Annapurna trek 5 Days

Annapurna trek 5 Days

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Annapurna trek 5 Days is a short trek that can be done in Annapurna region within people’s short span of time and if they want to take the experience of trekking in Annapurna region.Annapurna is known as the best destination to trek. The magnificent mountain and ever smiling friendly Nepali people and their diversified cultures are things to see the Annapurna. Annapurna Trek is also considered the best trek of the world in terms of mountain vistas, landscape and local people and their unique cultures.

Many visitors think that it needs more days to go Annapurna trek since there is the accessibility of the Kathmandu Pokhara flight you can do Annapurna trek even in a short period like 5 days, 4 days or more that you want as per your wish.

There are many trekking routes in Annapurna Region. The Annapurna Region is known as the boundary of the Annapurna Conservation Area project. Known as ACCAP, it has covered Lamjung, Manag, Mustang, Mygdi and Kaski districts and this is also one of the biggest national parks of Nepal. Around 600 thousand tourists visit the Annapurna national park each year and all the trekkers’ objectives are to do the trek in Annapurna.

Annapurna region is very popular for the it’s amazing scenery of mountain such as Annapurna I 8091 Meter, Annapurna South 7219 Meter, Annapurna II 7940 meter, Annapurna III 7645 Meter Annapurna IV, Mt. Dhaulagiri 8167 Meter, Nilgiri 7600 Meter, Dhaulagiri range, Gangapurna, Holy mountain Fishtail 6993 meter and many other countless peaks around the Annapurna region.

Annapurna Trek is also very well known among the tourist because of it’s a locality and also the popularity of the Pokhara city. Annapurna Range is perfectly visible from Pokhara and people get a very good impression that they want to do a small trek around the Annapurna region to see it from very near. There are many Annapurna Trek such as Annapurna Base Camp trek, Annapurna Circuit trek, Ghorepani Poon Hill trek, Mardi Himal Trek, Khopra trek and many others which are yet to be discovered.

Nepal Trek Hub this Annapurna trek package lets you either one of the finest viewpoints of Nepal (Poon Hill 3210 Meter ) or Annapurna base camp. The first option is easier and more relaxing which offers you the magnificent view of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range in the 360-degree angle while other options allow you to reach the Base camp of Mt. (Annapurna 8091 Meter). The second option is quite hard and requires a good level of stamina while the first one does not require that much of Energy.

Why Annapurna trek 5 Days

There are many reasons why Annapurna trek 5 days for your short vacation in we have mentioned some reasons

  • The Annapurna region is best to gain the trekking experience if you have a short period like 5 days and you want to do a short small trek to Annapurna then go for it. This has the best trek area where you can spend your 5 days with the full of wonderful experiences that you never had before.
  • It has availability of Transportation, this is very well connected through the national road system as well as the connection of the telephone and internet so even if you have to always connect with your family as well as the business you can make the connection so you don’t need to be worried about this.
  • Annapurna trek 5 days does not need a lot of gears and equipment so you don’t need a lot of preparation for the equipment that is why it is good to you.
  • Annapurna trek offers you the breathtaking views of mountain vistas, diversified landscape, the unique local people cultures and traditions that is why you should not miss it.
  • Annapurna trek 5 days starts from Pokhara and ends at Pokhara, Pokhara is one of the peaceful and beautiful cities of Nepal where you can enjoy the nights with friends and family.
  • Annapurna trek 5 days suits anyone, you can trek with your friends and family as well as this might be your best honeymoon trip too so this is very great to you.
  • A week or even more time can be spent here with very relaxing ways, as there are good tea houses as compared to the other regions of Nepal, so this is a great fit for you.

Annapurna trek 5 Days trek route

There are many trekking routes in Annapurna. It means Annapurna trek 5 Days trek route is different as per the needs of the guest. Well, you might think about doing Annapurna trek 5 days but in fact, there are many routes that you can do here for 5 Days. They are as follows.

