Patan tour is one of the most liked day tours in Kathmandu valley. The Patan city is located near Kathmandu and known as one of the cities of fine art. The city is very special in wooden arts and stone arts. The UNESCO world heritage site Patan is very unique in a structure where you can see the Malla Kings time temples and the palace.

Patan is also locally known as Lalitpur and used to be a very central area a long time ago for Buddhism. As a result, you can still see many Buddhist Mahabihar in Patan area. The four corners of the Patan city are marked by the Buddhist stupa. The Patan durbar square is one of the major landmarks to see in Patan city. The temples around the durbar square have increased the charm of the Patan durbar square. Talking about the architecture of the Patan which is superior to Bhaktapur and Kathmandu. The Malla Kings were ruling here before Nepal went to the unification by the Shah Dynasty king Prithivi Narayan Saha. Siddhi Narsangha Malla was the greatest king of the Patan who built the Krishna temple full of stone. It took 24 years to complete which are the major attractions of the Patan. Visitors can see the ancient Newari arts in the temples and palace area. Some of the major temples of the patan area are Krishna, Bhimsen, Taleju temple, bell, Bhai Dega and many other temples which increase the beauties of the Patan area.

Patan Durbar square

The ancient city Patan is 5 Km far from the holy Bagmati River which lies on the south-east of the capital city Kathmandu. The whole city Patan is full of Buddhist Vihar and different Hindu temples. The temple is full of various god and deities sculptures of the stone. You will see the great art of the stone, woods and terracotta in the Patan city while you do sightseeing in the Patan area.
The Patan Durbar square is highlights of the Patan tour which used to be the residence of the former king of the Patan. The temples and the structures around the Patan were built by the king of Patan in 300 years ago. Patan Square and its surroundings is a good specimen of ancient Newari architecture. There are three main courtyards inside the Patan Durbar square palace: Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk and Keshav Narayan Chowk. Mul Chowk, the oldest one, is at the centre of Patan square. Each chowk used to be used for various purposes by the kings such as administrations, entertainment and gathering. Inside the Mul Chowk, there are finest woodcraft and the temples which stand above the royal palace and there are fine stone taps which used to be the source for the water of the king family.

Mul Chowk

Mul Chowk is the largest courtyards in the Patan durbar square. This is the most well known main chowks. Ganga and Jamuna metal sculptures are here opposite of the Taleju temples in backsides.

Sundari Chowk

Sundari Chowk is south in front of Mul Chowk. The stone slave and the stone taps are around the chowk which used to be the water source for the king’s family. Locals also call it Tusha Hiti Chowk.

Keshav Narayan Chowk

Keshav Narayan Chowk is at the entrance of the main gate. Now back at the Keshav Narayan Chowk, there is a Museum. In the centre of the Keshav Narayan Chowk, there is a Keshav Narayan temple.

Krishna Temple

Krishna temple is made by the stone fully, it is dedicated to Hindu god Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna is one incarnation of the Lord Vishnu. The temple was built in the 17th century in Shikhara style. The history tells that it took 24 years to build this temple for the Siddhi Narsnigha Malla.


Buddhist Vihar Mahaboudha, which is made of clay bricks and mortar where there are several Buddha images engraved in the different metals. It is best vihar with the perfect terracotta arts.

Kumbeshwar temple

One of the tallest shiva temples of patan. There are two 5 story temples in Nepal, one is Nyatapole and another is Kumbeshwar temple. In Front of Kumbeswarar temple, there is baglamukhi temple. The temples area is attractive with the underground water taps and some other temple building styles. The kumbeshwar temple is built by the king Jasthiti Malla. Festival like janai purnima is a great gathering of the devotees here.

Jagat Narayan Temple

Jagatnarayan temple is a shikhara style temple of Lord Vishnu. Red mortar, terra cotta are used for the construction of the temple’s structures. It has some fine metal sculptures of Garuda, Ganesh and Hanuman.

Rudra Varna Mahavihar

The Rudra varna mahavihar is a big vihar for the Buddhist devotees and the Newar community of the Patan. The Mahavihar looks like a temple but it is not. Inside the main temple, there is a statue of the Lord Buddha and only child monks can be the main person of the vihar. The Mahavihar has 3 courtyards.

Patan cost includes

  • Patan full day sightseeing with the expert English speaking licence holder tour guide
  • Private Car with A/C Transportations wherever is Necessary and if you are with big groups there would be a Van
  • Drinking water

Cost excludes

  • Visa fees
  • Food during the city such as a kathmandu, pokhara
  • Personal expenses such as buying chocolate, drinks (beer, wine, alchohol)
  • Any meal or breakfast during the tour days
  • Personal nature expenses, any drinks and bar bills.
  • Your travel insurance (it is mandatory in case of emergency).
  • Any donation and monuments entrance fees.
  • Tips for the crew (Note : TIPS is not compulsory but highly expected)
  • Any other things which are not mentioned above
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