Top 15 reasons Trek to Langtang

Top 15 reasons Trek to Langtang

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Trek to Langtang itself a memorable holiday of your lifetime. The experience you collect by doing the Langtang trek is so worthy. In recent years the trends of mountaineering tourism are growing and the impacts have been directly seen on trek trails like Everest base camp and Annapurna circuit trek. The trekker’s numbers are growing every year so the trek routes become more crowded. Here in Langtang, it is not like the other trekking trails. This is one of the less busy trekking trails of Nepal and another big merit of the Langtang trek is it is easy to trek trails as compared to other trekking trails of Nepal. Even a week or more time is enough to explore the beauty of this magnificent Langtang valley trek. The Langtang trek is a short form of the Langtang valley trek.

Trek to Langtang is an extraordinary holiday for the adventure and nature lovers, the trek goes through the Langtang National Park. The Langtang National park is home of the endangered species of wild mammals and birds, The Langtang Himalayan range is inside the Langtang National park where you can see the most spectacular views of the Langtang Mountain Range with the base of the Glaciers. Here are some reasons why you should trek to Langtang.

1. Trek to Langtang is to see the valley of the Himalayan glaciers.

The Langtang trek is known as a trekkers paradise. Numerous peaks around the Langtang are the main attractions of the trekking. Besides that, there are also numerous glaciers which are really beautiful to see. Those glaciers are very active and they usually produce a lot of avalanches. We can see the glaciers from the viewpoints very clearly. The biggest glaciers come from the Langtang Lirung Mountains. peaks like Langtang lirung 7,234 M, Gangchenpo 6,387 M, Morimoto 6,150 M has also glaciers. The glaciers and the mountain peaks are the major attractions of the trekking. Below the mountain peaks, you can see the cone forests which is a home for wild animals like Himalayan Thar and snow leopards.

2. Trek to Langtang is best for observing the amazing mountain scenery.

Himalayas are the major things that you would like to see on your trek. Langtang trekking offers you the magnificent view of the Himalayan range. Trekkers can see the stunning view of the mountains namely Langtang lirung 7,234 M, Langtang ri 7,205 M, Dorje Lakpa 6,966 M, Loenpo Gang 6,907 M, Changbu 6,781 M, Gangchenpo 6,387 M, Morimoto 6,150 M, Yala peak 5,520 M and many other peaks. There are many unnamed peaks that you would see on your trek plus seasonal mountains peaks as well. You would see the view from either Kyanjin Ri or Terko RI. Sisapangba the mountain above 8000 meter lies on the Tibet can be visible from the viewpoint but most of the people can not figure out which one is the Sisapangba. Every day after the Langtang village you can see the numerous peaks during your trek.

3. The friendly local people and their amazing culture are reason to trek the Langtang

Cultural interactions and friendship with the people around it might also be the travellers wish. If you are wishing that then the Langtang trekking is your most suitable hike trail. The friendly people and their Tamang cultures are very interesting for the trekkers. Tamang is one of the Ethnic groups of Nepal who has their own languages and unique cultures. Buddhist is their religions so they follow Buddhism in their rituals works such as birth, wedding and death. If you are lucky enough then you may see some ritual works as well. There are some monasteries in the Langtang trek area but the Kyanjin Gompa monastery is one of the biggest in the region and has some importance to the local beliefs. Local people are very friendly and ever-smiling on your arrival, they usually chat with visitors.

4. Langtang valley trek is suitable for the Family holidays.

Most of the trekkers who come to Nepal have heard the Name of the Everest, Annapurna and Manaslu. Only a few of the trekkers know about the Langtang that is the reason there are fewer travellers going on this trekking zone. The lack of popularity and also the reason there are less high mountains than other regions are the reason there are fewer tourists in this trekking zone. But Langtang is absolutely beautiful, the numerous peaks, the glaciers, friendly people and incredible nature are the highlights of the Langtang plus the incredible hospitality of the Langtang regions people are the reason why you must visit Langtang. If there are fewer people then you can enjoy your holiday in a peaceful environment. This is a very good destination for the peace lovers and the trekkers who like to interact with the locals.

5. Langtang valley trek is suitable for the Family holidays.

Looking for a family holiday with some adventure to enjoy nature then you must go to the Langtang trek. The trek is very suitable for the family. If you wish to trek in the mountain where you want to see nature and the real Nepalese life then you can choose this trek as your family holiday. Your family will definitely enjoy the trekking to Langtang. It is also easy for the family that all of your family members can do it without any problem. Thus, the Langtang trek is also a family holiday. If you want to read more about the Langtang family trek then please go through the link.

6. It is an easier trek than other treks of Nepal

So, how difficult is the Langtang trek? Talking about the Langtang trek difficulty it is one of the easy treks of Nepal. If you compare this trek with Everest base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek then it is a far easier trek. The trek is easy and it can be done by most of the tourists. The trial is also easier and requires less effort to walk on it. The maximum height you will gain is 3900 meters where you sleep for the night. You would go maximum 5100 meters or 4900 meters to see the Himalayan view by hiking from Kyanjin Gompa. Trekkers are required to walk 6-7 hours in a day on mountain terrain trails until the height below 4000 Meters