  • Poon hill trek 5 days
    the easy and stunning route to see the Annapurna Himalayan range for any age people almost every time of the year is poon hill trek. This is a very short but amazingly astonishing route to trek here.
  • Annapurna base camp trek 5 days
    This is also possible to do in 5 days. The Annapurna base camp trek 5 days takes you to the base of Mt. Annapurna, where you can see the Annapurna south, Gangapurna, Tent peak, Gandharva Chuli, Annapurna frank, Himchuli and many other peaks. You will actually be on the base camp of Mt Annapurna which is elevated at the Height of 4130 Meter. But we want to make you clear that the trek requires more physical ability and power, you must be able to walk long period of time 8-9 hours in a day where there is also many stairs.
  • Mardi Himal trek 5 days
    Mardi Himal trek a newly introduced route among the trekkers has gained popularity because of its uniqueness and an amazing view of the Himalaya that you can see from here. This goes actually through the ridge of the hill so this might be one trek that you will be looking for. You can see Annapurna III, Gangapurna, Fishtail, Annapurna south and many other mountain views as well as beautiful valleys on both sides.

Annapurna trek 5 Days cost

Annapurna trek 5 days cost is not same to every route and cost is from the 260$ to 490$ on different price plan. Different treks and different costs because of the transportations. But the other components are similar. We have three different Annapurna trek here which has a different cost. The cost will be higher or lower depending on the service standers you look for and the transportation mode. Here in this are the cost details.  

Bronze Price 260$
Silver Price 430$
Gold Price 490$
Guide, Porter, ACCAP Permits, Tourist Bus Transportations and Government service charge

Food and Accomodations, Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, ACCAAP Permits, Transportations by Tourist Bus , Food and Accomodations and Government service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Tea, Coffee, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above
Guide, Porter, ACCAP Permits, Tourist Bus Transportations, Food and Accomodations, Tea, Coffee, and Government service charge

Alchoholic Drinks, Drinking water, Desert and all others which not in Includes above

Poon hill trek 5 days

Poon hill trek is Short Annapurna 5 days trek in Annapurna region. The Poon hill trek offers the fabulous views of Annapurna Himalayan Range and Dhaulagiri Range of Nepal. The best well-known viewpoint Poon Hill 3210 Meter offers the greatest Himalayan vistas as well as the best sunrise view. The trek is fairly an easy trek but there are so many stairs on the trekking trail. The trek is also very interesting to the locals around the trekking trail. There are many Gurung and Magar people living here, You can learn about their cultures and traditions as well. More importantly, this is pure walking tin to the well-diversified nature walk which gives you all the experience you are seeking from the trekking. The pleasurable rhododendron forest walks take you the point from where you can see the delighted Himalayas that you have never seen before. You will also be delighted to see the sunrise over the Himalayas early in the morning.

Poon hill trek is an easy and stunningly marvellous trek of Nepal which is also known as Ghorepani trek among the trekkers. The Trek starts from Nayapul which is 45 KM driving from Pokhara on the way to Baglung highway. The trek starts from here following the small river trekkers head to Tikhedhunga which is about a day’s journey to reach there, on the way you may see the different small settlements of the brahmin and different ethnic groups. The vertical climbing of the Ulleri is a challenging hike. You will be crossing the dense forest of rhododendron to reach the Ghorepani. After a stunning view from Ghorepani now you take the trekking trail that goes to Annapurna base camp till Tadapani. This is another gorgeous point to see the Holy Mountain Fishtail 6993 Meter, Annapurna South 7219 meter, Hinchuli and Annapurna III, the walking to the Ghandruk allows you to enjoy the forest walk with the mountain scenery. Ghandruk is another beautiful place to enjoy your last of the trek and also a place to see the unique Gurung cultures and their traditions.

