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Larke pass trek or Larke la pass trek or Larkya la pass trek is located in the north of Gorkha District. It is one of the adventure passes of Nepal. The Larke la pass 5106 meter, is also known as a Manaslu trek. The Manaslu trek is also considered as a Manaslu circuit trek which circles the Mt. Manaslu 8,153 meter clockwise. The Adventure trek starts from Arughat which is elevated at the very lowland. Larke la passes itself an amazing place to have a great view of Himlung and other mountain ranges. The amazing Manaslu trek more than 15 days to more. You can make it longer as per your time and interest. Larke la pass also offers the great view of Ngadi peak 7800 Meter, Manaslu 8153 Meter, Cheo Himal, Buddha Himal and many other countless peaks including the Larke peak itself. The amazing landscape of the Budi Gandaki river is one of the worthy things that you like on this Larke la pass hiking. Initially, the Budi Gandaki river valley is small but when we reach to Syala the valley becomes wider and the landscape becomes flattered as well.

The stunning hike Larke pass is one of the best trek attractions for the tourist these days. They said that it is the best alternative to the Annapurna circuit trek. That is the reason these days the number of tourists in the Larke la pass is growing continuously. The increasing volume of the trekkers making the local lifestyle quite better.

The larke la pass trek also a great opportunity to learn about the Nubri people around this valley. The people in this region are more likely to Tibetan and their cultures also match with Tibetan people. They also trade Tibet these days as well. They go to Tibet to sell their things and bring the daily supplier for their home. The Tibetan Buddhism is the main religion here and people have a great discipline on it. Farming is the profession of the people in this valley while some people also do some business.

In every village you can see the countless Choreten and mani walls. The Chorten is built to protect the village from the dead spirit they said. Lho Monastery, Namrung Monastery are the biggest monasteries here but there is also a monastery in Samagaun.

Lho Monastery has students to learn Buddhism as well as the textbook. There are many monks who come from all over Nepal but the majority of the monks are from Northern Gorkha. Phungen Monastery and Manaslu base camp is the best day hike which you can do while you are doing the acclimatization in Samagau. Birendra Lake is just above the Samagaun which has increased the charms of going to hike the Manaslu base camp for the trekkers

larke pass trek height/elevation

Larke la pass trek height/elevation is 5106 Meter/ 16,750 Feet. The elevation of this pass is quite lower than Thorong la pass 5,416 Meter, Cho la pass 5420 meter but this is quite harder than Thorong la pass due to the physical geography. Dharmasala 4460 meter is the last place to sleep before larke la. Now the trail does not climb that much but it goes multiple times up and down in those moraine trails. The trail is not that easy because of uneven rocks, some are tine some are quite massive. When there is so much snowfall, it is always very hard to find the right trails because you never know where you will place the feet so that you might be dumped on it.

Larke/larkya la pass trek Highlights

There are many reasons why the hikers want to do the Larke la pass trekking, Here are, Larke/larkya la pass trek Highlights

  • The diversified landscape of the Budi Gandaki river valley.
  • The green high hills and fast following Narrow Budi Gandaki river valleys.
  • Countless Chorten, and Mani walls along the trekking trail and the Stunning view of Mt Shringi Himal from Jagat.
  • Friendly Nubri valley people, their lifestyle, cultures, traditions as well as religions and society.
  • The biggest monastery of the Manaslu region is the Lho Monastery.
  • Ngadi Peak 7871 meter, Buddha Himal 6692 meter, Cheo Himal, Himlung Himal, Nemjung, Gyaji Kang, Kang Garu, and Annapurna II and other countless peaks.
  • Birendra lake and wonderful hike to Manslu base camp.
  • Traditional settlements of Nubri valley people in Samagaun.
  • Best hike to Samdo peak to see the Manaslu mountain range.
  • Different kinds of wildlife such as a blue sheep, monkeys and many more.
  • Challenging hike to Larke la pass 5106 Meter, and open landscape to larke la pass.
  • Adventure hike to Larke la, larke peak 6,249m / 20,502 feet, Himlung Himal 7,140 Meter, Ponker lake.

Larke/Larkya la pass trek permits

To trek Manaslu you need to have special permits a Larke/Larkya la pass permits which allow you to trek Manaslu circuit trek or Larke la pass trek. There are two national parks which you need to go through for this trek, Manaslu conservation area project permit and Annapurna conservation area project permits. These are the permits that you need to get through the registered trekking agency. Here are the cost and types of the permit given below.

