Everest base camp trek best time

Everest base camp trek best time

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Which is the Everest base camp trek best time is the most common question that many trekkers keen to know. The trek is quite an adventure, very scenic people come to see it once in a lifetime. People want to have an excellent experience by doing it at the right time. That is the reason most of the trekkers wonder which is the best time to do Everest base camp trek? Most of the trekkers trek to Everest base camp in Autumn(October and November) time/ season and the rest of the trekkers do the trek in the spring season. Spring is also known as the climbing season of Mt Everest. All the climbers who climb Mt Everest climb in March and April. It is because of the appropriate weather and temperatures on the Himalayas which makes the trekkers choose these two particular seasons. Well, we have an answer for that but before we begin let’s know a bit about Everest base camp trek.

Overview of Everest base camp trek

Mt Everest stands at the 29,029 ft/ 8848m elevation. The world’s tallest mountain is in Khumbu above the Ngozumpa glaciers. The amazing trek to Everest base camp lets you see Mt Everest from various places as well as many other peaks which are around Everest. You can actually see 4 peaks above 8000 Meter on your Everest base camp trek. Namely, they are Makalu, Lhotse, Chyou and Everest itself. The trek itself is gaining popularity because of Everest and other high Himalayas. The Himalayas range on this region lies on the Mahalangur Himalayan range which is the highest Himalayan ranges of Nepal. Sagarmatha National park holds all the mountains inside its territory and it is one of the UNESCO listed national parks of Nepal. Khumbu is the local name for this trek route where there are Sherpa people and their cultures. Tibetan Buddhism in the Khumbu regions is very widely practised.

Everest base camp trek is an adventurous journey which goes to see the tallest Himalayan peaks, unique Buddhist cultures, prayer flags, Buddhist monasteries, unique and diversified landscape, countless Chorten, prayer flags, alpine forest, waterfalls, rhododendron forest, and many other natural landmarks. The trek begins at Lukla and ends at Lukla which takes 10 -12 days by reaching the Kalaphattar 18,514 feet. You will see the magnificent view of Mt. Everest 29,377 feet from the Kala Patthar. Lhotse 27,940 feet, Nuptse 25,791 feet, Amadablam 22,349 Feet, Makalu 27,825 feet, Choyou 26,906, Cholatse 21,129 feet, Thamserku 21,729 feet and many other peaks. You will see the biggest glaciers of Nepal from Kala Pattar. Tengboche, Dingboche, Lobuche, Pheriche are the other popular places of the Everest regions to see the Himalayas.

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    Acclimitization at Everest base camp trek

    Acclimatization and weather is everything that matters on the experience of the trek. Acclimatization digest helps you to the mountain while perfect weather enhances your experience of the trek. The Everest base camp trek is one of the highest elevated trek trails of Nepal which goes up to the base camp of Mt Everest. The highest place of the Everest base camp trek is Kalapathar 5645 Meter, 18,514 feet. This is pretty high elevation to the trekkers who come from all over the world because the majority of the people all around the world live below 1000 Meter. Acclimatization and rest during the trek help you to adjust your body to the high place like Everest base camp.

    Best time to Everest base camp trek

    There are two best times(season) Autumn (October and November) and Spring(March, April and May) for Everest base camp trek. Everest base camp trek’s best time depends on a Weather, Weather is a very important factor on your trek. The weather must be very good to gain the best trekking experience in the Himalayas. There are two best seasons in Nepal on which time the weather is just perfect so trekkers can enjoy their precious vacations in the Himalayas. If the weather is clear then you can see the Himalayas perfectly with the blue sky. The temperature is also warm. Whereas if the weather is not good then there might be snowfall, the view is not visible plus the temperature is also cold. Below we have mentioned the best time to do Everest base camp trek.

    Everest base camp trek on Autumn Season/time (September end – December Mid)

    The most popular season/time is (September end – December end) where there is a big flow of trekkers in the Everest base camp trek. This is the most wonderful time to visit the Everest base camp trek. The weather is very perfect and clear, less haze and clouds. The temperature is very perfect in the down valley and Kathmandu whereas in the mountains it’s pretty good. Usually, the weather is very perfect but in some rare cases, it might be worse as well.

    September end

    At the end of September, the monsoon can linger a bit, slowly the trekkers appear on the trekking trails and more movements of the trekkers. The temperatures are normally warmer in the Himalayas. The green lush and landscape seem very spectacular with the greenery everywhere in the lower parts. The green rice fields in the lower parts of the Himalayas are very attractive while in the mountains you will have a magic view of the mountains and wonderful landscapes.

    October and November

    October and November are the best season/time with astonishing views of the Himalayas. The route is quite busy with the movements of the tourist and Nepali peoples. Donkeys and yaks are everywhere on the trekking trail which carries the food and other supplies to the hotels of Khumbu. There are regular flights to Lukla with a high chance. Trekkers can enjoy their trek very much because everything is so perfect at this time. You can see the marvellous views of the sky touching the Himalayas and the glaciers as well as far away from the distance. The visibility is very good, less haze and less cloudy. Most of the time you can see mountains the whole day but during the evening it is quite cloudy which goes clear in the morning. The Nepalese people celebrate two biggest festivals at this time which increases the attractiveness of Nepal as well.

    Even if you are coming to Nepal for cultural trips or adventure activities you will get the best experience in October/November time. These are very worthy months to visit Nepal.

    Everest base camp trek on Spring Season/time (March, April and May)

    Spring season is the second-best season/time to trek in Everest base camp. Known as a climbing season in Nepal where a lot of mountaineers set up their dream to reality this time. Mt Everest also gets many climbers who chase their dream to accelerate on the top of Everest. In Everest base camp you can see a lot of tents which are set up by the climbing groups. The Climbing season is quite busy as well, Most of the climbers climbed 8000 Meter in a spring season.


    March is the beginning of the Spring season since it is post wintertime the temperatures are quite cold but you can see mountain views very clearly. The sky remains very clear, less cloudy and less hazy. The mountain view and experience is very good. Spring is also the time when the rhododendrons start to bloom, with the beautiful pink and white blossoms until April.

    April and May

    April and May are the climbing season for mountaineers to summit the mountain. The temperatures this month are very perfect. The weather is stable and the views are clear, with less heat haze. There is very less chance of rainfall and snowfall but in rare cases, it might happen sometime. Most of the time the weather is perfect and there is a regular flight to Lukla at this time. You can see all the things very clearly. The mountains, local settlements which are far from the trekking trails as well as waterfalls and wildlife. In the trekking trails, you can see countless yaks and donkeys which carry stuff for the hotels of Everest trek area.


    May is the warmest month to do Everest Base Camp trek. Warmer temperatures may bring more clouds, and heat haze, which obstructs your views. But in general, the weather remains very good this month as well. Pre-monsoon might start on this month sometimes. But in general, this month is also ok to do the trek but the weather is very changeable. We can not predict anything regarding the weather but can tell the trends.

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