Gosaikunda trek route

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Gosaikunda trek route

Gosaikunda trek route is the option for the Gosaikunda trek, which is one of the short and most stunning treks of Nepal. Gosainkunda lake is elevated at the altitude of 4380 meters in the top of the Himalayas and it is the origin of the River Trisuli. The Gosainkunda lake has a very big religious belief among the Hindu and Buddhist people. The Gosainkunda Lake is very popular for the Nepali devotees too. Every year in (Janaipurnima), Nepali festival thousands of the Nepali people come to take the bath in the holy lake Gosainkunda and get salvation. The Gosainkunda lake trek is incredibly beautiful to see the Langtang Himalayan range, Manaslu and Ganesh Himal too. There are many options available for the Gosainkunda lake. Here, We have discussed the Gosaikunda trek route. But before we begin let’s discuss the Gosaikunda lake trek.

Gosaikunda lake

Gosaikunda lake is a holy lake which lies at middle Langtang National Park. Trekkers hikers also tell it Gosainkuna pass or Surya Kunda pass trek too. If they pass the Gosainkunda pass then they reach to the other side of the Langtang National park. Lake Gosaikunda is elevated at the altitude of 4,380 m (14,370 ft) in the Rasuwa District. There are other popular lakes below and above the Gosainkunda lake and all have it’s own religious significance too. According to Hindu myth, Gosaikunda is the abode of the Hindu god Shiva.

Samundra Manthan

The Hindu scriptures Bhagavata Purana, Vishnu Purana refer to Samudra Manthan to find the amrita known as the nectar of immortality. From the Samundra Manthan poison produced before amrita, and that poison started to destroy everything. Lord Shiva drunk that poison, afterwards he got a neck burn then went to walk to the world seeking the cold place. When he arrived at Gosainkunda he hit the hill with his trident and drank the cold water and lied himself to the lake. This is the place where Big river Trisuli origins from here. That is the reason why Gosaikunda lake is so holy to the Hindus.

What to see on Gosaikunda trek.

Gosainkunda trek offers the wide range of the Himalayan scenery, lakes, national parks and wildfires. Gosainkunda lake lies in the Langtang National park which is the home of endangered species like red panda, Himalayan mountain bear, Musk deer, Himalayan wild goat and snow leopards too. The National park has many types of flora and flowers too. On this national park rhododendron, orchids, magnolia, and numerous other botanical species can be found while you trek/hike to Gosainkunda lake. Hikers can see the Langtang Lirung (7246m), Gangchhenpo (6388m), Dokpu peak (5930m), Naya Kangri (5846m), Yala Peak (5500m), Ganesh Himal, Mt Manaslu 8,153 Meters and many other peaks while doing the Gosainkunda lake trek. If you do the Gosainkunda pass you can see the Dorje lakpa, Jugal Himal and Melamchi village too. You will arrive at the Helambu if you pass the Gosainkunda lake.

When to do the Gosaikunda trek.

October is the main month for trekking in Nepal and so as a Gosainkunda trek too. There are 2 best seasons for a trek in Nepal. One is Autumn and another one is Spring seasons. In Autumn season(October and November) trekkers can enjoy their trek very much because of the weather and temperatures suits for the trekking activities all over Nepal. The days are usually sunny and you can see the mountains for the whole day. There will be less chance of clouds too. While on the other hand spring (March, April and May) is the second-best season for trekking in Nepal. It is also the flower blooming season so the hikers can see the whole forest full with the flowers like rhododendron and magnolia in the forest of the National park. Days are very good and there is very less chance of the rainfalls and snowfalls.

Langtang valley trek best time

What permits are required for Gosaikunda trek.

Like other treks of Nepal the Gosainkunda trek is also inside the Langtang National park which means you are required to take the permits for the trekking in the Gosainkunda. Due to the National park, the Nepal Army cares the National park entirely and takes the responsibility of the travellers if they missed or attacked the wildlife while hiking to the Gosainkunda trek. Hikers are required to take the National park permits in the Dhunche, Ghoda Tabela or Trisuli Hydropower dam in the Army check post. You just need the passport for the permits. The other permits are TIMS permits which are issued by the TAAN.

Langtang National Park permits

Need to take in the way by showing the passport and paying the required fees NPR 3000.

TIMS permits

Need to take from the Kathmandu by registered trekking agency or Tourism board.