Poon hill trek 5 days highlights

  • Easy walking to Ghorepani Trek
  • Stunning view of Himalayas, the highlighted mountains are Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, Mt Annapurna south, Annapurna Frank, Nilgiri and other numerous peaks.
  • Rhododendron forest walk
  • Walking through the Pun and Gurung Village and observing their cultures.
  • Ghandruk village and the stunning views of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre as well

Poon Hill Trek 5 days Itinerary

  • Day 01: Fly to Pokhara and Trek to Tikhedhunga

    Fly to Pokhara and drive to Nayapul, check the permits in Birethanti then start the trek from there. You will see the green hill and fast following the small river that follows the trekking trail until the Tikhedhunga. You will do lunch in between these places around today.
  • Day 02: Trek to Ghorepani 2875 Meter

    Trek to Ghorepani 2875 Meter, you will pass the several villages such as Ulleri and Banthanti. From Banthanti, you will see Macchapurche village. The green hills around you make the trek more interesting. You will pass through the rhododendron forest to Ghorepani.
  • Day 03: Trek to Poon Hill then back to Tadapani

    Hike to Poon Hill 3210 Meter then trek to Tadapani. This is a highlight day for you because early in the morning you will see the stunning view of Himalayas and sunrise over it. Trekking to Tadapani allows the best view of Himalayas. Walking through the forest allows you to enjoy the tranquillity and peacefulness. The hike firstly climbs gently to Deurali hill after Deurali it descends downs quickly to river. You may also see the tourists that come from Tadapani. Tapani itself a small settlement from here you can see the splendid view of Himalayas.
  • Day 04: Trek to Ghandruk and stay here

    trek to Ghandruk is an easy walk. You walk through the thick rhododendron forest from here you can see the mountains as well. There might be some monkeys on the way to Landruk also. Besides that, there are many types of wildlife but they are normally not visible. Ghandruk itself is an amazing place to enjoy your last night. There is a Gurung museum to see.
  • Day 05: Drive to Pokhara

    Today is the last day of the journey. You will take the private vehicle to go Pokhara then the trek is over

Annapurna base camp trek 5 days

Annapurna base camp trek 5 days is Another most rewarding and renowned trek. The Annapurna base camp trek goes through the Modi river all the way up to Annapurna base camp. This allows trekkers to see the magnificent view of the Annapurna. The trek allows you to enjoy the narrow valley and diversified landscape of Modi river and its surroundings. This trek has different names. Some of the tourists say Annapurna sanctuary trek, Annapurna base camp trek or in short cut people often say ABC trek. You can enjoy the close view of mountains like Annapurna I 8091 Meter, Annapurna south 7,219 Meter, Annapurna frank, Himchuli, Fishtail (one holy mountain of Nepal ) and many others peaks in a very near distance. Glaciers are also visible from the backside of Annapurna base camp which starts from the base of Annapurna South and Annapurna first. Actually you will be on the ridge of Glaciers to see the Himalayas on the backside of Annapurna base camp.

This Annapurna base camp trek 5 days allows you to enjoy your vacation fully in Himalaya if you love nature. The vegetation of the trekking route is absolutely marvellous as well as the fauna. Mostly you can see the monkeys on the way to Annapurna base camp trek but other animals are hiding due to fear of the trekkers. The trails are fully covered with bamboo bushes as well as different types of Alpine trees such as Oak, Rhododendron and juniper. You will love the truly friendly behaviour of the local people here in the trekking route.

