Nepal Trek Hub is a government registered local Nepal trekking Agency in Kathmandu. Nepal Trek Hub (NTH) is continuously growing and getting good reviews from satisfied customers who have done the fantastic trek with us. We have got the best reviews on Google my Business, TripAdvisor, and Trustpilot from our customers from all around the world on the short period of time. We aim to give the best service as they pay for it and give equal value to all travelers. Customer Feedback is very vital for the business so we give our best to make our customers satisfied. We have a team of educated male and female guides as per the traveler’s wish, we send our guide and porters for their trip. Our team can speak multiple languages like English, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and many others. Here is why you need to know about us and use while you are in Nepal.

Why Nepal Trek Hub for your holiday in Nepal? We are organizing the customize holiday for the traveler around the world with their time frame and interest. We don’t pressure to the people to choose particular are, we elaborate the specialties of the place that they are willing to do then let’t them do decision by them self.

Why Nepal Trek Hub is best Nepal Trekking Agency ?

Here are some reason why Nepal Trek Hub is one of the best Nepal Trekking agency for your trekking holidays in Nepal

  • Emphasis on the personal and customize itinerary, You can design your own personal tailored made holiday

  • Team of local expert guides, customer-focused, grassroots foundation with in-depth knowledge of Nepal.

  • Pay a fair salary to our team of reliable and experienced people

  • Guarantee of best value for money, best price and no hidden costs are implicit

  • Care for each of you individually, providing uncompromising service just for you.

  • Sensative about environment, we encourage our client’s to avoid mineral water, instead of this drink the own purified water and use chlorine tablet

  • Nepal Trek Hub has a 90% repeated customer, check our tripadvisior page

Why Nepal Trek Hub

Our Enthusiastic Team

Nepal Trek Hub Team will take you to everywhere in Nepal. We have a team of energetic guide who are very important for your successful trek/tour in Nepal. Our guide are specially trained and very well knowledgeable about Nepal Culture, religion, tradition, mountain and many other aspects of Nepal. They are very well motivated and careful about guest service which makes us one of the best Nepal Trekking Agency.

Customize your personal holiday

Customization of personal holiday is our another specialties, Generally big company focus on scheduled itinerary and targeted for a big group. This won’t satisfy people needs so we are here to make your personal holiday with customization on very reasonable price. We also focus small group which is easy to manage as well. This can satisfy clients need very well and ultimately clients becomes happier as well.

Our Responsibility and Ethics

Responsible tourism is emerging concept in tourism which is very good for tourism area. We practice and promote sustainable and ethical tourism wherever we go. We take care of our delicate relationship with nature and local community people and work for its protection and development. We give local people more oppertunity, such as using porter mostly from the trekking areas.

Safety is our Main Concern

Wherever you go safety should be first concern for this when you are here in Nepal, Nepal trek hub is responsible for you. Our Guide and porter take care of you wherever you trek and tour. Specially when you are in trek safety is very vital as well as climbing. on this time Our staff always keeps eyes on your safety. We have designed our itinerary that is very suits you as well as our guide is knowledgeable about first aid.

We pay fair salary to our staff

It is very important part of travel business that all team is responsible for the great achievement. for this staff motivation is very necessary whether it is performance appraisal or monetary rewards. For high motivation we pay fair salary to our staff guide, porter. This let’s motivation to the staff so they can be very serious on work. We offers our staff children scholarship as well if budget is sufficient to us.

Our Discount policy

Price is very important components in travel service, we charge very normal price. we also provide you a detail budget head section on your personal email. We provide you very good deal as well as we have a discount schemes for the repeated customer. The group leader who collects the people more than 10 person can get a 50% complement on whole trip as well.

Nepal Trek Hub Mission

  • Emphasis on service level of our trek and tour
  • Increase the Website Audience
  • Employ the Particular Area’s porter and guide to improve their economy.
  • Provide the Guide and their helper’s different types of training, Such as First Aid, Conflict Management, Guest and staff connection as well as local
  • Serve minimum 200 Tourist for first year, including trek tour, rafting and all activities.
  • Increase the company presence in social media as well.
  • Some social help for the very essential children, for their education and health, for that we contribute 5% of our income for first year. This will level up once we gear up of our company.
  • Teach guide to best manner to the guest

We don’t only operates the trip for profit. We do have some social responsibility as well. We know how difficult life in the rural part of Nepal. We know that we don’t have a magic wand but we can do small effort for upgrading the life of our locals. We put our help without any benefits. Currently we provide 5% percentage of revenue underprivileged kids in their education. We do have a small non-profit organization called ‘Community Development Foundation’ that Delivers service to the locals.

We Nepali says that guest are god so do we. Our Service is specialized on your tailor holiday, we give you best deals weather it is group or individuals. We look forward to serve you here in Nepal in a very best way.