What are the Gosainkunda trek routes

There are many routes that you can take to do the Gosainkunda trek. With your time you can expand or shorten it as per your needs. Normally, the shortest Gosainkunda trek is 5 days and the longest one may reach up to 21 days which includes the whole Langtang trek (Tamang heritage trails, Langtang Valley, Gosainkunda Lake and Helambu trek). Here we have tried to explain every possible route of the Gosainkunda trek.

Gosaikunda trek route from Dhunche and ends at Dhunche

This is the shortest days trek itinerary route of the Gosaikunda trek. Hikers/trekkers who have a very short period of time like a week in Nepal but want to see the Himalayas can do this trek. The trek takes about a week from Arrival to departure for the international travellers but for the Nepali people, it can take only 5 days or less. The trek starts at Dhunche and Ends at Dhunche too.

Gosaikunda trek route from Dhunche to Dhunche itinerary

Gosaikunda trek from Dhunche and ends at Dhunche itinerary is the shortest one and starts from the drive to Kathmandu. It takes 7-8 hours to arrive at Dhunche by the Local bus or jeep then you can start your trek from here. You will also end your trek at Dhunche too. Here is the itinerary.

1Arrival in Kathmandu1350 MeterYour time
2Dhunche1,950 Mft6-7 Hrs
3Cholang Pati2450 M6-7 Hrs
4Gosainkunda4380 M6-7 Hrs
5Sing Gompa350 M6-7 Hrs
6Dhunche1950 M6-7 Hrs
7Kathmandu1350 M7-8 Hrs

Langtang Gosainkunda trek route

Langtang Gosainkunda trek route is another very popular itinerary for the trekkers because you will also visit the Langtang trek from where you would see the close view of the mountains plus you will also reach the holy Gosaikunda lake at the end of the trek. Trek to Langtang valley takes you about 6-7 days and trek to Gosainkunda takes 4-5 days. So all in total it will be a 2 weeks trek from arrival to departure for the aboard trekkers. For the Nepali trekkers, it won’t take an 11 days hike because they can shorten their itinerary by trekking faster so in my opinion Nepali trekkers can do it 7-9 days time.

Langtang Gosainkunda trek routes itinerary

Langtang Gosainkunda trek route starts at the Syabrubesi and ends at Dhunche. Most of the trekkers like this because this is one of the best itineraries to see the Langtang and Gosainkunda. Trekkers need to take the permits at the Trishuli Hydropower dam or in Dhunche after that they can start the trek from the Syabrubesi.

1Arrival in Kathmandu1350 MeterYour time
2Travel to Syabrubensi1550 Meter8-9 Hrs
3Trek to Lamahotel2450 m6-7 Hrs
4Lamahotel to Langtang Village3430 M6-7 Hrs
5Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa3870 M3-4 Hrs
6Hiking DayKyanjin Ri (4350m) or Tserko Ri (5,000m)7-8 Hrs
7Return back to Lamahotel2450 M6-7 Hrs
8Thulo Syabru2230 m6-7 Hrs
9Sing Gompa3330 m6-7 Hrs
10Gosaikunda lake4460 m5-6 Hrs
11Sing Gompa3330 m7-8 Hrs
12Dunche1800 m5-6 Hrs
13Kathmandu1350 m6-7 Hrs

Tamang Heritage trail and Langtang gosainkunda trek route

Tamang heritage trails Langtang gosaikunda trek route is another best itinerary for the foregin trekkers. On this route trekkers can see the best of the best things that they could see on the Langtang trek. On the Tamang heritage trail they can see the lifestyle, traditions and culture of the Tamag people with some mountain views. When they arrive to the Langtang valley they can see the Lanagtang himalayan range including the Langtang Lirung 7,234 Meters, Langtang RI 7,205 Meters, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 Meters, Loenpo Gang 6,907 Meters, Changbu 6,781 Meters, Gangchenpo 6,387 Meters, Morimoto 6,150 Meters, Yala peak 5,520 Meters and many other peaks. Trekking to gosaikunda allows some beautiful views of the Ganesh himal and Manaslu range.

Tamang Heritage trail, Langtang gosaikunda trek route itinerary

Tamang heritage trail, Langtang gosaikunda trek route itinerary starts from Syabrubesi. The trek itinerary can be different durations like 17-18 days more or less for the international foregin trekkers. This will be less for the Nepali trekkers because Nepali trekkers can trek faster and tend to get the less Altitude Mountain sickness. Here is an itinerary.

