Nepal trek hub has been supporting the education since it’s the establishment. Education is the main backbone of the country’s development. So from our earning, we contribute some amounts to our philanthropic activities. After Devastating earthquake 2015 many schools collapsed and till now they are on the reconstruction process. The school located in the Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk as well many other districts need help till now. As the government fund is limit and they are mainly for the buildings as well as the administrative cost of school. Your and our help is very much essential for the students of Government school of Nepal.

We mainly focus on the development of educational support and educational infrastructures. Nepal Trek hub has been doing social work with the partnership of Local NGO community development foundation project.

Teaching volunteering Nepal

We offer Teaching volunteering Nepal to any international students or people who want to teach English to Nepalese school students. English is a very common subject you can teach in Nepal because basically Nepalese students are quite weak in English. So you are welcome to do this, you will be placed either Nuwakot or Sindhupalchowk

Nepalese students Scholarship

Nepalese students need Scholarship for their school. There are many children who’s parents are in poverty so they can not afford to their children education. Giving scholarship to the Nepalese school kids is one of the social work which can change students life. You can do scholarship to the Nepalese students and get back the progress report from the students. There are many orphanage children who have a dream to get more education. We have been doing this, you can take more information from us

Nepal Trek Hub Education support mission

  • To increase the basic infrastructures of the school
  • To offer Students the recreational and sports equipment
  • To offer the students extra curriculum activities that make the student more active and talent
  • To change student’s behavioural aspects and teach them better English through the teaching volunteering
  • Scholarship to the poor students who needs support
  • To make a student’s friendly and recognizable with the international cultural exchange through the teaching volunteering.

What Nepal Trek hub has done till Now

  • We have supported the School of Talakhu for building the school buildings, we have supported to build the structures with help of Cement as well as iron
  • We are giving scholarship for the Government School students and supporting their stationery materials
  • We have organized a different program on school such as a drawing program as well as quiz program
  • We have given the stationery as well as a sports equipment to the students of Nuwakot
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