Nepal climbing Expedition permit fees are determined by the Government of Nepal, tourism ministry for the climbers and expeditions who want to climb the peaks and mountains in Nepal. The climbing permit fees vary as per the season. Government has recently restructured Royalties/ permit fees of Mountain peaks climbing and expeditions. The changed royalty structure has been implemented since the 1st of January 2015. The rearranged permit fees of Nepal mountains keep aiming to make the expeditions/climbing more disciplined and inclusive and reduce the impacts of waste in the mountains and peaks of Nepal. Nepal Climbing Expedition permit fees/ costs are mentioned here by category you may check here. If you have any questions please let us know by email or WhatsApp

The feature of the Nepal Climbing Expedition permit fees

  • The permits fees/cost are 100% in spring season, 50% in Autumn season and 25% in summer season of the total permit fees/cost.
  • Maximum number of expedition members has increased to 15, which was previously 12 in the past.
  • Garbage deposit is compulsory to climb the peaks and expeditions in the mountains. The deposit amounts vary as per the height of the peaks that you want to climb.
  • Liaisons officers from the government are compulsory for the peaks above 6500

Expedition permit fees/costs of above 8,000 Meter mountains in Nepal

1Mount Everest (8848 M) Normal route$ 11000$ 5500$ 2750
2Mount Everest (8848 M) Other Route$ 11000$ 5000$ 2500
3Mount Kanchenjunga (8586M)$ 1800$ 900$ 450
4Lhotse (8516M)$ 1800$ 900$ 450
5Makalu (8463 M)$ 1800$ 900$ 450
6ChoYou (8201M)$ 1800$ 900$ 450
7Dhaulagiri (8167M)$ 1800$ 900$ 450
8Manalsu (8163M)$ 1800$ 900$ 450
9Annapurna (8091M)$ 1800$ 900$ 450
10Shishapangma (8013M)$ 1800$ 900$ 450

Climbing permit fees/costs for Foreigner Climbers 7501 meter to 7999 Meter

S.NMountains/ PeakSpringAutumnSummer
1Kang Gyachung (7952 M)$600$300$150
2Annapurna II (7937 M)$600$300$150
3Kangbachen (7903 M)$600$300$150
4Himachuli East (7893 M)$600$300$150
5Ngadi Chuli (Peak 29 Dakura) (7871 M)$600$300$150
6Nuptse (7855 M)$600$300$150
7Dhaulagiri II (7751 M)$600$300$150
8Dhaulagiri III (7715 M)$600$300$150
9Kumbhakarna (7710)$600$300$150
10Varaha Shikhar (7675 M)$600$300$150
11Dhaulagiri IV (7661 M)$600$300$150
12Dhaulagiri V (7618 M)$600$300$150
13Annapurna III (7555 M)$600$300$150
14Himchuli West (7540 M)$600$300$150
15Annapurna IV (7525M)$600$300$150

Climbing permit fees/costs for Foreigner Climbers 7,000 meter to 7,500 Meter in Nepal

S.NMountains/ PeakSpringAutumnSummer
1Khang Sar Kang (7485 M)$500$250$125
2Jongsang Peak (7483 M)$500$250$125
3Shartse (7459 M)$500$250$125
4Mount Gangapurna (7455 M)$500$250$125
6Himchuli N (7371 M)$500$250$125
7Churen (7371 M)$500$250$125
8Kirat Chuli(Tent Peak) (7365 M)$500$250$125
9Gimigela Chuli (7350 M)$500$250$125
10Pasang Lhamuh (7315M) (Chuli Jasamba)$500$250$125
11Chamlang (7319 M)$500$250$125
12Dhaulagiri IV (7268 M)$500$250$125
13Langtang Lirung (7234 M)$500$250$125
14Putha Hiunchuli (7246 M)$500$250$125
15Langtang Ri (7205 M)$500$250$125
16Gurja Himal (7193 M)$500$250$125
17Tarke Kang (7193 M)$500$250$125
18Chamar (7187 M)$500$250$125
19Manaslu North (7157 M)$500$250$125
20Pumori (7161 M)$500$250$125
21Mount Tilicho (7134 M)$500$250$125
22Gauri Shanker (7134 M)$500$250$125
23Api Himal (7132 M)$500$250$125
24Barun Tse (7129 M)$500$250$125
25Mount Baruntse (7129 M)$500$250$125
26Pathivara Chuli (7125 M)$500$250$125
27Himlung Himal (7126 M)$500$250$125
28Ganesh II (7111 M)$500$250$125
29Ganesh III (7110 M) (Salasungo)$500$250$125
30Api West (7100 M)$500$250$125
31Nilgiri North (7061 M)$500$250$125
32Ganesh IV (Pabil) (7052 M)$500$250$125
33Gyajikang (7038 M)$500$250$125
34Saipal (7031 M)$500$250$125
35Saipal East (7031 M)$500$250$125

Climbing permit fees/costs for Foreigner Climbers 6500 meter to 7,000 Meter in Nepal