7. By trekking to Langtang valley you will contribute to their recovery from earthquakes

In April 2015 there was a massive earthquake in Nepal. The earthquake measured 7.9 magnitude and much physical damage happened at that time. Almost 10,000 people lost their lives, 30,000 more get’s injured and around 450,000 local houses were destroyed. From that earthquake, the Langtang Valley was affected mostly. The mountain fell down over the village because of the vibrations on the mountains the Langtang Lirung mountains fell down to the Langtang Village and the whole villages drowned under the landslides. It was a big landslide with the boulders of stone and frozen ice. Trekkers can see the landslides still on the Langtang villages. Only a few people survived that people have built their village a little bit above the landslides and doing the hotel business for their income. If you do the Langtang trek then you would also contribute their income by staying in their hotels

8. Langtang trek is cheaper than the other trek of Nepal.

Budget also matters on your adventure in Nepal. If you are travelling on a low budget and want to trek to see the Himalayas but wondering which one is the cheap and best destinations then without thinking further Langtang trek is the cheaper and best trekking trails as compared to the other trekking area like Annapurna and Everest Regions of Nepal. The Food Menu is relatively cheaper and the accommodations are also cheaper than the other routes of Nepal. It might be expensive if you take the private jeep to drive the Syabrubesi and Syabrubensi to Kathmandu. The drinks like beer and whisky are also cheaper but in the mountains, they are expensive because they have to transport it by the donkeys but overall the Langtang trek is cheaper than the other trek of Nepal.

9. It is also a short trek so trekkers who have a short period can do this as well

Looking for a short adventure in Nepal. Well, if you have a week or less time then you can try to do the Langtang trek. Within a week you can complete the Langtang trek because it is a short and easy trek. There is less chance of getting Mountain sickness on this trek. That is the reason even in a short period of time you can do the Langtang Trek easily. Of course, it is hard to drive and come out from syabru but it is definitely worth doing the Langtang trek.

10. The Langtang trek has various trek trails that trekkers can do as per their time

Considering the trekking trails, the Langtang region has many trekking trails inside the big Langtang National Park Area. The most popular one is the Langtang Valley trek which can be done in a week or more. It is best to see the Langtang Himalayan Ranges within a very short period of time and to gain the Langtang trek experience. Secondly, there is the Langtang Gosainkunda trek which requires more time around 2 weeks and crosses the Surya Kunda pass around 4600 Meters to arrive at Chisapani near Kathmandu or Melamchi. In this trek, you will be able to see the mountain ranges, highest peaks, glacial lakes, Tamang people’s cultures. Thirdly Tamang Heritage trail trek to learn the Tamang People cultures and norms including the Mountain scenery. As per your preference and time, you can choose the most suitable for you.

11. Trek to Langtang is the best chance to see the wildlife of the LNP

The Langtang National park (LNP) is one of the biggest national parks of Nepal located in the northern side of Kathmandu in the front of the Langtang Himalayan range. The Langtang National park is home to some endangered species of the Mammals such as a red panda, snow leopards and many other animals. It has many types of the Himalayan deers, Himalayan Thar, monkeys as well. While trekking to Langtang you will probably see some wildlife in this national park. The national park is expanded into the 3 districts (Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchowk) in the height from 1000 Meters to 7,245 Meters height.

12. On your Langtang trek, you can taste the local foods and products

It is always great to taste the local foods and products that give something new to your life. During your trekking to Langtang, you can see and taste the local foods which are very hygienic and prepared by using the locally available ingredients of the foods. The local people of the Langtang produce the different local foods like Champa Porridge, Buckwheat bread, Yak meat Curry and other unnamed food items. You can taste it and know what the people are eating here in their lives. This gives you something new in your life.

13 Trekkers can see yaks and taste the meat of yaks and cheese

Yaks are Himalayan domestic animals that live in the high Himalayas like Nepal and Tibet. Many tourists like to see the yaks once in a lifetime. They can see the yaks in Langtang not only to see but they can also taste the meat of yaks, yak cheese, yak butter and many other yaks products during their Langtang trek. There are many big pastures for the Yaks on the way to Kyanjin Gompa from the Langtang. You definitely see the yaks hurdle on your trek to Langtang. Be Careful ! do not go near the yaks. They are dangerous sometimes especially if they have a baby calf then they are very aggressive so please maintain the distance and see the yaks.

14. Langtang trek route has enough tea houses and lodges

Tea houses are always important because this is the only place where you spend the night after walking the whole day. The tea houses may get many tourists so they might be packed sometimes but here in Langtang, there is a less chance of the overpacked tea houses because there are enough of the tea houses in the Langtang trekking routes. Each village has at least 6-7 tea houses and the villages are also in the near distance. This means if you are thinking that you may not be able to get lodges during the trek do not worry you will get the room easily here in Langtang trek.

15. Many sight trips are available for your Langtang Trek

Sight trips are always great to explore while you are on some hike. This is the best chance to explore the entire attractions and hidden things. You may be able to see as many things as much as possible by doing sight trips. Trekking to Langtang has many sight trip options that you can do on your trek. For instance, if you do the Langtang valley trek and have some more days to explore the Himalayas then you can go to the Hiking to the mountains peaks from where you can see the perfect view of the Langtang Himalayan ranges. Langshisha Kharka is another place that you can hike. If you have some extra days then you can follow the trail to ganja la Pass and back to Langtang this allows you the magnificent views of the Langtang lirung and Marimotto Peak.

In conclusion, trek to Langtang is very worthy when you are in Nepal. On your Langtang trek, you will gain many experiences that we did not mention above. Langtang valley trekking is the best suit for a short holiday whereas if you have more days you can also attempt to do the Gosainkunda trek. The less touristic area is waiting for you.

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