Best time to visit Nepal is spring and autumn season. There are many activities you can do with excellent weather. It is good to Know that which is best season to go Nepal, so you know what you are really going to do there.

Often we get’s same question from most of the travelers that which is Best time to visit Nepal. Well, let’s us give some introduction of Nepal . The Himalayan Nation Nepal is of roughly trapezoidal shape which is around 800 kilometers, long and 200 kilometers. Nepal has area of 147,181 km2 (56,827 sq mi). Due to the well location as well as mountain so many adventure travelers goes here.
Nepal is considered as roof of the Earth, the country of high mountains, and beautiful valleys. Weather in Nepal is very unpredictable. So as a visitor, you should understand the varied climate of this beautiful country. This gives you idea that when to visit. After all, you’ve got to visit when the country is at its beautiful best!

High SeasonMarch, April and May then September, October, November
Low SeasonJune to August
The Fall months of September to November is one of the best time to visit Nepal, for people who wish to visit Kathmandu, and for those who want to trek.
You’d expect the home of the Himalayas to be chilly round the year, but it really does have a varied climate. October and November, or the fall season, is the best time to visit Nepal, as there will be sunny days, and clear skies, making these months ideal for those who want to trek. Between the months of March and May, tourists can enjoy the best of the spring season. There will still be some chill in the air, but the flowers will burst into bloom, and the sun will be up! This is also a great trekking season with clear skies, however, the skies may not be as clear as during October.
If you are primarily trekking in the mid-lands region, and want to know when to visit Nepal, know that there is pleasant weather the entire year round, perhaps with the exception of January / December, where it’s rather cold, but even that period is okay, if you have warm enough clothes. Monsoon season in Nepal is from mid-June to mid-September. It’ll rain a couple of hours a day and be mostly cloudy, but still with clear skies some days.

March to May – Spring / Good Season

This season starts when the birds start sing and the wild flowers blossom in the countryside jungle. The fact that Spring is the most awesome season of Nepal if the weathers opens perfectly.
The giant green hills get the cover with green leaf and a lot of rhododendron of different color. In the Everest region, there is a huge range of white Rhododendron spices, While in Annapurna pink and purple color of Rhododendron blossoms.
With rhododendron, different type of Magnolia flowers that make a forest white and beautiful. The wild birds and animals come out to relish the blissful spring. This is the best time to view wildlife in Chitwan National Park and Bardia National park.
Spring is known as the second-best season for trekking in Nepal. The joyful temperature and the beautiful nature make the trekking in the hills a joyfuthe experience.

QUICK FACTSDescription
Average Temperature46 – 84° F / 8 – 29° C (in Kathmandu)
RainfallVery less, 10 – 90 mm
HighlightsSpring is second great season to visit Nepal. The treks can be undertaken during this period and it is very awesome. This is also the major climbing season such as Everest, Makalu, Manaslu and many other 8000 Meter peaks. Small climbing such as Island Peak, Mera Peak, tent peak, yela peak can be done also without any problem. people who are looking for a more culturally oriented tour will find Bhaktapur and patan to be a great place to visit in April. Traditional Nepali new year festival of Bisket Jatra Navavarsha is celebrated with great pomp and splendor in this typical Nepali Newari town and it is an experience which you won’t observe anywhere else.

Autumn ( September, October, November and Early december ):

The most top, beautiful and best season for adventure in Nepal is Autumn season. Post monsoon season, is autumn, During this time when most of the travelers visit Nepal to not miss the glance of Nepal.
During this season there is perfect weather, clear skies, sunshine, warm days and cool nights. The clear skies are great for viewing the beauty of the magnificent mountains.
huge number of tourist from around the globe come to see the best of mountain view. Due to clear weather, most of the trekkers trek to Himalayas such as Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek and many other trek of Nepal.
Nepalese big festival Dashain, Tihar are in this period so you can also experience the feelings and vibes of Festival. You can see unique cultures and traditions in countryside as well as temple
Autumn season is also a great time to visit the national park in southern Nepal where the temperature is still cooler.

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Average Temperature 45 – 67° F / 7 – 19° C around Kathmandu
RainfallVery less
HighlightsIf you come to Nepal this time, this is the most beautiful time to visit. You can do all treks, tour, rafting, some peak climbing this season. Small and easy touristic destination such Nargakot, Dhulichel, and Bandipur are also very beautiful to visit. You can see the mountain range from most of the place that we mentioned above.

December to February – Winter Season

Winter season is not that good to see the Nepalese giant Himalayas as well as adventure activities still people do it. It depends upon the weather but most of the time in this season the view is not that pretty. Himalayan Weather during these months is cloudy, foggy, and rather cold.
Normally travelers follow in this months are less than in other months, because this is not the adventure travel season, often people come to see the cultural things and other soft adventure such as rafting, jungle safari, tour too
Religious tour are all season in Nepal, there are many Hindu and Buddhist tourist who come in this months as well. Due to extreme cold weather in Himalayas, Some challenging trek route may close because of over-snow. Everest base camp trek, Manaslu circuit trek, Annapurna circuit trek may close for some period.
There are still other trek routes such as Poon Hill Trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Langtang valley trek and some short and small hike can be done during this period.

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Average Temperature 36 – 53° F / 2 – 11° C (in Kathmandu)
Rainfall 0 – 8 mm, Very less but most of the time weather is cloudy
HighlightsSoft trek such as Poon Hill Trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Mardi himal trek, langtang valley trek, Helambu trek, short hiking, cultural tour can be done this time.

Monsoon season (Rainy season)

Well, monsoon is not good anywhere so as here in Nepal too. Most of the time the rains (Generally it starts from June 10-15 till at the mid of September. Walking in the countryside this time is very difficult due to rainfall, flood and leeches problem.
often tourist do the trek in this time as well, there are place where you can see mountain still. for example Annapurna base camp trek in monsoon is also good. but leeches are the problem this time.
The monsoon season is good for upper mustang trek, dolpo trek which are behind the Himalayas.

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Average Temperature 63 – 84° F / 17 – 29° C (in Kathmandu)
Rainfall 129 – 239 mm more or less usually the weather is cloudy
HighlightsUpper dolpo, Upper mustang, lower dolpo trek and city tour as well as cultural tour are very good also in this time. it is not good to do Adventure trek still, you can do the trek but the weather might impacts on your experience.