S.NMountains/ PeakSpringAutumnSummer
1Ganesh V (6986 M) Langtang$400$200$100
2Kang Guru (6981 M)$400$200$100
3Leonpa Gang (Big White Peak)(6979M)$400$200$100
4Dorje Lhakpa (6966 M) Langtang$400$200$100
5Numbur (6957 M)$400$200$100
6Lemgpa Peak (6954 M)$400$200$100
7Tukuche Peak (6920 M)$400$200$100
8Lamjung Himal (6918 M) Annapurna$400$200$100
9Ri Gurkarpa (6891M)$400$200$100
10Jethi Bahurani (6850 M)$400$200$100
11Nilgiri South (6839 M)$400$200$100
12Ohmi Kanga (6829 M)$400$200$100
13Kanijiroba (Main Peak) (6828 M)$400$200$100
14Cheo Himal (6820 m)$400$200$100
15Bobaye(6808 M)$400$200$100
16Drangang Ri (6801M)$400$200$100
17Bhairab Takura (Madiya Peak) (6799 M)$400$200$100
18Khatang (6782 M)$400$200$100
19Kangtega(Kantega) (6779 M)$400$200$100
20Nampa (6755 M)$400$200$100
21Cho polu (6711 M)$400$200$100
22Fimkot (6697 M)$400$200$100
23Chobuje (6685 M)$400$200$100
24Baudha (6672 m)$400$200$100
25Fimkot West (6645 M)$400$200$100
26Phurbi Chyachu (6631 M)$400$200$100
27Kande Hiunchuli (6627 M)$400$200$100
28Thamserku (6623 M)$400$200$100
29Kanjeralwa (6612 M)$400$200$100
30Sita Chuchura (6611 M)$400$200$100
31Raksha Urai (6593 M)$400$200$100
32Nampa South (6580 M)$400$200$100
33Changla (6563M)$400$200$100
34Tripura Hiunchuli (6563 M)$400$200$100
35Hongde (6556 M)$400$200$100
36Surma-Sarovar North (6523 M)$400$200$100
37Tso Karpo (6518 M)$400$200$100
38Karyolung (6511M)$400$200$100
39Tawache (6501 M)$400$200$100

Amadablam Expedition for Foreigner Climbers

S.NMountains/ PeakSpringAutumnSummer
1Mount Amadablam (6812 M)$400$400$200

Climbing permit fees/costs below 6500 Meter mountains in Nepal

S.NMountains/ PeakSpringAutumnSummer
1Less Than 6500 Meter (except trekking peaks)$250$125$70

Free climbing permit costs/fees peak in Nepal

S.NMountains/ PeakSpringAutumnSummer
1Yala Peak (5,732m)FreeFreeFree
2Chhukung Ri (5,550m)FreeFreeFree
3Tharpu Chuli/Tent Peak (5,663m)FreeFreeFree
4Mardi Himal (5,587m)FreeFreeFree
5Machhermo (5,559m)FreeFreeFree
6Pokhalde (5,780m)FreeFreeFree

Nepal Mountaineering Association Group A Peaks climbing permit fees/costs

S.NMountains/ PeakSpringAutumnSummer/Winter
1Mt Cholatse 6440m$250$125$70
2Mt. Kyazo Ri 6186m$250$125$70
3Mt.Pdari Lapcda 6017m$250$125$70
4Mt. Nirekha 6159m$250$125$70
5Mt. Langsisa Ri 6427m$250$125$70
6Mt. Ombigaichen 6340m$250$125$70
7Mt. Bokta 6143m$250$125$70
8Mt. Chekigo 6257m$250$125$70
9Mt. Lobuje West 6145m$250$125$70
10Mt. Larkya Peak 6010m$250$125$70
11Mt. ABI 6097m$250$125$70
12Mt. Yubra Himal 6035m$250$125$70

Nepal Mountaineering Association Group B Peaks climbing permit fees/costs

S.NMountains/ PeakSpringAutumnSummer/Winter
1.Hiunchuli 6441mUSD250USD125USD70
2.Singu Chuli (Fluted Peak) 6501mUSD400USD200USD100
3.Mera Peak 6470mUSD250USD125USD70
4.Kusum Kangru 6367mUSD250USD125USD70
5.Kwangde 6011mUSD250USD125USD70
6.Chulu West 6427mUSD250USD125USD70
7.Chulu East 6584mUSD400USD200USD100
8.Imja Tse (Island Peak)6160mUSD250USD125USD70
9.Pharchamo 6187mUSD250USD125USD70
10.Lobuje 6119mUSD250USD125USD70
11.Ramdung 5925mUSD250USD125USD70
12.Pisang Peak 6091mUSD250USD125USD70
13.Khongma Tse (Mehra Peak) 5849mUSD250USD125USD70
14.Ganja La Chuli (Naya Kanga) 5844mUSD250USD125USD70
15.Paldor Peak 5896mUSD250USD125USD70

Garbage deposit fees to climbing and Expedition in Nepal

Rules effective from 1992 and as revision in Spring 2002 and remained the same in the new act as well.
The ministry of tourism has fixed the price of the deposit for the management of garbage by each mountaineering/expedition team that goes to the Mountains of Nepal.

The garbage deposit fee for the peaks in Nepal

Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) USD $4,000
Other peaks above 8000m USD $3,000
Peaks 7001 to 8000m and Amadablam USD $2,000
Peaks 6501 to 7000m USD $1,000
Peaks less than 6500m USD $500

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