Kyanjin Ri and Tserko Ri

Kyanjin Ri and Tserko Ri

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Kyanjin Ri (4773m / 15655 ft), and Tserko Ri 5033 m/16,500 ft also known as Tsergo Ri are the most unique viewpoints and best things to explore on Langtang trek. All the trekkers who go to Langtang trek hike at least one of these viewpoints to have a stunning view of the Langtang Himalayan Range. This is like the Kala Patthar of the Everest which offers the most spectacular view of the Everest Range in the same way this hiking viewpoint also offers the incredible view of the Langtang Range. The viewpoints are very different and trail to viewpoints. Once Trekkers are in the Kyanjin Gompa they may get the dilemmas about which one should be done to get the immense view of the Langtang that is the reason we have tried to give our best to give our suggestions for the trekkers.

Kyanjin Ri (4773m / 15655 ft)

Kyanjin Ri is the most popular and easily accessible hiking viewpoint to see the Langtang Range. The Name Kyanjin Ri is taken from the Name of the Kyanjin Village and the village name comes from the Kyanjin Monastery. So, Kyanjin Village and Kyanjin Viewpoints both are named after the Kyanjin Monastery. The Monastery is located at the side of the Kyanjin Village. The Kyanjin Ri (Lower) 4360 Meters is one of the most delightful viewpoints in Langtang to view the stunning mountain ranges. Trekkers can get an incredibly stunning view of the Mountain ranges, the glaciers, and the valleys from here. Most of the trekkers just reach here to observe the view.

But wait, there is another Kyanjin ri (higher) 4770 meters which is just in front of the Yurba Himal and you can see the icefalls and glaciers from very near. The trail to Upper Kyanjin Ri is through the ridge of the mountains and often it is scary if there is snow on the way. Need to be careful when going there and takes about 1.5 hours normally from Lower Kyanjin ri to Higher Kyanjin ri and there is another way to go down from the higher Kyanjin ri. Which means less steep and much easier than the Lower Kyanjin Ri Through.

How to Hike Kyanjin Ri

Most of the trekkers keep a leisure/rest day at the Kyanjin Village to explore around the area and trekkers go to the Kyanjin Ri. Kyanjin Ri is a day hike, so it is very good to start the hike as early as in the morning. The Morning hike is very beneficial because trekkers can have a stunning view of the Himalayas whereas the same view may be invisible during the late day after the clouds gather in the Himalayas. Usually, around the Morning there is less chance of the clouds and winds on the mountain terrains so you can hike the Kyanjin Ri very well. With enough gears and clothes, you can enjoy your Kyanjin Ri hike very much.

What to bring on the Kyanjin Ri Hike

Well, if you are on the kyanjin ri then it is very easy for you to hike the Kyanjin ri. Trekkers can leave all the stuff in their hotel and go with the very little stuff like water, some dry fruits and chocolate. We recommend trekkers to wear enough clothes and good hiking boots while trekking to Kyanjin Ri because of the trails conditions and the extreme cold temperature. The Hiking trails are not well marked and you need to trek through the yak trails. Hiking poles and crampons are very good if you want to be more convenient while hiking to the Kyanjin Ri. Bring enough drinking water if you are going to Hike the Kyanjin Ri.

What to see from the Kyanjin Ri

The Kyanjin Ri offers one of the best views of the Langtang Himalayan range which you can not see anywhere else except Tsergo Ri. Trekkers can see the beautiful Kyanjin Village, numerous glaciers, yak pasture, wide bank of the Langtang River and more importantly the Mountains peaks. You will be able to see the Langtang Lirung 7,234 M, Langtang RI 7,205 M, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 M, Loenpo Gang 6,907 M, Changbu 6,781 M, Gangchenpo 6,387 M, Morimoto 6,150 M, Yala peak 5,520, Ganjala Peak, Ganjala pass and Many more mountains. This mountain view can be observed in a 360 degree panoramic way with the giant moving glaciers too. You will also be able to see the Avalanches sometimes.

What gears are useful

  • Depending on the season, if it is necessary to bring the gear ( it is monsoon then you need to have rain gear, if it is winter then it is very beneficial to have crampons and gaters which makes your hike much easier.
  • Warm (down jackets), wind stoppers, warm trousers and fleece inside would be much nicer to go there
  • Sunglasses, hand gloves, woollen hats, a bottle of water during the hikes, some energy bars, chocolates and dry fruits which give you instant energy.
  • Trekking poles make your hike much easier

Tserko Ri (5033 m/16,500 ft)

Tserko/Tsergo (5033 m/16,500 ft) Ri is another best view point but less popular and more difficult than the Kyanjin Ri. The Tserko Ri is named by the Tserko Peak 5700 Meters. The Tserko Ri hike is more time consuming and more difficult than the Kyanjin Ri Hike. If you want to hike to it then you should be quite good at walking plus there are also chances of the Getting AMS While hiking to Tserko Ri. The Tserko Ri Hikes offer a more clear view of the Yala Peak sides mountains. The Tserko Ri hikes can be very tough if there is Snow on the Top of the Tsergo ri. Most of the time there is snow on the top.

How to Hike Tserko Ri

We recommend you to hike Tserko Ri very early in the morning because it takes about 8-9 hours to hike to Tserko Ri and arrive at the Kyanjin Gompa. The trail to Tserko Ri goes slowly but continuously up till the Tserko Ri. If you hike very early in the morning you will have many benefits like you may have a great view and avoid the winds too. You need to have good clothes and boots, as well as head and other parts, covered. This protects you from the extreme cold weather on the way and even in viewpoints. Most of the trekkers can reach the Tserko Ri but some can not because they may suffer from AMS.

What to take while hiking to Tserko Ri

Hiking to Tserko Ri is long and tough too although it offers the breathtaking view. With some stuff, you can make your hike more convenient and easy too. It is a long day hike so you may also bring the packed lunch, dry fruits items, chocolate and energy bar that allows you to save from starving on the hike. You need to have also Enough water with you to drink. It is very good if you have crampons and trekking stick with you. Both hikes are very sloppy so having the crampons helps you a lot. Rain jackets and trousers are other things that you should not miss while going to Hike the Tserko Ri trek from Kyanjin Ri.

What to see from the Tserko Ri

As compared to Kyanjin Ri trekkers gain some altitude so it offers a more unique view than the Kyanjin Ri at some points. Most of the trekkers hike here to reach the maximum elevation and get the satisfaction too. Hiking to Tsergo Ri allows you to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the Langtang Kyanjin Area and around the far side of the Terko Ri Peaks. If you are lucky you may also see some wild blue ship and thar. Apart from that, you will see the marvellous view of the Mountains peaks like Langtang Lirung 7,234 M, Langtang RI 7,205 M, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 M, Loenpo Gang 6,907 M, Changbu 6,781 M, Gangchenpo 6,387 M, Morimoto 6,150 M, Yala peak 5,520, Ganjala Peak, Ganjala pass and many other mountains.

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