Annapurna base camp trek 5 days highlights

  • Marvelous trekking trail with most spectacular views of himalayas and green hill landscapes.
  • Close view of Mt. Annapurna, Annapurna south, Gandarva Chuli, fishtail as well as many other peaks in a single row.
  • Rhododendron and bamboo forest along the trekking trail.
  • Fast following modi river and countless falls along the trekking trail.
  • Observation of the biggest two gurung village of Annapurna (Ghandruk and Chomrong)
  • Scenic drive to Nayapul and view from the Naudanda and Kande.
  • Beautiful and biggest lake of Nepal, Phewa lake

Annapurna base camp trek 5 days Itinerary

  • Day 01: Fly to Pokhara and Trek to Chomrong

    Fly to Pokhara and Private drive to Mutkyou, a village after Ghandruk where the jeeps stop for the trekkers who go to Annapurna base camp. The drive is amazing because of the mountain you see on the way to Ghandruk. Now the trek starts walking further 1 hour you will cross the longest and the tallest suspension bridge of Annapurna which will eventually connect Himalpani to Jhinu. Jhinu is a place where you have lunch. Now the trail climbs straight to Chomrong through the countless stairs to Chomrong, if time allows then we can further walk 1 hour more to Lower Sinuwa otherwise we stay at Chomrong village.
  • Day 02: Trek to Deurali 3210 Meter

    the trek is quite long today, firstly it climbs until the Upper Sinuwa. Upper Sinuwa is the place from where you can see the Mt fishtail very clearly. The green hills surround the trekking trails. Small settlements along the trekking trail we can see. Now the trek goes straight to the forest, with several ups and downs we reach to bamboo. Bamboo is the place where there is bamboo everywhere. Now following the one and only trekking trail through the mighty bamboo bushes trail you will reach Dovan. Heaving lunch at Dovan you walk again to Deurali which is the ultimate destination for today.
  • Day 03: Trek to Annapurna base Camp 4130 Meter

    This is very challenging and interesting as well as an important day to you. Because there are some places which are avalanche falling areas. Just after Deurali, there is some dangerous place where every year accidents happen to the trekker. Your guide knows better in this place. You need to walk early in the morning. After crossing this dangerous trail you will reach Bagar. Now you can see the mountains on both sides of you and in front. You will still see the bamboo bushes along the trekking trail, walking further 3 hours you will reach to Macchapurche base camp where you will do lunch before your final accents to Annapurna base camp. The final accents are quite harder as the altitude gets higher and you might feel a bit difficult to walk. This is your final destination. Near the Annapurna base camp, there is a welcome board for you to welcome you into the Annapurna base camp area.
  • Day 04: Trek to down to Sinuwa

    Heaving a wonderful view from Annapurna base camp with photo shots, it’s time to descend down as we have to go quite long. We need to walk a bit early. It means lately around 9 o’clock so you can reach either bamboo or Upper Siuwa at the time.
  • Day 05: Drive to Pokhara

    Trek to Mutkyou and drive to Pokhara then the trek is over.

Annapurna trek faq

We have mentioned some frequently asked questions by the travelers regarding Annapurna trek 5 days.

Which trek can i do in 5 days in Annapurna?

You can do Poon Hill trek for 5 days, Mardi Himal trek 5 days and if you quite fit, then you can also do Annapurna base camp trek in 5 days. The two trek are easier and relaxing more while Annapurna base camp trek is quite harder if you do in 5 days

Annapurna trek 5 days suits to everyone?

There is easiest trekking trails which is Known as a Poon Hill trek, this is the easiest trek in Annapurna that you can do it on 4 or 5 days. Most of the travellers can do it easily

What kind of accommodation do we get in Annapurna

There are tea houses everywhere on the Annapurna trek routes, some tea houses even have a room with attached toilets too. if you are lucky enough you may get it. Eventhough this are the normal guest houses the accommodation is very good on Annapurna trek

Why most of the Annapurna trek starts from Pokhara

Pokhara is the main entrance point of the Annapurna regions except Annapurna circuit. Most of the trek of Annapurna starts nearby Pokhara that is the reason most of the trek of Annapurna starts from Pokhara.

Can i customize the annapurna trek for 5 days

Yes, you can customize the Annapurna trek in to the 5 days by cutting the place and time. There are several trek routes which you can do it on 5 days

Is there Hot Shower during the trek?

Yes, Tea house provide hot shower, some time solar some time Gas Shower as well, they charge you per shower, per head.

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