Latest travel updates Updated on 23 September 2021

After the second wave of the covid 19 universally the government of Nepal also imposed different rules to stop the covid spread. This is not only in Nepal but also most of the country. Most of the country they have reduced the flight aiming to reduce the covid so as Nepal. The government of Nepal did 2 lockdowns nationwide including the tourist arrival. After some control they have let the tourist come into the country with some COVID protocols. There are still some restrictions at the area you wish to visit but here we have given some idea of the basic protocols.

Visa should taken on your Country

Tourists are required to take a visa in their own country to enter Nepal. There is no visa on arrival like before it used to be. All tourists are required to obtain their visa before they travel to Nepal.

Travel Protocols to enter Nepal (You are require to have)

  • Visa Recommendation/Approval Letter
  • COVID 19 Negative Report of Swab must be taken within 72 hours from your first port of departure to Nepal
  • COVID 19 Vaccination certificate

  • What is a Visa Approval Letter and how to get it?

    Visa Approval Letter, also known as the Visa recommendation letter from Nepal for the invitations. Invitations can be done by the agency of Nepal, hotel too. , is an essential document for travelers looking to enter Nepal. It is arranged by us and is an alternative option for a travel visa. Visa Approval Letter ensures you’re on arrival visa thus is very important.

    Obtaining Approval letter following documents are required.

  • A scanned copy of the passenger’s passport
  • A flight itinerary to/from Kathmandu
  • A travel insurance

  • After we get the following documents we provide you the visa recomendation letter then you can aply the visa

    After arrival in Nepal

    After arrival in Kathmandu, travelers must do another PCR test before starting any journey in Nepal. On receipt of a negative COVID-19 standard PCR test result, travelers are free to enjoy their vacation. PCR tests in Nepal are easy and quick. Also, results are produced within 5 hours of the test taken.

    What about quarantine

    It is mandatory to stay in quarantine after they arrive in Nepal. However, it is not in practical use. Consequently, to ensure the safety of the travelers and the locals, travelers must take PCR tests and only commence their journey after obtaining negative test results. Therefore, travelers may not worry about staying in quarantine and resume their journey as planned without hesitation.