Stop plastic in Nepal Himalayas is Nepal Trek Hub one goal. Plastic is one of the worst wastes that we produce. In developing countries, the plastic wastes have been increasing dramatically. This plastic is very non-degradable and very serious for the Environment. This impacts the whole ecosystem if it crosses the excess over.

Plastic is very serious for Environment, the plastic is a very easy container for the products that we use in our daily life. We cannot completely stop the plastic but we can reduce the plastic amount from our side.

Plastic is the main problem in Nepal’s Himalayas and countryside, because of the tourism and also household use people buy the food and drinks items which are mostly contaminated with the plastics and the plastic here in Nepal is they do not recycle. Whatever the plastic produces here they all are waste so we need to be very careful using the plastic things. We know that 1 effort can not make a change but at least we can play some roles to reduce the plastic use in Himalayas and countryside.

What are the main problems that arise from the plastic

  • The plastic is very dangerous to wildlife, especially for herbivorous animals. While they graze on the forest plastic can be eaten by elephants, rhino, deer and wild buffalo
  • The plastic in the river is very dangerous for water animals such as fish, crocodile, frog and dolphins can eat this plastic. With this, they can die or get into serious problems. There is an ecosystem of food; If it is eaten by others, others may die.
  • The plastic, if you burn the smokes goes on air and air get’s Pollution. If you bury the plastic never degraded.
  • If there is excessive use of plastic it destroys the beauty of nature.

What is Nepal Trek Hub roles to Reduce the plastic

  • We bring tourists to the mountain, they drink a lot of water and it is very easy to buy the mineral water for them but we encourage them to use the water filter if it is possible. If not then you can use the water purification tablets.
  • We discourage to buy the plastic contaminated foods and drinks to the tourist, instead they can buy the can items.
  • We tell our guides and porters not to make any waste on the trekking routes and also tell them if possible they can collect the plastic and dispose of it in a bin.
  • We are doing a plastic collecting campaign in Nepal, from the trekking routes which will make some impacts to society.
  • We use mostly the clothes bag, instead of the plastic bag.
  • We can give some advice to the community regarding the negative impacts of the plastic so they will get some knowledge.
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