Why Manaslu circuit trek

Why Manaslu circuit trek

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Why Manaslu circuit trek in the Himalayas is trekkers wish to know what are the things and experience they can gain if they do Manaslu circuit trek. Before we begin to tell why Manaslu trek let’s know a little bit about Manaslu circuit trek.

Manaslu circuit trek is one of the top trekking destinations in Nepal. Most of the trekkers are considering it as the best alternatives of the Annapurna circuit trek because it circles one of the tallest Himalayan ranges including the Killer mountain Mt.Manaslu 8153 Meter. This is very ideal for the trekkers who are searching for something challenging but less tourist then it is the best trekking route to those kinds of travellers. The trekkers find grateful to be here because of the most diversified landscape, astonishing nature and very unique cultures of the local people around the Nuri Valley. The Budi Gandaki flows from the glaciers of Mt. Manaslu all the way down to the Trisuli River. Trekkers have a chance to see the civilization of the Budhi Gandaki River valley which includes all the tribes who live here from Arughat to Samaagaun.

Manaslu circuit trek or Manaslu trek is a control region from the government thus you need to take the special permit to trek here and those permits are only available through the government registered trekking agency. This trek is not possible to do as a freelancer. Or your information: the Larke La pass is the highest elevation that you gain here which is 5106 Meter and the pass is a quite a challenging one. The marvellous trekking routes Manaslu trekking is best rewarding in terms of the mountain scenery, nature, flora and fauna and the diversified landscape of the Northern Gorkha Himalayas. You will face the different climate and the vegetation is another amazing thing that you will explore on this trek. Here we are going to tell the top 7 reasons why you should choose to do the Manaslu circuit trek.

1. Manaslu circuit trek is one of the remote and off the beaten path trek

Manaslu circuit trek is the most scenic trekking trail of Nepal because the trail offers a spectacular view of the mountains. The peaks are countless and you will be crossing the trekking trails through the bottom or base of those high mountains peaks. The Manaslu trek is divided into 2 parts one is Tsum Valley and another one is Manaslu Trekking itself. You can see the Siringi Himal 7,165 m (23,507 ft), Himal Chuli 7,893 m (25,896 ft), Buddha Himal (6692m), Cheo Himal, Ngadi Chuli 7,871 m (25,823 ft), Manaslu 8,153 Meter, Samdo Peak, Manaslu North, Larke peak, Himlung Himal and many other peaks which can be seen very perfectly during this trek. The landscape is also amazing because of it’s unique geological structures. Until Lho the valley is steep and narrow and you can not see the mountain very well but once you are in Samagaun the valley becomes wider and flatter. You can see the mountains very perfectly when you are in Samagaun. The green forest and the local villages are other attractions of the Manaslu circuit trek that is why Manaslu circuit trek is best to do.

2. Manaslu circuit trek is most scenic trekking trails of Nepal

The Manaslu circuit trek is off the beaten path trek that is the reason there are fewer tourists to trek here. Since the government has made it the control region that is another reason there are fewer trekkers in this trekking route. And it is also a remote trek of Nepal because it is not facilitated like Annapurna base camp or Annapurna circuit trek. There is still homestay trekking and the people here are very traditional and everything has a very authentic taste. That is why it is one of the remote and off the beaten path trekking trails.

3. Manaslu circuit trek is less touristy and less crowded.

Due to the government restrictions and less popularity the Manaslu circuit trek gets fewer tourists than the other trekking trails of Nepal such as Everest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Annapurna circuit trek and poon hill trek. As all of us know that most of the trekkers don’t like to be in a crowd while on holiday. This is very suitable for those types of trekkers who love to stay calm and explore the wild nature in peaceful ways. You will have a very big chance to interact with the local people as well.

4. Manaslu circuit trek offers unique cultural experience

If you do this trek then you will have a various cultural experience because when you are below Jagat you will encounter the mixed settlement of the people. Here people are Buddhist and Hindus. You will learn Hinduism in the trekking starting point where if you go further higher you will see the Buddhist culture. The chorten on every village entrance and the countless Maniwalls may surprise you. You will see the women are very traditional in their traditional dress where the man has been modernized on their wearing matters. There are big monasteries on the Manaslu circuit trek and where monks study Buddhism. All the villages along the route are Tibetan Buddhist people.

