Nepal trek packing list is a gear items for the trekkers and traveler who wish to go Himalayas for trek. Normally you need a sufficient quantity of gears. We have listed some items please check it out.

It is very important to take sufficient clothing and equipment while you come to trek in Nepal. Efficient gears makes your trip always better and enjoyable in Nepal Himalayas. often people asked what should we bring to do the Nepal trek. So we have mentioned all things here in this page.
In some case packing too many things or too little can spoil your entire trip. So you need to know the Correct quantity and quality. Trip duration and difficulty determines the quantity, quality of gears. For Instance, to do Everest Base Camp trek, you obviously need more clothes than to do small and short trek such as a Poon hill trek.
Talking about Nepal, most of the trekking route starts from the lower altitude in moderate temperature to Alpine temperature. Thus, you need different types of clothing. We recommend you to bring fast-drying clothes which can dry very fast due to sweat and wet. Trekkers start their trek in light t-shirts and shorts as they go highers they need to wear warmer clothes.
Below we have made a list of Nepal trek packing list which might be very helpful to you if you are preparing to trek Nepal or aboard. We have not mentioned the quality, quality is up to you, if you want to buy the expensive one then you get a good one if you spent less obviously it is less quality. but make sure that will be good for you. Some common brands of outdoor are Northface, salewa, Columbia, Patagonia

Trekking gears for body

Here are the trekking equipment list for body.

Sleeping bag-15 to -20 would be preferable ( You can even rent here in Nepal we will arrange your sleeping bag however it is better if you have your own
Duffel or Rucksack bagBetter if rucksack should be waterproof if rucksack should have a cover
DaypackSmall one, Bring the small one where you can put your important stuff as well as drinking water
Down JacketFeather one with -20 or more would be cool
ShadeCap or round hat to protect sun
ear coversWarm wool hat to cover your ears
SunglassesBetter with UV protection
HeadlampFor emergency
Neck warmerFor keep you warm
GlovesWind-poof and warm with comfortableness
T-shirts Best with fast drying components as well as light
thermalGood thermal set
Fleece jacketFleece jacket for warm when you are in rest place
Wind stoppersWind-Stopper for extreme wind
Underwear itemsA pair’s nylon hiking shorts, quick drying one Underwear,Two pairs lightweight long underwear
Trekking pantsTwo pairs trekking pants, preferably that zip on/off at the knees so they double as shorts
SocksFour pairs of liner warm socks
Trekking bootsmedium weight water proof hiking/trekking boots.
Camp shoes or ScandalA pair light trekking shoes for camp/lodges or sandal (Optional) or Flip Flop

Other Equipments

Other than body, you need other equipment for your comfortableness and easiness

First Aid Item
1 Extra Strength Excedrin for altitude related headaches
2Ibuprofen for general aches and pains
3Anti-infection ointments
5Lip balm (At least SPF 20)
6Detol, Betadin, tape
7Immodium or Pepto bismol capsules for upset stomach or diarrhea.
8Diamox 125 or 250mg tablets for altitude sickness.
91 small personal sized first-aid kit with blister treatments such as mole skin, band-aids, some waterproof tape, anti-infection ointments, etc.
Miscellaneous but Important Trekking equipment list
1 Passport and extra passport photos (4 copies)
2Durable wallet / pouch for travel documents, money and passport.
3Pocket knife.
4Water purification lodine tablets
5filter to filter the water
6Drinking Water Bottle or float-able bottle
7Toiletry kit and be sure to include toilet paper stored in a plastic bag, hand wipes, and liquid hand sanitizes, towel, soap, etc.
Optional Trekking equipment list
1 Adjustable trekking poles
2Favorite snack foods (No more than 2 pounds)
3Paperback books, cards
4Cameras (Memory cards, chargers and also batteries)
Above the things that we mentioned are generally needed things to do trek. But when you are planning to specific destination let’s us know so that we can suggest you the best list.