there is 2.3 million water bottle that the trekkers consume in Annapurna circuit per year. be responsible to environment.

    Can I do Annapurna circuit and tilicho lake together?

    Of course, you can do the Annapurna circuit trek with Tilicho Lake and it is very suitable to do. From Manag there is a lower way to go to Tilicho Lake and after doing the Tilicho Lake trek you will arrive near Yak Kharka. For More information of the Tilicho Lake you can visit the Tilicho lake trek or Annapurna circuit with tilicho lake trek.

    Is there hospital or health check post on Annapurna circuit trek?

    Yes, In Manag there is Himalayan Rescue Association where, you can check up with Doctor

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