5. It is circuit trek

This trek circles the Mt. Manaslu and other mountains. When you start your trek from Arughat you will never come back to the same place that you have started your trek. We have so many treks like that for Example Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek and Langtang trek are the trek. This trek starts from the same place and ends at the same place whereas Manaslu trek circles the Mt Manaslu through the Budhi Gandaki River and Arrives at Marshyangdi River which comes from Annapurna mountain range. That is the reason most of the trekkers like to do circuit trek rather than the other one so it is a perfect circuit trek.

6. Friendly and Hospitality manner of the local

In Nepal we believe that the guests are the good that is why Nepalese people try to give the best hospitality to the tourists and all the Nepalese are very friendly to tourists. The same thing is here as well the trekking routes locals are very friendly and smiley. They greet you and smile for you as you are there. That is why people like to visit the reason. You can see many people on the trek but most of these people say to you Tashi Delerk that means greet you very happily.

7. Walking through the snow and glaciers

This is another reason why people like to do Manaslu trek because some people like to walk on snow on Nepal High Himalayas and cross the glaciers while they are in Nepal. If you do Manaslu circuit trek then it is very common that you need to trek through the moving glaciers and you can also walk through the snow. Most of the time of the year the larke la pass contains snow. That is why Manaslu trekking is suited to the trekkers who wish to walk on the snow and glaciers.

8. Explorations of the base camp of the Killers Mountain.

Manaslu is known as a killer mountain due to its terrain and geological structures. The weather is very unpredictable here when climbers try to climb it, it is very dangerous that is why the climbers say to climb this mountain killer mountain. When you go trekking on this area you can go to the base camp of the killer mountain to see how it looks like from the base camp. From Samagaon it takes about 5 hours to reach the base camp but the view is very amazing and on the way, you can see the very beautiful and big lake Birendra. Birendra is the lake name which is elevated at the height around 3700 meters and the water comes from the Manaslu Glaciers.

Manaslu circuit trek FAQ

Here are some manaslu circuit trek faq, if you have more question please email us or whatsapp

Which is the best time to Manaslu circuit trek?p

Without any doubts, September to November are the first best season to trek. The second best season is March – April to trek in Everest. This time you can see the rhododendron flowers in lower land of Himalaya. In this both season the view is spectacular. However you can do also in other time but depends on your luck to see the Himalayas.

How many days is required to do Manaslu circuit trek?

The control region trek permits are issued for a week so in overall you need 16 Days or more to do Manaslu circuit trek.

How long distance is Manaslu trek?

It is quite longer hike, each day you need to hike around 15KM-20KM so would be around 200 KM more or less.

Is manaslu circuit and the tsum valley trek similar?

No it is not the Manaslu circuit trek and Tsum valley trek are different, yes the tsum valley is also a part of Mansaslu trek but you need to have a different permit for Tsum valley trek.

Is Manaslu circuit trek a tea house trek?

Yes it is a tea house trek. The tea houses are not that facilitated but it is a tea house trek and some of the tea houses even have internet connections these days.

Is there wifi on manaslu circuit trek?

There are WIFI in some certain places such as Samagaun, Samdo, lho, Namrung, Deng and some other places. The wifi is quite slower but it is ok to talk with your family and friends

Can I do shower on Manslu Trek?

Yes, You can do hot shower paying for shower, They charge you some money.

Is Manaslu circuit trek is tough to do?

No it is not that tough but it requires 6-7 hours walking each day in the mountain terrain. Ups and downs are very normal and you need to be at the maximum altitude around 5106 Meter.

Is there enough hotels in Manslu trek?

generally each village there are around 4-5 Tea houses. If there is busy season sometimes there might be a problem. Your guide will manage this things properly

What is the drinking water on Manaslu trek?

Yes, There is a availability of Mineral water, every tea houses. It is always not good to drink the mineral water, first it is quite costly to traveler, secondly it is damaging the Eco-system, the water company using a lot of plastic bottles. In a mountain mineral water bottle are a real threat to the environment. We can use the water purifier or water purification tablet and become a responsible traveler

Transportation to Manaslu trek

You can take the Jeep from kathmandu to Arughat and Dharapani to besisahar, From Besisahar you can use the public bus as well.

What is the maximum elevation of Manaslu trek?

Larke la pass 5310 Meter is the Maximum elevation of the manaslu Trek. this is on the way to bhimthang.

what permit for manaslu trek?

There are 2 National park permit you need to take. Manaslu Conservation Area Project Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Project permit and Special permit for Manaslu restricted area. Manaslu Restricted area project permit for 1 week is about 70$ per week person.

Can I do trek with child

If the child can walk for 6-7 hours, then you can trek with child too. otherwise you need to extend your trek days

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