S.NAreaGovernment permit charge
1Gorkha Manaslu Area
Chumnubri Rural Municipality
(All areas of ward nos. 1,2,3 and 4)
September – November
USD 100 per person / week
USD 15 per person / day (beyond 1 week)

December – August
USD 75 per person / week
USD 10 per person / day (beyond 1 week)
2Manaslu conservation Area Project permitThis is Manaslu conservation cost 30$
2Annapurna conservation Area Project permit
As you arrive to Manag, which is part of Annapurna
Annapurna conservation project permit 30$

Larke/Larkya la pass trek difficulty

Many trekkers and hikers willing to do the trek but want to know the Larke/Larkya la pass trek difficulty, well we have given our perspective on how difficult it is to do it.

  • Each day Trekkers have to trek around 6-7 hours on a tough trekking route, up and downs are very normal.
  • The Highest elevation trekkers must sleep is around 4450 Meter on Dharmasala.
  • Larke/Larkya la pass is quite tough, you need to trek 6 hours from the Dharmasala to Larke/Larkya la pass top.
  • Altitude mountain sickness can happen to anyone during this trek but the chances are around only 2% people can get this
  • When you reach to lho you might not get the good sleep due to the Altitude mountain sickness.
  • The pass elevation is 5106 Meter
  • There are enough days to acclimatize (Samagaun and Samdo), so you don’t need to worry about acclimatizing.

larke/larkya la pass trek weather

Larke/Larkya la pass trek weather differs as per the season you go on the trek to Larke la pass/ Manaslu circuit trek. Below we have mentioned how the weather becomes season-wise. Please check this out.

Winter season(December, January and February):This is the coldest and not appropriate time to trek larke la pass. The weather this month is not that nice, since these are the coldest months of the year, the temperature goes -30 degree Celsius to more in morning time. Whereas during the day time it might be +12 degree Celsius to more. Winds and snowfalls are very common at this time. There might be a trek path block immediately if the weather becomes worse. You need to be very careful this season.
Spring season(March, April and May) spring season is known as the second best season for trekking in Nepal himalayas. With the perfect and pleasant weather you can take the full enjoyment of being on mountains. Normally most of the time of this spring season the sky is blue and mountains are perfectly visible. High visibility and less cloudy during the day are main features of this season. Down in the alpine forest you can see the rhododendron blooming. The mountain passes would be without snow. The lowest temperatures in the morning would be -10 degree Celsius more. But during the sunny day it might be +18 degree Celsius and more.
Marchthis is a good month for trekking, the first week of march is not that pretty but later on the temperatures grow and you can see the marvelous view of himalayas. Sky becomes clean blue.
AprilAnother best month for trek in Nepal, Slowly the temperatures in the mountains grow more than March and the sky remains mostly blue.

Larke/larkya la pass trek itinerary

Larke/Larkya la pass trek itinerary has been given here below please check this, if this is not suitable for you we can make the customize trekking plan. in Addition you can go to Manaslu tsum Valley Trek which is longer plan.

  • Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu

  • Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu and permit preparation

  • Day 03: Drive to Soti Khola 775 Meter

  • Day 04: Soti Khola to Machha Khola 900 M/ 2952 FT. 6 Hours

  • Day 05: Machhakhola to Jagat 1340 M/ 4397 FT. 7 Hours (Control Regions starts from here)

  • Day 06: Jagat to Deng 1804 M/ 5917 FT 7 Hours

  • Day 07: Trek Deng to Namrung 2630 M/ 8626 FT, 7 Hours

  • Day 08: Namrung Lho village 3300 M/ 10498 FT. 5 Hours

  • Day 09: Lho village Samagaun 3500 M/ 11483 FT 6 Hours

  • Day 10: Exploration day at Samagaun 3500 M/ 11483 FT Whole Day

  • Day 11: Samagaun to Samdo 3860 M/ 12664 FT. 3 Hours

  • Day 12: Samdo to Dharmasala 4460 M/ 14632 FT 5 Hours

  • Day 13: Dharmasala Bhimthang 3720 M/ 12204 FT 9 Hours

  • Day 14: Bhimthang to Dharapani 1860 M/ 6102 FT. 7 Hours

  • Day 15: Dharapani Syange 1080 M/ 3542 FT. 7 Hours

  • Day 16: Drive to Kathmandu

  • Day 17: Departure

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