1Arrival in Kathmandu1350 MeterYour time
2Travel to Syabrubensi1550 Meter8-9 Hrs
3Syabrubesi1460 Mft6-7 Hrs
4Gatlang Village2238 M6-7 Hrs
5Tatopani2607 M6-7 Hrs
6Nagthali3180 M5-6 Hrs
7Timure1762 M6-7 Hrs
8Rasuwagadhi1815 M6-7 Hrs
9Briddim2260 M5-6 Hrs
10Trek to Lamahotel2450 m7-8 Hrs
11Lamahotel to Langtang Village3430 M6-7 Hrs
12Langtang Village to Kyanjin Gompa3870 M3-4 Hrs
13Hiking DayKyanjin Ri (4350m) or Tserko Ri (5,000m)7-8 Hrs
14Return back to Lamahotel2450 M6-7 Hrs
15Thulo Syabru2230 m6-7 Hrs
16Sing Gompa3330 m6-7 Hrs
17Gosaikunda lake4460 m5-6 Hrs
18Sing Gompa3330 m7-8 Hrs
19Dunche1800 m5-6 Hrs
20Kathmandu1350 m6-7 Hrs

Gosaikunda pass trek

Gosainkunda pass trek also known as the Lauribina La pass at an elevation of 4,610 m (15,120 ft) is also a very popular route of gosaikunda trek. The pass allows you to enter into the other side of the Langtang Valley which eventually takes you to the near of the Kathmandu valley. At the end of the trek you will arrive in the Chisapani after doing the Gosaikunda pass trek. You can finish all the itinerary that we mentioned above in the Chispani, if you have more days. After you pass the gosaikunda pass you will reach into the new trekking area from where you can see the stunning view of the Dorje Lakpa and Rolwaling range mountains. For Nepali Trekkers, Gosaikunda pass trek for Nepali requires less days and durations and cost because Nepali people can walk faster.

What to see on Gosaikunda pass

The Gosaikunda pass or Lauribina la pass trek allows you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the mountain vistas like Gauri Shanker range, Dorje Lakpa, and Rolwaling Range. Trekkers can see the local villages and local traditions on the route to Gosaikunda pass – Tharepati – Kutumsang – Chisapani. The trek. Once you cross the Gosainkunda pass / Lauribina la pass, you will arrive at Tharepati from there 2 other options available for you. One is to go to Helambu Trek, another is to go to Chisapani.

Gosaikunda pass trek itinerary

Gosaikunda Lauribina la pass trek itinerary will be 10 days. The same Gosaikunda pass trek for Nepali can be done in 6-7 days too because Nepali people are more use to on trekking faster

1Arrival in Kathmandu1350 MeterYour time
2Dhunche1,950 Mft6-7 Hrs
3Cholang Pati2450 M6-7 Hrs
4Gosainkunda4380 M6-7 Hrs
5Ghopte Vir/ Phedi3440 M6-7 Hrs
6Tharepati1950 M6-7 Hrs
7Kutumsang2450 M7-8 hrs
8Chispani2134 M7-8 Hrs
9Kathmandu1350 M4-5 Hrs
10Departure1350 M4-5 Hrs

Gosaikunda Trek for Nepali

Gosaikunda trek for Nepali is a trekkers/travellers wish to go to Gosainkunda for the short trek. This is perhaps the best trek for Nepali to be in the mountain for the short period at a very low cost. With friends and family, Nepali trekkers can enjoy the trek to Gosaikunda very much. First of all, you can enjoy nature and the mountain views while trekking to Gosainkunda, secondly, Nepali people can take the bath on Gosaikunda Holy lake and get blessings from Lord Shiva. The itinerary that we mentioned above can be done even in less period by Nepalese trekkers.

Gosaikunda Trek cost for Nepali

Gosaikunda trek cost for Nepali should be around NPR 16,000 to above Per person on the first itinerary of the Gosaikunda Trek. It depends on how much you will spend there. If you eat Nepali Meal then it is very cheap but if you eat foreign dishes and drinks too then the cost will be higher for you. Travelling together can save your cost. Remember we have predicted the cost using the local transportations, If you hire the Jeep then it costs you around NPR 10,000 For Hiring the jeep in a single way.

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