how to book the best holiday in Nepal

how to book the best holiday in Nepal

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How to book the best holiday in Nepal is a very common problem that every traveller faces before they start their trip planning to Nepal. Nepal is very popular for Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Annapurna circuit trek, Manaslu trek and many tours activities such as Kathmandu Pokhara tour and so on. Everybody wants their holiday to be a very fruitful, worthy, lifetime memorable, enjoyable, fantastic as well as worth the amount that you pay for the trip. Due to the internet and websites has reduced the complexity of the bookings and on the spot planning as well. Now you can plan very well from home before you travel with the help of available resources, but this will not always go right. You never know who you are going to trust and who you will choose. This is always unknown for Travellers. This same thing also implies when you are going to travel here in Nepal as well. You might use different booking sites or international agencies to book the holiday of Nepal, but you never know to whom you are going with. Well, these situations we are going to tell you how to book the best holiday in Nepal. here are ways of how to book the best holiday in Nepal

1. Avoid the third party booking sites to book the best holiday in Nepal

Now, on the internet you might find different agencies and third-party booking sites as well. These booking sites such as Bookmundi, TourRadar, strivetravel, toursbylocals, are the mediators who use to take the bookings and give it to the local agency. Now what happens is the trip will be expensive and the quality of the trip would be low because the third party booking sites have to take the price same as an agency or above the agency price, Whatever the quality of the trip would below. The local agency has to pay the commission on the booking sites. Of course, the booking sites make the travel bookings faster but it is not that good to use.

2. Use a local agency to say goodbye to the international travel agency

Using the local agency might differ your experience because the local agency can make your personalized holiday with your own personal requirements for private groups at a very reasonable cost whereas the same things international agencies can not arrange. They have specific times and you will join the big groups and the cost is also higher. You will not feel it is a holiday because of so many travellers with you. If you love peace and want to travel on your own styles then you should use the local agency. By choosing the local agency you will support the local economy as well as the standard of your holiday would be also nice as compared to the international travel agency.

3. See the agency whether they are registered or not in Nepal.

It is a very important thing that you should know before you book. You need to see whether the agency you are going to use is registered or not. There might be a scam as well so you need to see if the agency is registered or not. You can use the different directory such as TAAN Directory, NATA Directory, NMA Directory or you can also search the records on the office of the company registrar of Nepal, where you see the database of the company and agency. Nowadays there are several websites who take the booking and fraud you or they don’t provide what is committed.

4. Check the review very well and the track record of the company

Nowadays it is very easy to check the company feedback through Google my business, TripAdvisor and Trustpilot. You can read the review of how they operate the trip and how they treat their clients and so many things. You can research it very well through the detailed reading of the review. You need to study all the reviews including positive and negative too. If there is a Negative review then you must study how it happened and how the agency replied because sometimes the travellers accuse the agency without any reason or some clueless accusation.

5. Focus on tailor made holiday

You need to ask the agency very clearly and the agency also has to answer the questions in detail as well. Now there is already the preset itinerary which the agency might try to sell you but you can ask them to make the tailor-made itinerary because it can include your taste. You need to tell the agency which things you like most and what you don’t like. If you are going to travel with the family then you have to also understand the family requirements and deal with the agency as per the family needs where you need to tell everything very clearly. You also have to deal with the agency as per the requirements and avoid the pre-made itinerary because that is the standards itinerary which might not suit you.

6. Deal everything clearly and inclusive.

If you are going on holiday in Nepal then it is better to organize everything inclusive because if it includes everything then there is no problem for you on the arrangements. If there is a plan which is partial, it might create conflict during the trip. You need to deal with the agency very well on this matter. If you tell the agency your requirements and make your personalized itinerary then you need to ask them a good deal which includes everything which is very easy and less stressful.

7. Tell everything regarding your requirements before travel.

You need to tell the agency before you travel very clearly. For example, if you lie private trip then you need to tell them that you like to travel in a private group otherwise the agency will put you in a group which is not good for you. Another common problem is your taste of the travel (Shopping, cultural, religious, nature-loving) for example if you like to see the more cultural things and want to spend more time on it then you have to tell the agency in advance. So the agency can manage the time as per your requirements.

7. Tell if you have any personal health issues.

Now most of the travellers don’t care about the personal health issue to the agency but it might be one of the vital things that make your trip worse. For example, if you have an allergy to particular foods or fruit or animals then it might be a very serious issue on travel. If you tell all these things to the agency in advance then the agency. Similarly, if you are going to trek you have to tell the agency whether you have a problem like asthma or walking issue and so on. The agency might think ahead and can manage you very well.

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