Nepal tour guide helps you to do the private tour, family tour, group tour or any kind of tour in Nepal. If you are looking for the professional, soft, humorous and punctual guide for the tour in Nepal then we are here to serve you and show our beautiful country’s culture, history, religions, natural scenery as well as taste the local food. We also give you the best opportunity to try the local best things which are available nearby while doing the tour program while you are in Nepal.

Travelling to Nepal is surely a lifetime memorable experience. The visit to Nepal brings you to the most iconic country in the world under the foothill of the Himalayas. The country is well known for its high mountains range, diversified and vivid local culture, traditions, cultural harmony, and the most friendly and happy people who invite the travellers as a god and give them warm hospitality.

Travellers can take various kinds of tourism activities in Nepal. The most popular one is Nepal Trek, Nepal Tour, Peak Climbing, Expedition, rafting, safari and so many adventure activities. If you do not do the adventure activities and would like to do the soft adventure then you do the Nepal tour on that time you need the professional tour guide who is experienced and certified from the government. they are super good for sightseeing like Kathmandu valley tour, Kathmandu Pokhara tour and so on

Nepal Trek hub Team has a team of the professional tour guide who can show you the country’s best things and landmarks on your and your co-travellers preference with our excellency.

Why you need a Nepal tour guide

You may think that you can manage all the things while you are travelling abroad. Of course, you can but sometimes it may go wrong as well. Countries like Nepal have a lot of things to see and experience. For your short period of vacations, you may not be able to think of what you should visit. That is the reason why you are visiting Nepal. You need a tour guide to explore Nepal. Not only that, but there are also some reasons why you need to have a tour guide in Nepal as described below.

1. Nepal’s tour guide knows all the best things to see, local norms, values, and how to navigate those spots.

There are thousands of tourist spots in Nepal. You will get confused about which one you should visit to get all in details and get the general idea of how others look. That is the reason you should choose the best spot because of time limitations. You may also get harm from the locals because of the language barrier as well and also get in trouble getting the authentic ticket as well. To get out of all of these things and unseen obstacles that may arise during your tour you need to have a tour guide to get rid of this problem. The tour guide facilitates your tour and makes it comfortable by arranging all the things that you should do. There are some things which are not digestible by the Nepalese society, they have certain rules for entrance in some public places as well. The guide will tell you what to do and what not to do.
Our tour guides take you to the wonderful, historic, religious and cultural place around the country as well as take you to the best place from where you can enjoy nature perfectly. That is the reason you need to hire the Nepal tour guides.

2 Tour guides drive you around

If you want to do sightseeing or tour in Nepal by just talking to the car then it might be tough for you because the driver does not speak English and you may also get the problem or miss the place where you want to be. For your information, Nepal traffic is quite hard so you may also be scared due to the road conditions and the driving speed. If you hire the tour guide with you who is trusted and works as a language bridge between you and others. This will help you and your family comfort.

3. Your Tour guides will negotiate on your behalf

If you are doing the tour with the Tour guide and trying to buy things like souvenirs for your friends and family and if you request the guide to arrange the good price then he/she may help you on your behalf. If you are doing a tour and want to stop shopping somewhere then he/she will help you. The local tour guide knows a good place for shopping. He /she also can recommend a good place to buy the items and also takes you to the best place to eat as well as per your wish.

4. A tour guide will explain the local culture and practices

The culture and religious practices of Nepal are unique, interesting and vast. The main thing that you should understand and if you hire Nepal’s tour guide who can help you understand it is all the things related to that. They do tell you also all the aspects of all the religions of the country. For example, you see the different puja, festivals and other celebrations which can be described by the experienced tour guide.

5. Hiring a Nepal tour guide will support local businesses and give the job to the local

When you are travelling to another country it is your wish to support a little bit to that country from your travel. Hiring a tour guide in Nepal supports the local business from your sides, as well as your travel, would be also fruitful. There are many international travel agencies who operate the tour internationally and employ international guides which do not support the local economy. If you hire the local guide through the local agency you support the local business and give the job to the local people which is a practice of sustainable tourism.

Where to get the professional Nepal tour guide

Nepal Trek hub offers you the professional tour guides as per your wish. We also have a female tour guide if you are solo female travellers and feel uneasy to have a male guide. Our guides are professional and experienced as well as trained through the government and certified. We are offering the guide service for the travellers as per their requirements. We also give you the bird watching guides, by cycle riding guides, motorbike tour guides. See our tour guide profile below here. To request the Nepal tour guide please fill the form or contact us through the email

Shreeram Thapaliya – Tour Guide

Shreeram Thapaliya is a Founder and the Tour guide of Nepal Trek Hub. Shreeram have been guiding for 13 years as a trekking guide, tour guide and a tour operatour. As a trekking and tour guide, Shreeram have been to all around the Nepal. With a advance knowledge of the Local cultures shreeram has a smart personality as a tour guide. Shreeram speaks English, Nepali, a little chineese and italian. You can hire him for the city sightseeing and trekking activities as well.

Sarala Nepal- Trek/Tour Guide

Sarala Nepal

Sarala Nepal is a highly educated as well as self motive, enthusiastic tour and trekking guide of Nepal. A nuwakot born girl shifted to kathmandu for her studies. She has been doing master degree in tourism management. Involved in different INGOS in the past but Now she is totally focused on tourism. She do tour inside kathmandu valley pokhara citwan as well as trek in Langtang, Annapurna and Everest.Book Sarala Nepal as your tour Guide today

Sabin Dangol – Trek/Tour Guide

sabin dongol

Sabin Dangol is Currently living in Kathmandu but originally he is from (Nuwakot) near from Langtang Valley. He is intensely passionate traveler and travel consultant of Nepal. He started his tourism journey as he was student of travel and tourism. During that phase, He worked in many travel companies of Nepal as a trainee. In 2016, He Have complete his Bachelor Degree in Travel and Tourism course. Nowadays, He have been working on our company as a trekking and tour guide. It has been 6-7 years that he is involved on this field. He have been to all routes of Nepal as a trek guide.
Beside trek guide he also do a video. He makes such a nice videos anywhere he travels, He have made many videos of Nepal trek route.

Sudeepa Nepal

Sudeepa Nepal A young girl from the Kavrepalanchowk is currently guiding the tourist in Nepal. She has been doing a master degree in journalism as well. She took the Training from NATHAM and became a professional tour guide. On the guiding, she has been to all above Nepal. She prefers to serve the guest with bombarding information about Nepal. From the early of her career to till now she is doing better and better every day.

What to expect from Nepal tour guide

When you hire the tour guide in Nepal, you should understand the following things which will make your trip easier and well planned

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